"Scoundrel Days": all about the epic melancholy of the band's second album "A-ha"

Scoundrel Days is the second studio album by the Norwegian band A-ha. It was released on October 6, 1986 by Warner Bros. records". An updated edition with additional tracks was released in 2010.

"Scoundrel Days" (1986) - history of creation, singles, video clips

"A-ha" - the legendary Norwegian trio, consisting of Morten Harket, Paul Voctor and Magne Furuholmena. The group formed in 1983 and soon moved from Oslo in Londonto build a career in musical business. Their debut single "Take on Me" became hit on both sides of the Atlantic 1985. Sales contributed innovative video on MTV, which used schematic combination animations and live footage.

Members of A-ha: (left) Magne Furuholmen, (center) Morten Harket, (right) Paul Voctor
Members of A-ha: (left) Magne Furuholmen, (center) Morten Harket, (right) Paul Voctor

Next plate, which "A-ha" released in 1986, was called "Soundrel Days". The band's sound began to gravitate towards rock, although it was still pop music. Magne Furuholmen called this transformation "epic melancholy".

Album Scoundrel Days

Most tracks from "Soundrel Days" recorded in the midst of a big international tour 1986. They are brought to the set list "A-ha" new, more gloomy atmosphere. Also "Hunting High and Low" added several main songs to the band's concert repertoire: "I've Been Losing You", Cry Wolf and Manhattan Skyline.

Second the record "A-ha" was sold circulation more five million copies around the world and became beloved album their fans. The release is also very close vocalist Morten Harket:

"Soundrel Days" - this recordwhich most closely resembles our first demos. He is not sold as successful as "Hunting High and Low", but it says rather that the album better, not worse. It's just that not all listeners managed to understand that meaningwhat we brought into the songs."

Members of the group "A-ha" in their youth
Members of the group "A-ha" in their youth

American music journalist Ned Raggett wrote:

«The first two the songs themselves are alone among the best introductory strokes: combination tense sound of the title track by air vocals by Morten Harket during chorus and clear ударом at the end makes the track unforgettable. "The Swing of Things" - gloomy elegant track with beautiful arranged by synthesizer and guitar, lovely a game on drums, courtesy of a studio professional Michael Sturgisand full of love lyrical feelings that balance on the edge overheating, but they don't quite cross the line. May be, 80s long gone, but "Soundrel Days" - clear proof that the music of that time was also good".

Top Songs of the Album

"I've Been Losing You" took first a place in Denmark and Norway and eighth place in England. The single's worldwide sales exceeded one million copies. The video for this track was filmed on wide arena in Los Angeles.

Manhattan Skyline is result keyboardist collaboration Magne Furuholmena and guitarist Paul Voctor. At the beginning of the track sound notesplayed by Furuholmen on harpsichordand then the part begins vector - refrain in style heavy rock with guitar riff. IN bookdedicated to the creative path of "A-ha" "The Swing of Things 1985–2010" (author is Jan Omdal) Furuholmen confessed:

Manhattan Skyline - is one of the best experimental tracks we made jointly with Paul. to me belongs to keyboard part, Semi - rock party. writing music for this composition, I imagined something romanticreminiscent of classical music. As a result, we got combination incompatible. But also more more interesting".

January 10, 1987 "A-ha" introduced clip Manhattan Skylineshot in studio London. Directed by Steve Barron. Something video recalls one of the band's first videos "Take on Me", because it also has animation.

A frame from the video "Take On Me" by the group "A-ha"
A frame from the video "Take On Me" by the group "A-ha"

Lyrics Cry Wolf wrote Lauren Savoywho later married guitarist groups Paul Voctor. The track was the most successful single from the album "Soundrel Days" in United Stateswhere he ranked 14th place in the charts Hot Dance Music/Club Play and 50th in Billboard Hot 100. The song is in top 40 in various countries, including top five the best in the UK and Ireland, as well as second a place in Norway. Video for Cry Wolf was filmed Steve Barron in France. Plot the clip was taken from the fable "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", which also served source inspiration for the song.

After Scoundrel Days

In the late 1980s, the musicians released the theme song for a James Bond film. "The Living Daylights".

Despite a sharp decline in sales over the next few years, A-ha continued to record three more records: East of the Sun, "West of the Moon" (1990) and Memorial Beach (1993).

"A-ha" broke up in 1993, each of the participants engaged independent career. After a very well received one-time performance "The Sun Always Shines on TV" and a new song "Summer Moved On" at the event Nobel peace prizes in 1998 group for a while revived and presented the fans with a new album - Minor Earth Major Sky, which resulted in tour and video broadcast "A-ha" performances on opening the new Wallhall Stadium in Oslo.

Minor Earth Major Sky and next album Lifelines 2002 proved that fan base groups are still exists, as well as releases attracted new audience.

For my career "A-ha" officially released 32 singles13 of which are in the top ten the best UK singles, and 14 occupied first places on radio station lists various countries.

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