The Amazing Sector Gaza - Top Beautiful Lyric Songs by Khoy, the Hero of Collective Punk

Klinskikh wrote and performed some of the best lyrical songs in Russian rock! And that is exactly what we offer you to get acquainted with today...

A strikingly tender lyric performed by Yuri Khoy

Fan or not, but to deny the fact that "Gaza Strip" - It's not possible to be a phenomenon of the national rock scene. This is a unique, distinctive and strikingly soulful creativity, very close to the people. Yuri Khoy (aka Klinskikh) remains a true genius of the pen in our hearts: his songs are a kind of "poisonous" cocktail of wit, common humor, sometimes "strong language" and colorful images (sometimes very creepywhich makes the narrative even more intriguing).

Of course, not everyone likes such a bold musical "performance. Nevertheless, dozens of songs by Sector Gaza went out to the peopleand people enjoy listening to them today, decades later... So there's something to it.

Why did Russian audiences love Yury Khoy so much? For a lot of things: for simplicity, for sincerity, for lack of pathos, for humor and tragedy of being in one bottle, as they say. It's not without reason that Khoy was unofficially dubbed "folk performer" - he sang about the life of ordinary Russian people, of all walks of life. That's why there were some not so aesthetic and romantic episodes (the song "Bum"For example, it carries a big message in fact).

But if you're not a fan of Sector Gaza, and you think that all of the band's songs are "Ditties and foul language"We have to surprise you: it's not true! In fact, Hoy was genius of the pen in the large-scale sense of the word, from under which far more than just "humorous prose" was born. Klinskikh wrote and performed some of the best lyrical songs in Russian rock! And that's exactly what we suggest you to get acquainted with today - well, for avid fans, our selection will be a pleasant reminder of your favorite hits! This is an amazing "Sector Gaza" from a completely different - more tender and reverent side.


Yuri Khoy
Yuri Khoy

Yuri Khoy never, in fact, was not shy about expressing his unique creative vision through the most daring lyrics. The leader of "Sector Gaza" confidently touched absolutely any topics and embellished them with a generous dose of "strong language," as well as very colorful, sometimes scandalous images. But even the founder of "kolkhoz punk" was sometimes in a romantic mood... The song "Lyrica" has become a favorite ballad of Russian listeners. It shows us not only Khoi's eloquence, but also a completely different side of him - most likely, his very soul.

This composition was included in the album "Hit the Gas" (1993) and rightfully became his lyrical gem. It was even the subject of clipBut Hoy didn't really need it. Here's what the leader of Gaza told us in his interview:

"This clip was directed by Savin (Sergey, the former producer, manager and director of the band). At the time of the release of "Step on the Gas" he and I had already parted ways. Instead of promotion he had squeezed everything out of us, and the money too! So he shot the music video "Lyrica" at the end. And then he called me, saying, "I paid two hundred grand for it! Give me the money, and take the clip, spin it for yourself!" And I thought: "What do I need this clip for?" I didn't really like it..."

Yura Klinskikh
Yura Klinskikh

A funny thing happened during the filming: the bassist Vitaly Sukochev He was not able to take part in the process, so he was replaced by a good friend of Hoy's! He just imitated playing the bass guitar, thus saving the band and the budget that went to filming, of course!


Yuri Khoi with his wife and eldest daughter
Yuri Khoi with his wife and eldest daughter

This chic composition represents early work Yuri Khoy, a test of his own strength, so to speak. The song was not released until 2015 as part of the album "Howl at the Moon"even though it was born in the first half of the '80s! Such a rich history, as well as the slightly "raw", not yet mature style of Hoy makes this work invaluable for fans.

We owe it to Yuri's daughter that the song came out at all, To Irina - It was she who initiated the publication of her father's early works for acoustic guitar.

Irina Klinskikh with a portrait of her father
Irina Klinskikh with a portrait of her father

It sounds touching, sensual... It definitely important part of the great legacy of the unsurpassed "kolkhoz punk.

"Your call"

Yuri Khoy
Yuri Khoy

And our list is completed by the unrealistically heartfelt and powerful lyric songUnfortunately, not much is known about it.

The composition "Your Call" was a worthy addition to the album "Gas Attack" (1996). Khoi himself said the following about this recording:

"We've practically given up foul language at the concerts now, except for a few words that slip in very rarely - in the lyrics only. We tried to avoid foul language in 'Gas Attack' - the music on this album is very serious!

By the way: what's the your favorite album "Gaza Sector"? Share your musical preferences in the comments!


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