“Collective farm punk from Yura Khoy” - the best songs of the Gaza Strip (part two)

We continue to recall the best hits of the Gaza Strip. Let's start...

A selection of the best songs of the Gaza Strip - we continue to recall hits from Yura Khoy

"Gaza Strip" - one of the most popular domestic rock bands! It was formed in Voronezh, at the end 1987 of the year. From the very beginning to the very end, its leader remained Yura Khoi (Klinskikh), which, in fact, gave fans top-notch hits such as “Today I am 30 years old”, “Homeless”, “Walk a man” and many, many other songs that have not lost their fire to this day! In general, the repertoire of this group is very rich in powerful works, written, what is most interesting, in the most ordinary Russian language. Perhaps - this is the mystery of the "Gaza Strip"?

Yura Khoi wrote about ordinary things, about what is familiar to almost everyone ... His songs were, are and will always be close to the Russian listener, because almost always standard life stories and situations unfold in them ... That is why many call Khoy "people's artist". In today's article, we continue to recall the best hits of the "Gaza Strip". Let's start...


This song from the band's self-titled album was typed on YouTube over 150 thousand plays! However ... there is confidence that there are much more fans of Yura Khoy. The lyrics of the song are simply brilliant, and the music can be described in one word - "fire".

“Dumb I am a very guy, like a donkey in boots.
My defective skull doesn't cook a damn thing.
But I'll fit into the ministry, but I'll even fit into the Central Committee,
Until the shaggy hand is anointed…”

And who else will deny that hoi sang not about life ...?


The song has a detailed, understandable and simply instantly picked up text! Dynamic music and a powerful chorus add to this hit the mood of a whole anthem - a punk rock anthem ...

Remarkably, in this song hoi cites a work Leonid Filatov "About Fedot the archer, a daring young man": the line “And the anchovy does not go down the throat, and the wine does not pour into the mouth” is very reminiscent of the phrase “And the caviar does not go down the throat, and compote does not pour into the mouth”!

"Does not give"

Well, the meaning of this song, for sure, is already clear from the name alone ... Another undeniably great hit!


The composition "Life" perfectly complemented the album "Gas Attack". The words from the song became the epitaph on the tombstone Yuri Khoy

"I've met friends and foes in my life,
I've seen a lot of things in my life.
The sun burned my body, the wind ruffled my hair,
But I never knew the meaning of life ... "

Eternal memory to the legendary man ...

"Your call"

An amazing romantic ballad that evokes genuine warm emotions when listening ...

"Evening on the bench"

Well, everyone knows this song for sure - even those who are not fans "Gaza Strip": "Evening on the bench" has long become a hit of youth and carefree youth ... Light and simple text, positive performance Hoya and Tatyana Fateeva… Everything is perfect in this track! You won't hear that today...


One of the funniest and most humorous Yury Khoy! As it is not difficult to guess from the title, the song consists of verses-chastushkas... It cheers up perfectly!


In fact, if we analyze the lyrics of this song, we can conclude that this is indeed a very vital composition… The main thing is not to let yourself be misled…

"I took the blame"

A very soulful song... The most interesting thing is that the composition is based on real events. Yura Khoi dedicated it to a friend who served time for a traffic accident he did not commit.

"The creak of the familiar castle,
Wakes me up again
And sadness in the heart
Prisoner of the day.
I remember that day, do not forget that day
As friends, I sent away, taking the blame on myself ... "

"Fairy tale"

"Christmas Eve"

One of the fan favorites hits "Gaza Strip"… Apparently Yuri Khoy he was very fond of literature (in particular Russian), since this song was inspired by the story of the same name Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol. The arrangement also flawlessly conveys the atmosphere of the piece…


"Walpurgis Night"


Another well-known hit "Gaza Strip":

"Black Ghoul"

One of the comments under the video for this song reads:

“If you translate this into English and show Ozzy (Osbourne), then he will probably be horrified himself!”

And this is the best comment to describe this song!

"Russian obscenities"

“You don’t expect me to swear in the chorus,
Of course I would swear, but it's your turn!
And no need to tease, I don't give a damn about it,
I will not use swear words!

"My grandmother"


There’s not even anything to add here ... Is it that Yuri Khoy is a real folk legend.

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