Seven years later in the Voice: Arina Danilova again delighted the judges of the Voice show

Seven years ago, she conquered the first season of the Voice.Children show. Not so long ago, she returned and conquered the already simple Voice Show. She was left with the legendary glass, a beautiful voice and the painfully familiar song "Quizás, quizás, quizás". Arina Danilova on the Voice Show, how was it?

Arina Danilova's performances on the Voice with a song show Quizas, quizas, quizas

Seven years ago, Arina Danilova performed in the first season of the Voice.Children show with the song "Quizás, quizás, quizás". The performance was unusual: the girl came out with a glass with the inscription "Tolik" and two painted muzzles: sad and cheerful. Tolika the young singer beat off the rhythm, accompanying herself. This was the first thing that surprised the judges, but when they heard the girl's voice, they were even more surprised!

Arina Danilova on Season 1 of Show Voice
Arina Danilova on the 1st season of the Voice Children show beats the rhythm with a glass named Tolik

Arina Danilova began to sing so cleanthat the judges found it difficult to resist. Dima Bilan was the first to surrender, he pressed the treasured button and turned around to face the girl. Then the rest of the judges could not stand it - they also turned around and began to admire how Arina sings “Quizás, quizás, quizás”.

After the performance, the hall literally exploded: everyone applauded, shouted, the judges were also completely delighted. Girl conquered show Voice.

Unexpectedly, after 7 years, Arina Danilova returned to the Voice show. True, it was no longer the Voice of the Child, but an ordinary Voice, but the singer surprised everyone here too.

Without changing herself, she went on stage with a glass named Tolik, on which two muzzles were drawn: everything, as before. True, the new Tolik is drawn much neater - it is clear that Arina has become better at drawing. And the singer took the same song to show the progress of her musical talent over 7 years.

Arina Danilova on the 10th season of Show Voice
Arina Danilova on the 10th season of the Voice Show. The singer has matured and Tolik, it seems, too

The judges who sat on the show 7 years ago remembered Arina. At the start of the jury discussed her and said:

“Do you remember that girl, with a child’s voice?”

As a result, it was another success: all the judges pressed the button and turned around. Truth this time Bilan tried to create intrigue and did not press the button to the last. But when he turned around, he immediately fell into delight:

"It's such a comeback, oh my!"

The matured Danilova again delighted everyone on the Voice Show. The mentors shared Arina for a long time, but in the end Arina herself decided go in a team with Leonid Agutin, which the latter was glad about.

And under the video on YouTube, the fans of the young singer wrote a lot of positive and sometimes even funny comments, but most of all we liked this:

“After 43 years: Arina comes to Voice 60+ with the same song and a glass”


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