Semyon Slepakov – the bard of the 21st century: a story of life and success

The story of the outstanding Russian bard Semyon Slepakov...

Biography of Semyon Slepakov: from early years to overwhelming success on TNT

Semyon SlepakovRussian showmanwho is loved for his character and humor! His career started on the stage KVN, as captain team of Pyatigorsk. He later built a dazzling career in TNT: and yes, he contributed to the creation of a satirical and humorous TV project "Our Russia", which is loved and watched to this day! Many viewers fell in love with Slepakov for his ironic musical works, thanks to which he received the nickname "bard of the 21st century": his compositions cheer up, and, at times, evoke very conflicting feelings ... It is worth noting that Slepakov has an amazing gift: absolutely all projects to which he has a hand have invariably high ratings and public interest! Let's talk about this outstanding person in more detail ...

Early years

Semyon Slepakov
Semyon Slepakov

The story of the future comedy star originates in 1979, in southern Pyatigorsk… Family Slepakov was intelligent, one might say professorial: her father was a professor at the Department of Economics, her mother was a candidate of philological sciences. However, the soul seeds from the very childhood she lay to creativity ... His "idol" at that time was his uncle, who was fond of writing a bard song! And the boy's grandfather was a screenwriter of popular Soviet films. In a word, Semyon was very lucky with his relatives, because it was they who inspired him in the early stages of his life.

Despite being a child Semyon attended a music school, where he studied piano, love for music woke up in him only in high school: Semyon was seriously carried away by the guitar, drawing inspiration from his work Vysotsky and Okudzhava, and The Beatles and the Rolling Stones… Having received an education as an economist and linguist, Semyon planned to settle in the province of France. However, his plans were not destined to come true.

First steps: "KVN"

Semyon Slepakov
Semyon Slepakov

As a schoolboy, Slepakov adored KVN! As told Semyon himself, he did not miss a single episode of the television humorous game. And this is not surprising, because he himself had a well-developed sense of humor ... For the first time he began to play in KVN as a student, and by the time he graduated from the university, his team got into major league! So, at the beginning of the 2000s, Semyon becomes the captain team of Pyatigorsk: the artist confidently held his title for 6 years. It was under his leadership that 2004 year "Team of Pyatigorsk" became the champion of the Major League! It was the first big success in the career of a comedian ...

Soon Slepakov made friends with Garik Martirosyan, who, in fact, invited him to move to the capital. First time to live in Moscow it was hard, there was practically no money - only those that were earned during the last tour ...

Success on TNT

Semyon Slepakov
Semyon Slepakov

Thanks to my charisma, very soon Semyon Slepakov becomes a resident comedy club together with Pavel Volya, Garik Kharlamov and other famous showmen. As the artist himself recalled:

“It was a very creative period! And if we compare the Comedy Club with KVN, then the freedom of action I gained brought pure pleasure! Finally, I could realize myself ... "

Soon the glory of the ex-captain of the Pyatigorsk team began to grow inexorably! The very format of the humorous show really liked the public ... Already in the first year of its existence comedy club was a huge success. Subsequently Semyon more than once participated in the creation of humorous shows for TNT, among which is the series beloved by many "Univer", "SashaTanya", "HB", "Interns" and much more. What is it worth "Our Russia"! And each time working on a new project, Slepakov showed how much his professionalism had grown ... Of course, this should have been reflected in his work. And found!

Creativity: other projects

Semyon Slepakov
Semyon Slepakov

This man has co-produced many popular comedy series, among them - "Bugs", "House Arrest" and "Cursed Days", filmed in the format of a screen-life almanac and tells about the everyday life of Russians during self-isolation. In addition, Slepakov played one of the episodic roles in the film "Boomerang", which should come out in 2021 year.

Slepakov also became a guest of various TV shows ("Prozharka", "Evening Urgant" and others), and periodically gives concerts at the most prestigious world arenas: for example, in 2018, the bard went on tour to USAwhere visited New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. And in February of the following year, he appeared on stage "Crocus City Hall".


Semyon Slepakov
Semyon Slepakov

Career Slepakov covers not only comedy shows, movies and series. No wonder he got his nickname "bard of the 21st century"... Semyon owes his success to humorous songs written, as they say, on the topic of the day. His masterpieces like “I can’t drink”, “Zh..a grows”, “Liver”, “The happiest day” (“Divorce”), “The wind carries a cloud”, “Appeal to the people”, “Gazprom shareholder”, “Grandma transformer”, instantly became viral (and continue to be so to this day)!

In addition to the author's works, Slepakov is known for his duets: "Very beautiful" (with Grigory Leps), "Conversation between husband and wife" (with Marina Kravets) and others:

Probably all fans (and not only) remember the bard's satirical songs dedicated to the main event 2018 of the year - World Cup. One of them became "Ramzan Kadyrov - coach of the Russian national team": the work, although it became a hit, still received conflicting responses from the public ... So, Semyon was accused of singing about the loss instead of support. Then Slepakov drew conclusions for himself, and a little later presented a new song called "Champions"recorded with the group "Leningrad":

As you can see, Slepakov's work has already borne good fruit: the bard has already made it to the list 40 most successful people in culture, and that's great!

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