How Banana Boy lives today - Sergey "Africa" Bugayev and his busy everyday life

"My life is an art! Mostly I follow the call of my heart, sometimes I try to listen to reason. But whether I still have it is a very good question...".

Sergei "Africa" Bugaev: how was the fate of the Russian artist, musician and actor

Sergey "Afrika" Bugaev A multifaceted man: musician, actor, artist, writer, radio host, politician... His life is a real creative performance! His character from "Assa" once said:

"Life is a boring thing in its traditional sense. Work, home, work again, death. I try not to live life! I stay in a kind of reserved world of my dreams. And life... What about life? From time to time I look through it, like through a window.

Sergey "Afrika" Bugaev
Sergey "Afrika" Bugaev

He has two nicknames: "Africa." and "Boy Banana". And this despite the fact that he is no longer a boy! In March 2022, Sergey Bugaev celebrated 56th anniversary! But if you call him by his name, without the famous prefix "Africa", it is unlikely that someone will understand who he is talking about ...

Early years filled with the avant-garde

Sergei Bugaev as a young man
Sergei Bugaev as a young man

Sergey was born in 1966 year in Novorossiysk, at the age of 14 or 15 (information varies) came to conquer the creative capital of Russia - Leningrad. His plan succeeded: soon the boy meets the Sergey Kuryokhin and joins the group that is now known as "Pop Mechanics."and, at the same time, into the bohemian scene of St. Petersburg!

Timur Novikov, Sergey Kuryokhin and Sergey "Africa" Bugaev
Timur Novikov, Sergey Kuryokhin and Sergey "Africa" Bugaev

In fact, Bugaev was not not as a musician, actor, or artist. But he was able to make a name for himself at all of these directions! His paintings appeared in the film "Assa"and they were popularly called vanguard - they looked too specific.

Thanks to To Boris GrebenshchikovBugaev got to the filming of "Assy," where he played the iconic role of "Banana Boy". It also made the 22-year-old a favorite of domestic youth, whose disposition and desire for change our hero embodied.

Filming in "Assa" and the juicy details

Shot from the film "Assa"
Shot from the film "Assa"

He will later star in the movie "Two Captains 2.". But the viewer remembered Bugaev for his flightiness and youthful simplicity in the role of "Banana Boy"! The girls quickly fell in love with the guy from the screen, the young men were delighted with him. On the whole, the motion picture Sergey Solovyov was a resounding success! And it couldn't have been any other way: the domestic connoisseur could finally touch forbidden underground rock music...

Years later, quite a lot has come to the surface. interesting facts. As it turned out, during the filming of Bugaeva arrested twice.! The first time for the earring, and the second time for the music.

"Right on the stage they arrested me! Can you imagine? I was standing there, playing, and people in uniform came up and handcuffed me! Fortunately, Sergei Solovyov intervened in time.

Viktor Tsoi and Sergey Bugaev
Viktor Tsoi and Sergey Bugaev

Unfortunately, in the year 2021, the filmmaker's no more. This event caused Bugaev to let loose a stingy man's tear

"I truly admired this man. For me, for all of us, it's a great loss!"

Sergei Bugaev and Sergei Solovyov
Sergei Bugaev and Sergei Solovyov

Sergei "Africa" has always been admired an approach Solovyov to the cause. As you know, the director sought to Absolute realism on the screen, and therefore achieved his goal at any cost. After decades, Bugaev, for some reason, decided to lift the veil of secrecy: he shared that with Tatiana Drubich - Solovyov's wife - they had too close a relationship.

"Well, Solovyov - he was trying to be realistic. So he got me and Drubich into a racy scene: we drank, and then we got down to business. It was passionate, and the very real love scene! But in the end it was cut from the movie. And later, my husband won over the director in Solovyov - he destroyed the film with these shots," Bugayev sadly recounted.

According to "Africa", after this passionate experience he felt for Drubich romantic attraction throughout the entire filming process.

"That feeling literally came over me, gave me wings!"

Life After Fame - What Banana Boy Does Today

Sergey "Afrika" Bugaev
Sergey "Afrika" Bugaev

Bugayev has left music and cinema. "I'm not a musician, or an actor, or even an artist," he declares. Nevertheless, "Africa" tried itself across the boardand even in politics! In 2012, he became a confidant Vladimir Putin! He was a radio host - many remember him from his scandalous program "The Three Little Pigs.".

Editor-in-Chief "Activist."The author of several books, the chairman of the globe - people call Bugaev nothing less than secular lion! His work has hung in museums all over the world, and he modestly calls himself social activistwho communicates with the audience in the contemporary language of culture.

Sergey Bugaev
Sergey Bugaev

Today, Bugaev is the father of four children! With his wife, an actress Irena KuksenaiteSergei divorced a long time ago. He found marital happiness with a young woman AnnaHe had two sons, Luke and Nikon. The children of his first marriage, Ilya and Catherine, had long been grew up and are in an active search for their own vocation.

Anna, Bugayev's second wife, and her sons
Anna, Bugayev's second wife, and her sons

In the life of "Africa" there have been many scandals - accused him of both stealing paintings and being too explicit in his photo shoots with Irina Hakamada (the pair portrayed John Lennon and Yoko Ono), and of excessive promiscuity, and of amateurism, and even of blackmail Mamysheva-MonroeIn a word - the media headlines are often full of Bugaev's name. He himself claims:

"My life is an art! Mostly I follow the call of my heart, sometimes I try to listen to reason. But whether I still have it is a very good question...".


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