Second after Makarevich: biography of one of the founders of the "Time Machine" Sergei Kavagoe

Subsequently, Kawagoe returned to Russia, but only because of his father's funeral. He stayed in the capital for a month, and then returned to Canada. On September 3, 2008, Sergei died in the bathroom of his apartment: the cause of death was acute heart failure.

Sergei Kawagoe - childhood, "Time Machine" and "Resurrection", life in Japan and Canada

Sergei Kawagoe - truly legendary Soviet musicianwhose life is more like the plot of a movie. He stood at the origins of two cult groups: "Time Machines" and "Resurrection". Kawagoe was a man great talent, but at some point faced with burnout and left Russia.

Unfortunately, he is no longer with us today. but his life story continues to touch the hearts of people, once again proving the genius Sergei Sirovich.

Early years

Sergei Kawagoe
Sergei Kawagoe

Popularity came to Kawagoe in 70s, but for a long time people were surprised not only by his talent, but also by such an unusual, even intriguing surname! Yes, she's really interesting. But only for the Russian public. In the homeland of Father Sergei Sirovich, in Japan, it's commonplace.

Sergei Kawagoe was born in 1953 year in Moscow. His father was translator and during World War II got into Soviet captivity. Freed in the middle of the century, he decided to stay in Soviet Union, although Japanese citizenship didn't change. Later, thanks to relatives from Japan, Sergey had high-quality musical instruments that were used by the participants "Time Machines".

As a teenager, the guy played in the school band "Duraponov steam engines", and then decided to found his own group. The idea was realized and developed into chic legacy.

"Time Machine"

"Time Machine" in Tallinn. 1977
"Time Machine" in Tallinn. 1977

Contrary to popular belief, Sergei Kawagoe and Andrey Makarevich were not classmates and even just acquaintances until before 1969. It wasn't until the late 60s that two geniuses collided and began to create magic.

At that time the Soviet rock scene did not abound with talents, and therefore "Time Machine" quickly was heard. Kawagoe and Makarevich were completely different in temperament and mindset, but they are excellent complemented each other. And so it went on ten years.

Together with kavoy (Sergey received such a nickname) the group visited Tallinn and Petersburg, recorded the first hits. To this day, domestic music lovers listen to their favorite works.

As we have already emphasized, Kawagoe was a man of great talent: he felt equally confident with a guitar or bass guitar, with a drum kit and keyboards. Gradually, his signature style of play became calling card "Machines", but in the late 70s the group broke up. Last composition Makarevich–Kavagoe–Margulis–Voronov spoke spring 1979. Musicians and once close-knit comrades on the stage were divided misunderstanding and creative differences.


Sergey Kavagoe and Evgeny Margulis
Sergey Kavagoe and Evgeny Margulis

Together with Kawagoe at the origins "Resurrection" stood: Eugene Margulis, once also a "driver" Alexey Romanov and brother Andrew Alexey Makarevich. Despite the powerful composition, the group did not last long: after recording several great records, the band broke up. in 1982. Later "Resurrection" restored activity, but with other members.

However, on this Kawagoe didn't stop.


"Nautilus Pompilius

Group "Nautilus" was born a year later. If it were a foreign team, it would be immediately dubbed as “super”: Kawagoe, Margulis, Yuri Shakhnazarov, Kirill Pokrovsky, Dima Rybakov. The composition is really impressive. Like the debut album of the same name, it was very high quality and interesting for those years.

But the musicians did not work out with the touring life: for unknown reasons, the Nautilus ended up in black list, because of which about any city trips and there was no speech. Broadcast access was also closed. "Nautilus" lasted less than a year. In 1986 the musicians revived the project, but this attempt also turned out to be short.

Life in Japan and Canada

Sergei Kawagoe
Sergei Kawagoe

Sergei Sirovich seriously burned out like an artist. How else to explain such desperate step, on which he decided: Kawagoe moved to the homeland of his ancestors, in Japan! At the same time, he is completely didn't know Japanese just a few common English words present in his vocabulary. At first, Kawagoe worked in a music store. Tower Records, and then decided to completely change the type of activity and became Russian language teacher. Of course, for a person without higher education it's not that easy. But Kawagoe could, although not without the help of third parties.

As a teacher, Sergei received good money and had solid position in society, but all this was not the same ... He lacked the freedom that he decided to find in Canada. Suburb Toronto conquered the heart of the once popular Russian rock musician, and here he lived until his death.

End of story

Sergei Kawagoe
Sergei Kawagoe

In the early noughties Sergey Sirovich took the stage for the last time with old comrades "Machine": it happened spring 2001, during the song "Puppets", where Kawagoe played drums. Then came into his life black line: divorce, marriage, divorce again ... All this led to depression and alcohol addiction.

Subsequently, Kawagoe returned to Russiabut only because of his father's funeral. He stayed in the capital for a month, and then returned to Canada. September 3, 2008 Sergei died in the bathroom of his apartment: the cause of death was an acute heart failure.

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