Sergey Minaev - All about the Soviet DJ, musician and showman

No one had any doubts that a real artist would grow out of a boy! Sergei loved to parody famous people, as well as talk about serious things with appropriate humor!

Sergey Minaev: A complete biography of the main showman of the 90s ...

Sergey Yuryevich Minaev is a Soviet-Russian artist, musician, composer, successful showman and a truly talented comedian! He himself calls himself "the first singing disc jockey of the Soviet Union"! Minaev received recognition from the general public thanks to his vivid parodies of the main hits of the 80s and 90s: "Voyage", "Brother Louis", "Macarena" - and this is only a small part of all his legendary covers!

But what else do we know about this unique person?

Brief Biography

Sergey Yurievich Minaev was born on January 12, 1962 in the capital of Russia. As a child, he attended a school with advanced English, as well as a music school, thanks to which he early mastered the skill of playing the violin.

Sergei Minaev in childhood and adolescence
Sergei Minaev in childhood and adolescence

No one had any doubts that a real artist would grow out of a boy! Sergei loved to parody famous people, as well as talk about serious things with appropriate humor! Minaev himself often said that humor, in fact, like charisma, he successfully inherited from his father, a very positive and purposeful person.

Having successfully graduated from the State School of Circus and Variety Art, Minaev began to stubbornly fight his way to fame ...

Musical career

As a second-year student, Sergei becomes the vocalist of the Gorod band. By the way: the guys admired the work of foreign musicians and groups, such as Stevie Wonder, Queen, Boney M, The Police ... In 1981, the team participated in the MIPT rock music festival in Dolgoprudny, and after that - in the filming of the film "I Can't Say Goodbye" .

In parallel with the group, Sergei held discos in famous metropolitan hotels: Molodyozhnaya, Intourist, Spartak ... One of these "disco evenings" introduced Minaev to Sergei Lisovsky, his future concert director, with whom they founded the Record studio .

The end of 1986 turned out to be a major resonance for Minaev! The first disco in the Soviet Union for ten thousand guests was held! The event, where Sergey performed parodies of the then popular Modern Talking, was a resounding success ... The newspapers only wrote about it! For the “disco jockey” himself, the evening turned out to be a debut on the professional stage…

Sergey Minaev on stage
Sergey Minaev on stage

Probably one of Minaev's most famous clips is "Carnival"! The humorous video was filmed specifically for the program "Merry Fellows". True, in order for a song with such a “bourgeois” name to be broadcast, it was necessary to work on ideological slogans ...

But the composition “Yura is a wumen, Vasya is a man” was included in the black list by the Ministry of Culture ...

As for the albums, the most significant in Minaev's discography was the disc "Abracadabra"! It includes the best dance hits of the West: but only Russian-language ones, in a parodic vein, characteristic of the author!

In 1987, Minaev went on his first tour of the USSR!

It is unfair not to note the influence of Minaev on the Soviet-Russian pop scene of the 80s and 90s. It was he who set fashion trends in dance music and musical parody ...

The first half of the 90s turned for Minaev on tour abroad! It is curious, but it was during this period that the artist refused to perform The Beatles hits in Russian ...

“With a translation into Russian, these light and airy songs instantly turn pale and heavy ...” - he commented on his refusal.

Sergey Minaev
Sergey Minaev

In the fall of 1993, Minaev spoke in support of Boris Yeltsin, performing the song "Are you ready to go with me?" Later Sergey Yurievich will say:

“It is a pity that, starting for health, Boris Nikolayevich finished for the rest ...”

In 1997, the clips "Macarena" and "Bow and Violin" were released.

The beginning of the 21st century and new albums…

In 2006, Minaev released a collection called Pirate of the 20th Century, which included his main dance hits, only in a more modern version.

In 2014, a jazz work called "Just" was released, and in 2019 - the album "Tinsel". One of the critics described this work as "a diverse palette of musical shades of the 80s, which evokes pleasant nostalgia ..."

In 2020, Sergey Minaev delighted loyal fans with new videos: “Someday”, “Quietly with Yourself” and “Bronze Dreams”!

TV success...


Sergey Minaev confidently conquered not only the Russian stage, but also television! Many viewers know the artist from such films as: “I can’t say goodbye”, “Our man in San Remo” ... And in the film “The Island of Lost Ships” several of his songs performed by Konstantin Raikin sound!

The famous song about "Brother Louis" performed by Minaev could be heard in the TV quiz "The Detective Game", where the artist appeared before the public in the form of a woman! In addition, the composition sounded in the musical "Street", where Minaev tried on the role of a rocker!

Among Soviet and post-Soviet viewers, Minaev is also widely known as the host of such once popular programs: "Morning Mail", "Two Pianos", "Joke Championship" ... In 2020, Sergey again declared himself in the musical show "Three Chords"!

Personal life

In total, the artist had two wives: Anna and Alena.

With Anna - his first wife - Sergei did not stay long. After the divorce, the girl married Senator Sergei Lisovsky.

As for the current wife of the artist, Alena Petrovna, Minaev met her at the dawn of his career ... Having a musical education in the piano class, at that time Alena performed in the team of Vladimir Markin, her brother. After the wedding, both musicians became relatives of each other, because both of them were married to sisters!

As a rule, Minaev does not advertise his personal life. The artist answers all the questions of journalists without much enthusiasm and is very evasive ... But as can be judged even from such “dry” interviews, Sergey is absolutely happy! They have been married to Alena for over twenty years, which is really impressive! They have an adult son, Sergei Minaev, Jr.: after graduating from school with a gold medal and receiving an economic education, the guy followed in the footsteps of his parents and became a musician! He has his own band, known to many fans of classic Russian rock...

Few people know, but Minaev has an older sister! And it even has a very bizarre story associated with it ...

Sister Minaeva married a Pole early and went to live with him in his homeland. However, the girl decided to give birth in her hometown. The husband constantly worked, so Sergey came to the maternity hospital instead of him.

And so, when it was time to give birth to the artist’s wife, Alena, literally the entire medical staff of the capital’s maternity hospital (yes, the same one!) took up arms against Minaev, saying that he left that girl and switched to a new one ... The fact is that Sergey visited his sister so often that everyone thought she was his wife!

With wife Alena
With wife Alena

At the moment, Alena and Sergey live a quiet family life, respecting and never ceasing to love each other ... To the question: “what is the secret of a successful relationship,” Minaev answers briefly, but with meaning:

“The less we love a woman, the more problems the family has!”


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