He performed the greatest hits of the early 2000s - where today Sergei Zhukov

Today in our article the story of musician Sergey Zhukov's popularity: how the band "Hands Up!" was created and what happened after its disbandment? Let's find out further!

Everything about Sergei Zhukov: early years, creation of the group, facts

In the 1990s, tremendous changes were taking place in Russia. A new round of history was also born in music: on the Russian pop scene, in addition to the Soviet musicians already known to everyone, there appeared new faces.

Music is becoming more and more danceThe development of the technical part allows artists to create memorable hits, which are still performed on stage. In this article we will tell the story Sergei Zhukov - the singer who gave domestic pop music imperishable compositions that still rock the dance floor.

Early years

Sergei Zhukov in his school years
Sergei Zhukov as a schoolboy (right)

The future actor spent his childhood in Dimitrovgrad. From an early age his mother introduced her son to music: in his youth Sergei attended music school. After completing his studies, he moved to Samara and became leading on the Europa Plus Samara radio station. Sergey's co-host was Alexey PotekhinWith whom, a few years later, they would form a famous pop group.

After a while, the guys organize their first musical group called "Uncle Ray and Company."He created compositions in the dance style. In 1993 Zhukov enters the Academy of Culture and Art in Samara and becomes a director.

The Early Years of Sergei Zhukov
The Early Years of Sergei Zhukov

In 1994, the guys move to Togliatti to record their tracks there. The musicians came to Samara only for radio broadcasts. In the new city Sergey met his first wife, but the marriage was short: some time after the birth of the child the couple separated, and Sergei soon left to conquer the Moscow.

Career Launch and Success with "Hands Up!"

"Hands Up!" in 2000
"Hands Up!" in 2000

On arrival in the capital at the 1995 In the year, Zhukov found work at Roxy and Maximum radio. It was with the latter that the appearance of titles groups.

On Radio Maximum I got cassette with a couple of songs the band had already recorded. It had the inscription, "This music will make you put your hands up. On the morning show for the first time tracks of an as yet nameless band were played, but the hosts were not confused, introducing the guys as "Hands up!".

Sergei Zhukov and Alexei Potekhin at the beginning of their careers
Sergei Zhukov and Alexei Potekhin at the beginning of their careers

Debut the group's record was the song "Love Story", released in 1996 on Pavian Records, which was known as the label of Moscow underground rappers. By the end of the year the guys began to collaborate with Andrei MalikovThe lineup changed a little later: Anastasia Kondrykinskaya was hired as a dancer. She met the musicians in one of the clubs where the girl worked.

The first success awaited the group after the recording of the two most famous songs - "Baby" and "Student". The female parts in "Student" were performed by Yelizaveta Rodnyanskaya, who was admitted to the band. After a while the album "Breathe evenly" was released, and the band's debut songs appeared in the charts "Russian Radio. All of 1997 "Hands Up!" took part in various festivals and concerts, and the following year saw the release of their second album, "Make it Louder!", which featured the band's timeless hits - "My baby" and "Alien Lips".

Sergei Zhukov and Alexei Potekhin at the peak of their careers
Sergei Zhukov and Alexei Potekhin at the peak of their careers

1999 was a fruitful year for the musicians: Zhukov and Potekhin presented the album "No Brakes." and, after refusing to work with Malikov, set up a record company "B-Funky Productions. A year later, the musicians receive an offer from the German pop group ATC to cover their composition "Song". In many interviews, Sergei has noted that in his entire career they have not earned as much money as foreign artists have given them for copyright.

In the early 2000s, it comes out scandalous The video for the song "He Kisses You," which starred the actor Travesty Anatoly Yevdokimov. The non-standard music video after the release shocked the fans of the band and not only.

A rift with Potekhin

Sergei Zhukov and Alexei Potekhin. End of the 1990s
Sergei Zhukov and Alexei Potekhin. End of the 1990s

In 2006, the group "Hands Over! ceased to exist. The main reason cited by the musicians was the increased competition The group's breakup, however, was also caused by creative misunderstandings Zhukova and Potekhin.

Two years later, Alexei Potekhin began to produce young bands and develop his solo creation. For two years the musician published three collections of dance music, which included hits of "Demo" and other famous pop groups of the early 2000s.

Alexei Potekhin at the present time
Alexei Potekhin at the present time

After a while, Alexei creates the group "Lift Your Hands Up," which he later renames into "Potekhin Band.". At the moment Alexey and his band are giving concerts and touring around the country.

Solo work and personal life

Sergey Zhukov and his family
Sergey Zhukov and his family

Sergei Zhukov's solo albums were released while the band was still in existence. Sergei's debut work was the album "Territory.". Between 2004 and 2006, the singer released two more albums. In 2008 Zhukov started using group name for his solo work. Until now the musician is releasing new tracks, not so groovy anymore, but still beloved.

Sergey takes an active part in various TV shows: He was a guest on "Where's the Logic?", became a judge on the reality show "Idea for a Million", and together with this appeared in the TV series "Interns" and the movie "Women Against Men".

In addition to his main activity, Zhukov succeeded in entrepreneurship. Thus, in several Russian cities the chain of bars "Hands Up" and confectioneries "Love and Sweets" was opened, the business of which is helped by his wife.

Interesting Facts

Sergey Zhukov on the program "Evening Urgant
Sergey Zhukov on the program "Evening Urgant
  • In 1999, Hands Up! "Golden Gramophone Award" in the "Artist of the Year" category, as well as receiving an award for the hit "My Baby" and the record "Make it Louder!"

  • Sergey Zhukov and a punk rave band Little Big made a joint music video for the track "Slamming Dudes". In the video, the pop singer is given home role.
Sergei Zhukov is currently
Sergei Zhukov is currently
  • After the breakup of the collective, there was a flare-up between the former colleagues. conflict because Sergey started performing solo under the band's name. After a while the copyright fight subsided, and the owner of all things related to the band was Sergei Zhukov. In spite of this, the musicians still perform co-written songs at their solo performances.
  • Together with his younger brother Mikhail Zhukov Sergey released the album "Fall asleep". The duo's debut song "You are my sea." was included in the rotation of major radio stations.
A still from the TV series "Eugenich
A still from the TV series "Eugenich
  • In 2021, the TV series "Eugenich.", which tells the story of the life of a producer from the '90s who decides to revive his career. The musician performed in the film leading roleIn addition, along with Zhukov, there were other Russian stars.

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