Cesaria Evora - barefoot diva with a sad voice

Despite financial independence, Cesaria remained the most ordinary and very hospitable person until the end of her days. She lived in her parents' old house and never locked the doors. The woman was glad of the guests and just people who could calmly come to her and treat themselves to a bowl of soup.

The history of the "ordinary» Cape Verdean women

Cesaria Evora - cult "barefoot diva", brilliant singer Cape Verde, which delighted millions of people, performing compositions in styles morna, fado and modinha. Her magnificent voice was complemented by such elegant instruments as the piano, ukulele, violin and clarinet. The woman received a high-profile title due to the fact that she went on stage with bare feet: this personified the poverty in which Cesaria was born and grew up, like all her countrymen. She was a person with a big soul and a kind heart, and her difficult fate and achievements in music deserve publicity.

Early years

Cesaria Evora
Cesaria Evora

Though Cesaria connected life with music in her tender adolescence, recognition came to her belatedly, when she was already a mature and wise woman. The story of the legendary "barefoot diva" began in 1941 year in a very poor Portuguese colony. The future star was born on the island of San Vicente in the family of a musician Justino da Cruz Evora and cooks Don Juan. Alas, when the girl was barely seven years old, her mother was forced to give her to an orphanage: the head of the family died, and the woman could hardly make ends meet. In addition to Cesaria, Dona had five more children.

The future singer returned home only at the age of 16. The first thing she did was to help her mother. Cesaria began her career as a singer in local restaurants, bars and pubs. But even her earnings could not cover the poverty in which the family lived:

“Dona was literally completely blind and moved only with the help of children. They all lived in the same room, and in the floor they had a hole in which one could see the room below ... Only Cesaria, who earned money for the family, saved them from hunger, ”the neighbors said.

Musical career

Cesaria Evora
Cesaria Evora

Despite poverty and a gloomy childhood, Cesaria was lucky with her voice. It was deep, penetrating, strong, and the slight strain caused by drinking and smoking added to its charm. With the onset of the 60s, the girl began performing on cruise ships, which spread admiring stories about her outside her native Mindeli. So, oh barefoot Cesaria Evore recognized on both sides of the Atlantic, but she managed to make her first professional recording only in 43 years. IN 1992 released her fourth album "Miss Perfumado", which made the singer a star.

Everything happened within the walls of a prestigious institution Enclave in Lisbon: Cesaria met a Frenchman named Jose da Silva, also having roots from Cape Verde. He did his best to make a woman a star. Jose was simply fascinated by Cesaria, her vocals and manner of performance.

Cesaria Evora
Cesaria Evora

Creation Cesaria seemed to European listeners a kind of exotic. Lyrics in Creole, interesting ukulele tunes, sad songs, the barefoot singer herself - all this played a role in the ascent. Evora. Soon she was nicknamed the "barefoot diva", and this title stuck with her even after her death.

Triumph and visit to Russia

Cesaria Evora
Cesaria Evora

Cesaria Evora became a cult star on a global scale, the queen of morna, one of the most sought-after singers of those years. Her records scattered around the world in a stunning circulation - over six million copies! Many musicians and directors admired her, and Madonna repeatedly invited "barefoot diva" perform at your own events. But Cesaria always refused: in her own words, she was already tired of parties. In one of her interviews, the singer also stated:

"I sing in the same way in front of the president, hard workers in a bar or aristocrats in a large concert hall."

Compatriots crowded into her house in Mindelo, whose doors were always open: everyone wanted to express gratitude and respect for the magnificent barefoot Cesaria. And she received guests with genuine pleasure, even a few hours before her death.

For the first time, Cesaria performed in Russia in the spring of 2002: the show was held in the theater Anatoly Vasilyev on the Sretenka and, unfortunately, it was closed to the general public - the visit of the barefoot diva to the country was not even reported. A month later, Evora gave another concert, this time in Maly Theater. Over the next few years, the singer managed to visit many Russian cities, including Irkutsk, Novosibirsk and Permian.

End of story

Cesaria Evora
Cesaria Evora

In 2011 Cesaria Evora announced her retirement from the stage. In December of the same year, the legendary diva died: the great singer died in her native Cape Verde aged 70 years old. Mourning was declared in the country: for a long time people could not come to terms with the death of the legendary icon. The bright memory of her continues to live to this day.

Interesting Facts

Cesaria Evora
Cesaria Evora
  • In honor of the performer, the International Airport was named in San Vicente. Her passionate fans dreamed of erecting a monument to their barefoot diva during her lifetime, however Cesaria this was wildly annoying! The woman raised a big scandal, saying that if there is so much extra money in the country, then it is worth spending it on more serious things.

  • On their first records Evora didn't make a dime! The fact is that she was deceived: no contracts were drawn up, and the people who took over the release of vinyl told the singer that the records were very bad. And if the material is bad, then there will be no money. After some time, the deception was revealed, but Cesaria there was nothing she could do about it: without a contract, she had no more recording rights than any listener.

  • During her career, Cesaria made a solid fortune - more than 70 million dollars. At the same time, the singer acquired the first house in 90s, and then only because her numerous relatives no longer fit into the old one.
  • Despite financial independence, Cesaria until the end of her days she remained the most ordinary and very hospitable person. She lived in her parents' old house and never locked the doors. The woman was glad of the guests and just people who could calmly come to her and treat themselves to a bowl of soup.
  • Cesaria Evora was an amazing person! She is a native Cape Verde Islands - I couldn't swim at all! The woman was very afraid of big waves, but at the same time she could not arrive for a long time away from the water. In her own words, it was the big water that provided her life.
  • Eduardo Joao Shalin was Cesaria's first love. He was a sailor and a guitarist, which hooked the future star. They met when the diva was only 16 years old. Exactly Eduardo was the first to "hear" the gorgeous voice of the young lady. And it was he who turned Evora into a local celebrity! And then he boarded a ship and sailed away forever ...

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