"Columbian Wolf" - how Shakira became a world-famous star

Her star lit up over the pop arena in the early 2000s, but few people know that Shakira started her way to fame back in the 90s. Another remarkable fact about this sweet-voiced beauty is that she gravitates to rock-n-roll!

Shakira - biography and facts, hits and music videos

One of the richest, most influential and popular women in the world Shakira is a huge pop star with a circulation of close to 100 million. She has countless awards, nominations and creative achievements to her credit, as well as hits that sound fresh and relevant years later. "Whenever, Wherever", "Can't Remember to Forget You", "Waka Waka" - just a fraction of the world-famous compositions of this Colombian beauty, or "she-wolf," as some have nicknamed her from the title of her hit "She Wolf.".

Her star lit up the pop arena in the early 2000s, but few people know that Shakira began her road to fame back in 90s. Another notable fact about this sweet-voiced beauty is that she gravitates toward rock and roll! In general, her biography is very interesting and vivid ... We suggest you read it together.

Childhood years and first inspirations


The future star's youth was spent in Barranquilla - Shakira was born in a sunny Colombian town, where she was born on February 2, 1977. Shakira learned to read and write very early: she wrote her first poem "Crystal Rose" when she was only 4 years old! In many ways, it was the influence of her father, who wrote stories on a typewriter. Shakira was so impressed that she asked for one for Christmas.

Many of Shakira's early works were inspired by real events in her life. She dedicated one of her poems to her to his deceased half-brotherHe died when she was only two years old... He crashed on his motorcycle, and her father was heartbroken. The lyric was called "Your Dark Glasses."as a reference to the fact that the head of the family for a long time hid his weeping eyes behind sun-proof lenses...

Shakira's second inspiration was belly dancing. She first saw it in a restaurant at the age of about five, and remained fascinated by the spectacle... It was then, in her own words, that Sharika decided - she would perform on stage.

"You howl like a goat" - tests on the road to glory


Ever since she was a little girl, Shakira loved to sing! She sang for her family, for her teachers, even for the nuns at the Catholic school! In the school choir, however, her vocal skills were ridiculed. Her music teacher told her that she howls "like a goat". After that, the girl left the choir, but stayed true to her goal.

As a teenager, Shakira became a local celebrity: she often performed at various events in Barranquilla, and once she met a local theater producer, Monica ArizaMonica showed Shakira to an executive producer. Monica showed Shakira to an executive producer Sony Colombia Ciro Vargas, who fought to the last to get the company to sign her. He won - and the young Shakira got a deal with Sony.

Music career: ups and downs


Shakira recorded her debut album when she was 13 years old! It happened in the early 90's. Alas, the collection of pop-rock tracks did not bring success to the aspiring singer due to the lack of proper promotion. Others could have given up, but not Shakira. She continued recording, and soon she had a chance to perform at the Chilean Song Festival in February 1993, where she took third place and charmed Ricky Martin himself!

She released one more album before returning to her studies to finish high school. After her hiatus, Shakira continued to record, but her success was limited to her native country due to the lack of English-language hits. Nevertheless, her fame grew, and already by the late '90s Shakira was an internationally known star.

She became an internationally popular artist only with the advent of 2000-х - Just at this time she began to perform songs in English and star in colorful music videos, which attracted increased public attention. Such hits as "She Wolf", "Whenever, Wherever" and others were released. We can say - this was the beginning of the story of dizzying success!

Image and Influence


Over the years, Shakira has created an extremely sexy, yet incredibly radiant, positive image. The Colombian pop princesscapable of turning the heads of millions with her upbeat dancing and beautiful voice, of course. There is a "heaviness" at the core of her tone that "flips" into "her head voice," as well as her ability to perform "complex" "melisma. This makes her performance unique and instantly recognizable...

Unlike most other pop stars, Shakira prefers to focus on her vocals and dance moves during a performance. She is not a fan of underdancing, flashy makeup, and so on. For a long time she was considered one of the most beautiful "natural" singers modernity.


Today, Shakira continues to make music, mostly through concerts. She is also actively engaged in charity and family! The singer has two children, and as we can judge by the photo - she is absolutely happy.

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