Shaman Ti - All about the musician: biography and creative work

"Wanted a shaman some primitive dances around the campfire, but he realised that he can't take out the usual tambourine and wargan...".

The story of Shaman Ti.

Shaman Ti ("Shaman" - a person who communicates with spirits and cures diseases, "Ti" - the first letters of the artist's nickname [Tiana]), real name - Tatyana Silina. Music producer and Dj from central Belarus (currently lives in Moscow), creator of indie label "idea to music", author of soundtracks for ice shows. "Russian Circus on Ice Triumph." и "Blue Ice.". In the club world is known as a bright representative of tribal dance direction.

Brief biography

Tatyana Silina was born on 22 August 1989 in a family of simple workers in the urban settlement Svisloch. That's where she spent her early childhood. She appeared on stage for the first time in the late 90s. Tatiana's mum was sure that the girl had a natural talent and brought her up first as a vocalist and then as a pianist. In 2000 Tatiana entered the Republican Gymnasium-College of the Belarusian Academy of Music to study piano and leaves his parents' home for two years. During this time a sense of good musical taste begins to be instilled in Ti. There she gets acquainted with musical groups such as Pink Floyd and Queen, Muse and Radiohead, Depeche Mode and Massive Attack, Bjork and many others.

First performances

In 2002 Ti returned to his parents' home, but no longer a sweet and docile child, but a rebellious teenager who radically changed his outlook on life and behavioural pattern. Music preferences changed accordingly. Representatives of breakbeat ("Prodigy", "UNKLE", "Chemical brothers", etc.), psychedelic rock bands ("Led Zeppelin", "The Beatles", "The Doors", etc.), as well as garlic rock line-ups ("AC/DC", "Deep purple", "Kiss", etc.) began to burst into her life.

And in 2003, Tiana organised a rock festival with local bands, where she herself took part as frontman. A lot of local rock music was played that day. There was an unusual atmosphere of a small victory over the classical nerdiness of studying 8 hours a day on the piano.

2004 and 2005 Ti spends with a guitar around the campfire in the company of close friends. In addition, a completely opposite musicality starts to attach to her - the lightness of 5'nizz's, the freedom of "Jamiroquai" and the graceful electronics inherent in "Royksopp", "Telepopmusic" and others.

In the summer of 2006 Tatiana again organised a musical event - Open Air, a party under the night sky. It was an electronic format, where not only minimalistic Techno, but also good House sounded. To say that it was a contrast to the previous performance is not to say anything, but it was cool.

EP "Quintessence" (2020).

Released in autumn 2020, the EP titled "Quintessence" was inspired by shamanic culture, but not only by it! The music is based on Slavic ethnics and various percussions, competently mixed with modern saturated sound... The EP contains 3 tracks: "Coven", "Ragana" and "Succubus".

Shaman Ti.
Quintessence Mini EP Cover (2020)

The legend behind the creation of Quintessence:

The shaman wanted some primitive dances around the fire, but he realised that he couldn't bear the usual tambourine and vargan. He wanted pure Slavic vocals and various percussions, and that would rock like in his younger years. And then the shaman remembered that he had a friend - Ti - she listens to the voice of the world with her ear pressed to the ground, she knows what young people like. He called her to the rite, they danced, and it turned out to be Quintessence.

Ragana video clip (2020)

Initially, Ti's plans were to release only one track, "Ragana". However, the sudden self-isolation of 2020 disrupted these plans, which actually only inspired the girl! The time spent at home allowed Ti to think hard about the planned record... As Tatiana herself admitted: "During this time all the puzzles were put together...".

The music video for "Ragana" was filmed back in February 2020. "Where exactly will the filming take place?" - the answer to this question came very quickly! By Shaman Ti's own admission, she's been in love with the work of Samskara and MysticUniverse for too long... In fact - that's where the room went first! Speaking about the team: the clip was filmed by Artem Ignatov, he is also the director and editor.

"This is a man who is ready to do anything for a good shot!" - Tatiana emphasises.

As for the colourful dances, they were performed by Yulia Kudinova, a participant of the first season of the TV show "Dancing on TNT", a finalist of the dance project "Dancing Everybody! Season 4".

"Yulia is a true professional of her work with a capital letter..." - says Shaman Ti.

By the way: Yulina's dances and Tatiana herself were filmed already at the studios. It turned out to be quite interesting, if we take into account that at that moment of filming the girls were acting without a script....

We questioned Tiana and learnt a few of her secrets.....

Tell our readers, what music prompted you to write your own?

Really love something conceptual but out of the box. I like it to be a quiet storm or a perfect storm). Often it is something strange and, in idea, incongruous. But if it is done softly, qualitatively and according to the laws of internal response, it becomes something attractive for me.

What's more important to you: to find a resonance with the listener or to lead your line no matter what?

I am still one of those people who fiercely despise pop music, which sounds from every radio speaker, and the business of nearby structures is something shameful. Because, no matter how you look at it, it is a creative activity. And creativity originates and begins in thought. If people are ready to change their worldview, for the sake of big money, most likely, they are living someone else's life. What's the point then? And doing something that has no meaning and moreover, breeding mass dumbing down is taboo for me. That's how principled it is, not just in terms of taste.

Tell us what's on your playlist right now?

What I have in my player at the moment: Kaytranada, Masego, Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra, Ludovico Einaudi, Max Richter.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I have a special liking for various ethnicity: oriental, Indian, African, Russian, packed in quality and style - Zventa Sventana, Onuka, Bubba, TroyBoi, Baauer, M.I.A. That's where I get my energy from!

What are your plans for the future?

I'm going to write an album with folk vocals in the near future. To show all the beauty of Russian ethnics. I give you my word, the locals in the countryside will give a head start to many vocalists from the big cities. To realise this idea we need a special approach - a trip across Russia with a recorder. By the way, perhaps I'll film a couple of episodes about how it was done.

Planning gigs after the pandemic?

Yes! The task for the future, when the pandemic is over, is to perform for a more or less impressive number of people (+- 500 people). I would like to have someone waiting for me with my vision of music. Development and growth in production is also planned.

What are you doing now?

A lot of preparatory work has been done recently to launch the Shaman Ti project. Nowadays it's not enough to create just good material. Without media support, music goes no further on the shelves than your family and friends. We've been preparing for it and here we are starting on the 23rd of November. Now we are actively starting the mechanism, it's a very interesting experiment for us. I say "for us" because this is a team research. I have been very lucky with my friends in this respect as well. Due to the fact that the task is quite labour-intensive, music production activities are frozen until January. At the moment, I intend to put all of myself into the project that resonates most with my inner world. I hope it works out.

Shaman Ti discography


Soundtrack Production:

  • Abduction - ice show "Shining Ice". The fairy tale "The Snow Queen". The moment when Gerda is kidnapped by robbers.
  • Robbers - ice show "Shining Ice". The fairy tale "The Snow Queen". The appearance of robbers.
  • Deer - ice show "Shining Ice". The fairy tale "The Snow Queen". A reindeer helps Gerda to get to Kai
  • Indeans - ice show "Shining Ice". Theatrical and stunt production of Indians' number with maces.


Soundtrack Production:

  • Magic - ice show "Russian Circus on Ice Triumph". The story of two acrobats in love on canvases.
  • Meet - ice show "Shining Ice". Meeting of Snow White and the dwarfs.


Producing performers:


Producing performers:

  • North Wind (Cinema cover) - cover version of Linda by musical artist Alina Mora
  • Escape - Escape was originally conceived as a story for the catwalk. But soon this was no longer necessary and Alina Mora and I made some adjustments
  • All Night Long - upbeat jazz-funk for Alina Mora.


Soundtrack Production:

  • Start of Show (part I) - Russian Circus on Ice "Triumph" ice show. The beginning of the programme, part 1.
  • Start of Show (part II) - Russian Circus on Ice "Triumph" ice show. The beginning of the programme, part 2.
  • Hero's Dream - Russian Circus on Ice "Triumph" ice show. The main character's dream.
  • Space Exploration - ice show "Russian Circus on Ice 'Triumph'". A magical stunt number with light devices.
  • Chioce of Life - ice show "Russian Circus on Ice 'Triumph'". This issue touches on the theme of good, evil, love and the eternal struggle between them.
  • Flying Witch (part I) - Russian Circus on Ice Triumph ice show. Convocation for the coven.
  • Flying Witch (part II) - Russian Circus on Ice "Triumph" ice show. The Waltz of the Unclean.
  • Flying Witch (part III) - Russian Circus on Ice "Triumph" ice show. Cor de Parel's aerial number performed by a witch.
  • Mafia - Russian Circus on Ice "Triumph" ice show. The moment of kidnapping of the main characters.
  • Wings - Russian Circus on Ice "Triumph" ice show. A magic number with light devices.
  • Flight of Dream - Russian Circus on Ice "Triumph" ice show. Graceful aerial gymnastics on the ring.
  • Tribal Dance - Russian Circus on Ice "Triumph" ice show. Ethnic image. Playing with hula-hoops.
  • Intermission - background music for waiting for the performance of "Russian Circus on Ice 'Triumph'".


Produced by: Shaman Ti. The concept was local Slavic ethnics with modern saturated sound. Vadim Kuleshov helped in sound engineering.

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