"Pushkin, even chocolate" - A fairy-tale album by Pyotr Mamonov under the sign of "Sounds of Moo"

Critics have responded to this "solo madness of a legendary artist" in different ways: some emphasized expressiveness and phenomenalism, others wrote that there was nothing outstanding or at least logically connected in this work. Either way, each person interprets art in his or her own way...

The story of one of Sounds of Moo's most interesting albums, which was actually a solo

"Chocolate Pushkin." - is probably the most unusual album Petra Mamonovathe man who loved to smash the established canons to smithereens from a young age! This record is unlike anything else: it's unique and genius! Here you won't be able to enjoy familiar for any other album, as there are simply No! Pushkin, and even chocolate - the record is a collection of "tracks" with by reading a poem to the hypnotic rhythms of hip-hop, or rather, trip hopas emphasized by the author himself.

Looking for meaning in the title of this masterpiece uselessIt doesn't make any sense, because it doesn't have any meaning. In the album is not mentioned not about Pushkin, and certainly not about chocolate. The inspiration came from a colored DJ from New York who once proclaimed himself "Chocolate Elvis.".

The idea and the record

Pyotr Mamonov and Igor Mukhin
Pyotr Mamonov and Igor Mukhin

"Chocolate Pushkin." - this is the title of the seventh studio in the discography "The Sounds of Mu.but in essence he is solo. Peter Nikolayevich worked on this record, one might say, in the pride of loneliness in his attic. Recorded without the involvement of any musicians, it is executed in Mamonov's experimental manner. This man hated canons! And so he actively fought against them throughout his life, shocking conservative public and inspiring like-minded people.

Peter Mamonov in "Taxi Blues
Peter Mamonov in "Taxi Blues

To call this work album - in the traditional sense of the word - very complicated. It's something fresh and new, unconventional, strange... But definitely noteworthy. Instead of familiar songs The listener is to understand the essence of the real literary works accompanied by trip-hop and avant-garde rhythms.

It is known that when working on "Chocolate Pushkin," Mamonov looked for inspiration in the motifs of The Herbaliser, DJ Crash and artists like them. "A show for one's self" is how one might characterize this collection.

The play

Pyotr Mamonov...
Peter Mamonov

As you know, Peter Mamonov was not easy musician - he was artist. And with a capital letter! During his long career, this man managed to star in movies, many of which were a success, as well as to make a name for himself on theater scene. "Chocolate Pushkin" was honored by the whole concert program! Except that unlike "Is There Life on Mars?" - a great musical show that wasn't released on CD - it happened after the album was released.

The premiere performance took place at the Moscow Stanislavsky Drama Theater. What is most noteworthy is that September 11, 2001! On the very day that the New York misfortune has struck...

Critics have spoken of this "solo madness of a legendary artist" differently: some emphasized expressivity and phenomenal, others wrote that nothing outstanding or at least logically connected in this work. One way or another, each person interprets art in my own way. One and the same picture will seem excessively intoxicating to some, while others will find it creepy...

A list of tracks shrouded in lingering trip-hop

Peter Mamonov
Peter Mamonov

In total, the "Chocolate Pushkin" includes 14 works. They are all completely different in its lyrical content, and it is indeed difficult to grasp the interconnection. Nevertheless, one thing they have in common is an unusual, slightly deranged haze trip hop and avant-garde! There is no usual arrangement here, so you shouldn't expect incredible melodic waves. Rather, when you listen to it you will get a feeling of a certain primordialism, even hypnosis. It's as if Pyotr Nikolayevich is talking to you heart-to-heart in his own way, creative languagewhich not many people have been able to understand until now...

  • "Stray Dog."
  • "He'll wake up."
  • "Rulla."
  • "Rebels."
  • "P.G."
  • "Uruguay."
  • "Crum."
  • "Machines."
  • "Zvezdnaya."
  • "Ma:"
  • "P.J. sympho."
  • "Rap 2."
  • "What do you want?"
  • "End +."

One thing's for sure: When listening to absolute immersion! But to grasp the message of these texts is treacherous hard - what did Pyotr Nikolayevich want to convey to us with this reading? What deep meaning hidden in "Krama" or the story of "The Stray Dog"?

"...I remember, I remember - I remember I needed something! Up to this corner I remembered that I had to, and then I forgot..."

Pyotr Mamonov.
Peter Mamonov

In a word - it is very specific album, and not everyone can understand it. However, his elegant, and at the same time equally meaningless title shows us his sophisticated to try the music stuffing.


Peter Mamonov
Peter Mamonov

"Chocolate Pushkin." - The best embodiment of Mamonov as a person. This is a complex and not quite understandable album, completely unaccustomed and evocative many questions! But so was his author when he was alive. Understand musical language Peter Nikolayevich was given to a few, and did they understand him completely? In his life the leader of "Sounds of Moo" was constantly looking for new sources Inspiration - from pictures to movies, from poems to books, from music to the stage... And tired of all these frills, at the end of his days he found a spiritual oasis in religions. And this work seems to reflect that eternal quest and the experience and influence gained in the process.

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