Once the material is on our pages, it will remain there until you ask for it to be removed. If necessary, we will publish promo clips, videos and links to music platforms.

Fuzz Music team is ready for any kind of cooperation, but our speciality is lyrics. If you need to promote a musician or an album promo to make you known to an adult, reading audience that loves music from jazz to rap, we can help!

We will prepare a high-quality text within 2 days, also we can announce a new album or song. After agreeing on all the nuances, we will publish the advert on the website, Zen channel and VK!

Advertising in our magazine will help you find your listener and expand your fan base. Publishing promotional music is a great way to promote your creativity. We will publish materials about you on our website, Zen or Vkontakte. The text will be prepared for you by Fuzz Music authors!

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A set of services for those who need an adult audience. The main readers of our Zen channel are men 40+ from Russia. Ideal for rockers, jazz, blues, funk singers, ensembles and events!

  • Drawing up a plan for promotion.
  • Writing quality text about you or your art, band, album, event.
  • 1 article publication in the Zen channel.
  • 1 publication in the Vkontakte group.



Standard set of services included in the "adult" package + indefinite placement of materials on Fuzz Music website. The most popular offer.

  • Making a plan for promotion.
  • Writing quality text about you or your art, band, album, event.
  • 1 publication on our website.
  • 1 article publication in the Zen channel.
  • 2 publication in the Vkontakte group.
  • Assist in evaluating the results of promotion.



An uncompromising option for those who want to make a loud statement. Includes everything that is available in other packages and additional options. Discounts are available for lesser-known musicians.

  • Making a plan for promotion.
  • Interview with the editor-in-chief to make the article full of interesting facts and stories
  • Working out background and biography.
  • Writing BIG text about you or your art, band, album, event under the watchful eye of a chief editor.
  • 2 publications on our website.
  • 2 publications of the article in the Zen channel.
  • 2 publications in the Vkontakte group.
  • 2 publications in LiveJournal.
  • SEO promotion of 1 article.
    Assist in evaluating the results of promotion.


While others raise their advertising prices, we keep them at the same level. But we can't promise that this will always be the case.

24/7 support

Our manager is always on call and ready to answer any question 24/7


From promoting on Fuzz Music website you get: audience growth, listens, downloads, purchases, subscribers and even promotion of a music video.

Best prices

We charge the minimum fee so that our partners are more advantaged.


The text will be on the website within two days of paying for the service.


We are read not only in Russia, but also in Belarus, Ukraine and Europe. By co-operating with us, you can make yourself known to the whole world.

Staff of authors

We don't work with outside authors - we have our own. We work at any time.

Why Fuzz Music

By cooperating with us, you get not only access to a loyal audience of music lovers from all over the world. The price of all packages includes unique text, which will be written by our experts.
We don't have additional staff for promotional articles.
Those authors who create the main content on the site will take on writing materials for you. Because of this, the texts will be as "natural" as possible and will attract attention.

Fuzz Music supports aspiring authors, so advertising on the site is cheaper than on other music sites. Most of the cost of the packages goes to
for the labour costs of authors, editor and SEO-specialist. If our prices don't seem low enough, we are always willing to go
to compromise.

Our readers are residents of the CIS, Europe and America. We are read by tens of thousands of people from all over the world, and materials from Fuzz Music website are always on the first positions in Google and Yandex searches.

Fuzz Music options

We are open to suggestions. If you have an idea for advertising or co-operation that is not included in any of our packages, please share it with us! We are also ready to consider your suggestions on prices for services.

Attention: do not pay for additional services through this form if you have not agreed them with our manager. If you want to pay for our ready-made advertising packages, click on the "order" button above. Under each package there is a button for payment.

on payment

We work on a fully pre-paid basis. But we do not guarantee that we will advertise everything that is offered to us. So please consult with a Fuzz Music administrator before paying for packages. It's free of charge. For advertising enquiries: @FuzzMusic_OJ. If you have already chosen the right promotional package:

  1. To buy advertising on Fuzz Music's website, select the package you are interested in and click on the "order" button on the advertising page.
  2. After that you will be on the Robokassa payment page. The price of the selected package will be charged automatically. If the package is selected correctly, enter your card details and don't forget to enter your email. Important: Check your data carefully. Especially the email to which the cheque will be sent. If everything is correct, click on the "pay" button.
  3. If the payment was successful, an electronic cheque will be sent to the email specified at the time of payment. Save the cheque or a screenshot of the cheque and send it to our manager. After that the manager will confirm your order for advertising and we will start working. Please note: we write texts for advertising materials ourselves. This is included in the price of the packages.

If you have any difficulties with payment, write to us in Telegram or to mail. We will help and sort out the problem. Also write if you need a free consultation or additional advertising options @FuzzMusic_OJ.

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