CIAO 2020! / "CHAO, 2020!" - New Year's show from the team of Ivan Urgant

The release of the transfer of Ivan Urgant, which united viewers from different countries.

Ivan Urgant's show "CIAO, 2020!"

New Year's edition of "Evening Urgant" called "CIAO, 2020!" / "CHAO, 2020!", released on December 30, 2020, has already collected millions of views on YouTube in a few days. It was watched not only by Russians, but also by residents of other countries, because the performances turned out to be really non-standard and impressive - the creators turned to the style of the Italian stage of the 80s.


In a short time, the release has already managed to receive a lot of comments - from rave reviews that such fresh material has not been seen on Channel One for a long time, to comments about excessive parody.

An interesting feature of the program “CIAO, 2020!” (“CHAO, 2020!”) is that all its characters, including the host Ivan Urgant, who became Giovanni Urganti, speak Italian and have Italian names. In order to create the atmosphere of Italy in the 80s, a lot of work has been done. All songs that are performed during the performance have been adapted from Russian into Italian. Not only the text has changed, but also the sound, so that the audience has a unique opportunity to hear modern Russian pop hits in an arrangement stylized to the music of not only another country, but also another century.

Giovanni Urganti at Ciao, 2020!
Giovanni Urganti at Ciao, 2020! (“CHAO, 2020!”)

On the set of CIAO, 2020! Artists participated, whose hits were on the first lines of the charts throughout the year: Klava Koka, Olga Buzova, Niletto, Ivan Dorn, Zivert, Nikolai Baskov and many others. Of course, "Little Big" did not stand aside either, in the Italian version it was called "PICCOLO GRANDI". The whole performance was filled with the grotesque chic of the stage of the 80s - here the viewer can find both brilliant, shimmering in different colors, scenery, and crazy costumes, and a bright sound that evokes associations with the music of Italy.

The reaction of foreigners

One of the central ideas of the issue was to emphasize that despite the closure of borders, people still remain united. The Urgant team certainly succeeded. It will be enough just to look at YouTube trends - the video was watched by a huge number of people from different countries. In Italy, it turned out to be in trends, as in Russia. At CIAO, 2020! (“CIAO, 2020!”) even drew the attention of the largest Italian media, for example, “Corriere della Sera”, “La Repubblica”, “La Stampa”.

The reaction of the Italians was very warm. Many of them even began to publish photos of the Russian flag on social networks with a caption that they were pleasantly surprised by Russian television.

Photo taken during the filming of the program "Ciao, 2020!"
Photo taken during the filming of the program "Ciao, 2020!"

The Urgant team did not expect such a violent reaction. The presenter himself admits: when he decided to show the recording to his Italian friends, they had already watched it because of the popularity of the video on YouTube. Foreigners were especially impressed that Russian artists partially changed the lyrics of their songs so that they sounded as organically as possible in another language.

Of course, it was not without criticism. Some Italians notice that the show has collected all the known stereotypes about their country and do not approve of such a presentation of their traditions. However, Urgant emphasizes that the show was created primarily out of love for Italy, and even if one can see irony in it, it is a kind irony that ridicules stereotypes about the stage and Italian culture, and not the Italians themselves.

Most of the foreign spectators understood this and plunged into the festive atmosphere with pleasure. Some of the foreign commentators even noted that “CIAO, 2020!” turned out to be one of the best New Year's programs in Italian.


One of the definitions often used by Italians for the release was the word "hypertrash". Despite the dubious sound, foreigners complimented the Evening Urgant team - of course, the show looks very grotesque and parodic, and sometimes there are grammatical errors in translations of songs that native speakers immediately notice. But the artists turned out to be so charming, and the idea of the show so bright and memorable, that even the most severe critics find it hard not to smile.

Even after the end of the New Year holidays, the views of the video and the number of comments on it continue to grow. CIAO 2020! (“CHAO, 2020!”) is an interesting creative experience that on New Year's Eve was able to unite residents of different countries.


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