Shura: what the performer of "Cold Moon" went through

"More than anything, I love my dog - he's my pet angel! She wakes me up, we go for walks together, we relax in the evenings... We have a great life together!"

Shura: how was the fate of the performer of "Cold Moon" and "Do Good" after fame

Shura burst onto the domestic scene in the 90s and quickly attracted attention to his extraordinary personality: bright, charismatic, lispy and... toothless. The music industry of those years abounded with "spectacular." characters, but Shura was one of the most memorable. And his songs were pretty good, too: "Cold Moon," "Do Good," "Don't You Believe Your Tears." - even today you can listen to them without feeling "Spanish shame.

At some point, the flamboyant idol disappeared from the radar. Only many years later he reappeared, but his return was not long-awaited and spectacular. Ahead of the artist awaited severe tests

Broken teeth and an orphanage

Shura as a young man
Shura as a young man

When Sasha was born, his mother was barely 18 years. His own father abandoned the family, and the girl soon married another man. So, the future artist never saw his father: Alexander grew up with his stepfather and his mother's younger brother, and, frankly, was not a favorite child. His mother even raised her hand at Sasha, and later gave him to the orphanage - the boy was only 9 years old.

Fortunately, Sasha had the kindest soul Grandma. She took her grandson in her upbringing and instilled a love of music. The woman worked as a chef in the Novosibirsk restaurant "Rus". That's where 13-year-old Sasha he began to sing. The boy had no professional education and never received it. Sasha had his front teeth knocked out, which required a lot of money to restore! Neither his grandmother nor the boy had any. The lack of teeth made the boy uncomfortable: he tried sincerely to study with a vocal coach, but he constantly lisped and could not breathe properly. Eventually he gave up the venture and just started singing.

Sasha lost his teeth when he was 12 years old: younger brother Misha knocked them out with a skittles, which was a birthday present for Sasha.

"The other side of the medal"

Shura as a young man
Shura as a young man

The road to fame was not an easy one: at first, Sasha learned to floral designer! Attempts to break through in his native Novosibirsk, but real success came only after the move to Moscow. It was here that the young, bright and toothless singer "shot". On the flamboyant guy quickly drew attention - that time was like this: the more unusual, the better. And so, in the second half of the 90s, Alexander bursts into the radio with his "Cold Moon," "Do Good," "Don't You Believe Your Tears.". The music videos played an important role in the promotion: they were extravagant and colorful - Shura looked like a fashionable alien in them!

But fame also has downside... It got to the point where the artist became addicted. At the peak of his popularity Shura got into substances and alcohol, and meanwhile his success slowly faded... As a result, the singer was forgotten about, and many colleagues stopped communicating with him.

"I was practically alone then: no fans, no money, and no friends. Only my closest people helped me financially and supported me morally. I didn't want to live then, so they sawed off the balcony handle - so I wouldn't do anything! For all this I am grateful to them...".

Shura as a young man
Shura as a young man

Eventually, Sasha managed to overcome his addictions and return to his star life. But as it turned out, the singer had long been forgotand was of interest only to the most devoted fans.

The Struggle for Life


Alas, nothing passes without a trace. His turbulent youth and severe stress had a negative effect on his health. For example, Alexander suffered 3 major surgeries and defeated cancer! The first, the most important one, was accompanied by a course of 18 sessions of chemotherapy! The rehabilitation period took 5 years, and in total the singer spent about million dollars!

Medvedev later had a hernia removed. After the operation the singer lost a lot of weight 40 kilograms. Today the singer actively monitors his diet. Physical activity is contraindicated for him, so Alexander fell in love with the spa.

"I'm not allowed to lift anything heavier than a microphone."


The performer is confidently approaching his 50th birthday and dreams of about the child! But it's not that simple:

"I have poor health, I've had chemotherapy courses. I don't know how it could affect the baby...".

Nevertheless, Alexander has already fulfilled two of his dreams: he bought an apartment in the center of the capital and finally set the teeth.!

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this! I can finally eat meat! I had to completely redo the first job of an American clinic - they just ruined my whole jaw! But now I'm satisfied. True, I had to spend a lot of money - but it was worth it.

Reconciliation with the mother and the "domestic angel

Shura and her mother
Shura and her mother

For many years there was a real conflict between Alexander and his mother wrestling! There were even lawsuits about an apartment in Novosibirsk. But today all these conflicts are behind us. The artist was the first to go out of his way: speaking in his hometown, he decided to visit his mother - without cameras and bystanders. Their conversation lasted 3 hoursBut close people have managed to forgive each other for old wrongs and just start appreciating each other.

Shura and her pet
Shura and her pet

Little is known about Medvedev's personal life: contrary to popular belief, he loves women. He was in a serious relationship with one Lisa. Whether the couple are together today or not is not known for certain. But the artist is not allowed to be bored. "home angel":

"More than anything, I love my dog - he's my pet angel! She wakes me up, we go for walks together, we relax in the evenings... We have a great life together!"

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