Not just "Cold Moon": Shura's Top Six Songs According to Fuzz Music Magazine

Shura created the image of an alien, glamorous and flamboyant, who went on stage in his underwear and... fur coat. But at the same time the songs he sang were unusually melodic, soulful, kind, and incendiary. That's why the quirky alien was loved.

Shura: best songs, clips, hits of the 90s

When the poor kid from Novosibirsk region came to conquer Moscow, few people close to him believed in him. In fact, the relatives of Alexandra MedvedevaIt can be said that at that time there was none. The future singer was in a very cold relationship with his mother, and he had never seen his father. It is possible that the capital would not have sheltered the guy, if not for two fortunate coinciding factors: it was the crazy 90s, and Sasha had his front teeth knocked out, which added to the entourage of his image. At that time, the scene loved all sorts of informals, flamboyant personalities and things like that. Medvedev had charisma, he had a zest... He was lucky enough to make his way to the spotlight.

In the 90s Shura's songs were one of the biggest hits! If the artist played at a club, there would be a long line, and people would want to see the provocative singer in crowds. Shura created an image of an alien, glamorous and flamboyant, who went on stage in his underwear and... fur coat. But the songs he sang were unusually melodic, soulful, kind, and incendiary. That's why the quirky alien was loved. And they continue to love him to this day! Here's a look at Shura's Top Six Hits of the 90s.

"The Three Ways."

Shura as a young man
Shura as a young man

Alas, in the '90s it was as easy to lose everything as it was to gain it. Shura quickly became a star: his spectacular performances caught the imagination of Russian citizens, and his clips kept on airing, encouraging the younger generation to get to know the idol of New Russia. Of course, with the appearance of big money in the singer's life came big temptations...

At some point Shura realized that he had become addicted to substances. He had a busy schedule - he could give about 40 concerts in a month! He needed a way to relieve the tension, and substances were the most effective way.

"That was the time: everyone was trying everything, and everyone was having fun with it. And you partied so much that you didn't realize if you were just relaxing or if you were already addicted.

"Don Don Don Don."

Shura as a young man
Shura as a young man

There is one very remarkable track in Shura's repertoire. "Don Don Don Don.". What made it special was the English-language text that said:

"Another night out, I lit another play.
Light is all I need..."

At concerts, Shura performed with backup dancers, which was not uncommon in the '90s. But each of his images, as well as those of the dancers to match the artist, created an incredibly effective show.

"You Don't Believe the Tears."

Shura as a young man
Shura as a young man

Perhaps the most famous Shura hit, which was played at all the discos in the 90s! The song is beautiful, lyrical, and, importantly, incendiary. It was a sin not to dance to such a track.

When Shura performed "You Don't Believe the Tears." by "Song of the Year 1998."Many were struck by the artist's boldness and confidence. Not everyone could go on stage in such an extravagant appearance, even in the 90s. By the way: sometimes there is a feeling that Alexander was ahead of his time, and even today's young stars are not up to his level...

"Cold Moon."

The music video for this song was enormously popular in its day.

Like all of Shura's songs, this track was played at all the discos. It is still lovingly listened to today.

"Do good"

A well-known song to which a parody was made O.S.P.-studio. To begin with, we suggest enjoying the original:

And here's what came out of the team O.S.P.:

The way we see it - when they do a parody on your song, it says a lot. At the very least, that it is interesting to the general public, and the creators of the interpretation are sure of that!

"The summer rains have rumbled away."


And finally, a heartfelt, soulful composition about love.

"Your eyes.
Shouting "yes" to me
But they whisper "no."

That's the selection we made. All of Shura's songs are good. Listening to them once more is a great way to spend some time transport yourself back to your youth and recharge yourself with positive emotions!

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