"Grim" details from the life of mysterious star Sia

Today, Sia is best known for her huge face-hiding wigs and epic pop songs that tell inspiring stories of overcoming adversity. But their plot didn't come from nothing. Her biography is full of "dark" episodes...

Sia: everything about the singer, dark facts

Australian singerKnown for trying not to be known, Sia has written about 73 songs for other artists, including Rihanna's "Diamonds" and Britney Spears' "Perfume. In addition, she has built a dazzling solo career! With a multi-million circulation, a huge number of views on YouTube, and a constant media "following"-there is hardly a person who would not know this star, even if they are not a fan.

Today, Sia is best known for her huge face-hiding wigs and epic pop songs that tell inspiring stories of overcoming adversity. But their plot didn't come from nothing. Her biography is full of "dark" episodes

An uneasy relationship with my father

Sia and Maddie Ziegler
Sia and Maddie Ziegler

Sia grew up in Adelaide, Australia, in a family of artists. Her father is a blues guitarist and her mother is an art teacher. Since childhood, our heroine has been surrounded by artists and musicians, including Colin Hay from Men at Work, whom she calls "Uncle Collie. But she had a complicated relationship with her father. In an interview, she said her father had two personalities.

"One's name was Phil and the other was Stan. Phil was the best father ever. He was funny but eloquent, and he...was real, interesting and interested. When Stan came over, things got scary..."

Eventually "Stan" disappeared, but over the years father and daughter have never been able to find common ground. According to the singer, the father Is jealous of her career. He declined her offer to sing backing vocals on his album, and they generally don't do collaborative work.

Love and Tragedy


At 17, Sia joined a local Adelaide indie rock band Crisp. She was a vocalist until the band broke up in 1997. After that, she planned to reunite with her ex-boyfriend, waiter Dan Pontifexin London. But a terrible thing happened... While in Thailand, the day before she was supposed to visit him, her mother called her and told her the terrible news that Dan had been hit by a cab and died on his 24th birthday...

"We broke up, but we were going to travel together again..."

The young man's death was an early source of trauma for then-21-year-old Sia, who said he was her "first, only and true love...". Sia dedicated an album to him "Healing Is Difficult".

Inner demons


After Dan's death she settled in London. She worked as a bartender, sang in Jamiroquai, led the electronic band Zero 7, and even released several solo albums. But she developed some bad habits, such as addiction to substances and alcohol. As the years passed, Sia's sadness grew deeper and deeper. She would later say:

"Unfortunately, that binge lasted six years for me..."

To get rid of her addiction, Sia even had to join Alcoholics Anonymous and go through the 12-step program. But that wasn't all. For a long time, the singer was convinced that she had a mental disorder - at least, that's what doctors told her. But the disease turned out to be "real": in 2010, the star was diagnosed with Graves' disease:

"I realized that I'm not crazy - I'm sick, a real disease. Now I don't even know whether to be happy or sad..."


Nearly 10 years later, Sia had a new discovery: she was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects connective tissues and causes joint pain. According to the singer, she often suffers from migraines, as well as back and neck pain. But she also states:

"I just wanted to say to those of you who are suffering from pain, physical or emotional, I love you, keep it up. Life is...hard. Pain is demoralizing, but remember: you are not alone."

Her contract was terminated because of her "lucky" album


It may sound strange, but it's true. When she signed with Universal, Sia released "Colour the Small One", a 2004 record that included a wonderful ballad "Breathe Me.". The success of the single was great, and soon the label began to demand more sad songs.

Sia, however, wrote a bunch of upbeat pop tunes for her next album. And that led to the fact that the contract was terminatedand the album's release has been postponed.

Scandal over a music video

Maddie Ziegler and Sia
Maddie Ziegler and Sia

Maddie Ziegler - the same girl dancer from Sia's music videos that millions of people fell in love with after they first saw her in "Chandelier."

Maddie Ziegler
Maddie Ziegler

But then, for some reason, nothing embarrassed them, unlike the music video for the song "Elastic Heart.". In it, Maddie was no longer dancing alone, but with an actor named Shia LaBeouf. Such a duet of a little girl and a grown man caused misunderstanding and discontent. And soon Sia found herself at the center of the scandal.

In fact, there is no hint of sexuality or anything like that in the video. The dancers are simply portraying belligerent emotional states the performer herself. Sia would later say:

"I apologize to those who feel agitated... I intended to create some emotional content, not to upset anyone. All I can say is that Maddie and Shaya are two of the few actors who, in my opinion, could have played exactly right."

Insecurity and aversion to fame


In an interview in 2021, Sia admitted that she had twice had plastic surgery to remove her double chin, thinking it was fat. But, as it turned out, it was actually the muscle tissue she needed to sing. Later in the interview, she revealed that liposuction changed her stomach forever, calling the procedure horrible. She also admitted to having botox injections on her face. Sia claims that insecurity made her change her body.

"I had this idea that I had to be beautiful to be a pop star. I don't want to be picked apart or have people watch me when I gain ten pounds or lose ten pounds or have inappropriate hair extensions or my fake tan is bad... That's the horrible side of fame, which I just hate it for. When the paparazzi start stalking you, it's like being prey. It's like their cameras are guns and you're a deer!"

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