Slade (Slade): the main hits of the group! Part 2

About the brightest and ageless hits of Slade!

Slade's Timeless Hits: Part 2

We continue to remember and listen to the best hits of the Slade group (Sleid) ...

The next song, which would be unfair to miss, like "Coz I Luv You" is illiterately called "Cum On Feel The Noize". Dave Hill said in an interview:

“The idea for the song was born during one concert… The fans were screaming so loudly that they literally drowned out our music! And then we decided that it couldn't go on like this... The song was written exactly about this performance! We had to cover all this noise in the hall ... I think we succeeded!

The song was incredibly popular, which is not surprising: Slade wrote "Cum On Feel The Noize" at the peak of their popularity! For this reason, the pre-order for the unreleased single was 500,000 copies! Incredible success... Needless to say, the track instantly became the leader of the top chart?

In 1973 Slade delight fans with the Christmas hit "Merry Xmas Everybody"! And it is worth noting that the history of music has never seen such driving and, which is not at all strange, hooligan Christmas compositions ... There is a drunken Santa Claus, a dancing granny, and an extreme sleigh ride in it ... According to Holder himself, this is such a song could support the British people during the economic crisis:

“I wanted to write an uplifting Christmas song for the working class, and I think I did it! At that time, we all lacked optimism… That is why I included the phrase Look to the future, everything is just beginning…” And in the end, “Merry Xmas Everybody” became a hit! Wherever you went - be it a pub or a supermarket, it sounded everywhere! It's really cool!"


The most curious thing is that the music was written by Holder before the formation of the band itself! The original version was called "Buy me a rocking chair" ("Buy me a rocking chair").

The recording of the track took place in the middle of the summer, which greatly puzzled the New York studio staff... "Merry Xmas Everybody" became the band's last major hit, although the decline of Slade's popularity was still very, very far away...

In 1974, the group starred in the film In Flame. Unlike the "Beatle" "A Hard Day's Evening", this picture revealed all the "darkest" nooks and crannies of show business - and now we are not only talking about exhausting tours ... The tape itself failed miserably, but a magnificent composition remained from it, which captivates even the modern generation of listeners… We are, of course, talking about “Far Far Away”!

The song evokes pleasant nostalgia and sadness, and, in fact, not by chance! The musicians wrote it while being far from their home, while touring America. According to the legend, once, at night, Holder stood on the balcony of a Memphis hotel and, enjoying the beauty of the night river, said: “I saw yellow lights descending the Mississippi ...” Hearing this, the one standing nearby picked up: “Hey, can you make not a bad hit!"

And to this day, Holder calls "Far Far Away" the best creation in the history of Slade ... Well, you can not argue with that!

By the end of the 70s, when Slade returned to their homeland after a long tour of the States, the group's success met its decline ... Slade never achieved recognition from the American public, and in their native Great Britain they lost their former popularity ...

That all changed when Quiet Riot released a cover of their old hit "Cum On Feel The Noize"! They started talking about Slade again, but without great enthusiasm... Subsequently, the group released two high-quality tracks - "My Oh My" and "Run Runaway", and, finally, found the love of the American public!

If "My Oh My" had the character of a sailor's ballad, then "Run Runaway" had clear Celtic motives... According to Holder himself, the old religious hymn "There Is a Happy Land" served as a source of inspiration. The song became a major hit both in the homeland of the musicians and in America!

After that, Holder less categorically answered the question of what is his favorite song from the Slade piggy bank:

“There was always only “Far Far Away”, but with the release of “Run Runaway” there were two favorite songs ...”

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