Slava Marlow is the most successful beatmaker in Russia

"Thank you for what you did!" – we understand what made Slava Marlow one of the most successful beatmakers in Russia: from collaboration with Morgenstern to writing a solo album.

Success story of Slava Marlow: cooperation with Morgenstern and creation of the most expensive beats in Russia

Slava Marlow (real name - Artyom Gotlib) - Novosibirsk rapper, one of the most young Russian producers, beatmaker, sound engineer, video blogger (more than 3 million subscribers on the channel "SLAVA MARLOW"). Became popular after a fruitful collaboration with the rapper Morgenstern. Currently working with a Moscow record label Atlantic Records Russia.

Slava Marlow at one of her performances
Slava Marlow at one of her performances


Artem Gotlib was born on October 27, 1999 in Novosibirsk. Until the age of 18, the young man lived in his hometown, then went to St. Petersburg To apply to university. Now the beatmaker took an academic leave and lives in Moscow. Slava Marlow is a pseudonym that Artyom took to himself already in the capital.

In Slava's house, different music was constantly playing. music, and since childhood, the future beatmaker has shown interest in her. Mom supported her son in any endeavors, therefore, noticing his love for music, she gave the boy to music school into classes piano and saxophone.

As a child, Slava did not have a computer, and he did not have enough equipment to create your music. The teenager asked to buy him a computer, and in return promised to study well. As a result, both parents and Slava fulfilled their promises.

Slava Marlow at a recent photoshoot
Slava Marlow at a recent photoshoot

Immediately after the advent of technology, Slava began to write music and Texts, be interested shooting and installation video, registered a channel on YouTube and uploaded clips to the network "Donat" and "King of Snapchat".

Artyom grew up without dadHe was raised by his mother, grandparents. For many years, Slava could not forgive his father, he harbored a grudge against him for leaving the family and did not accept no participation in his upbringing. But now the rapper admits that hold no evil and wishes his father only happiness. “Everyone has the right to their choice,” says Slava, “Then he did this. But I know that he has changed and now lives a different life. I wish everyone only good, I don’t want to carry any offense in my soul.

Even without dad childhood Glory had happy: he just bathed in the love of his native people. "All of them replaced me dad, ”the rapper admits. Many thanks to Marlow mom, who always supported his undertakings and was there. As a teenager, Slava wanted to record songs in the recording studio and my mother gave money for it. Slava felt supported in everything: the guy even did not forbid dye your hair and nails in your school days. As Slava himself admits, he did not go to his graduation - instead he spent day with mom, they went to cafes and cinema. And he sincerely believes that it is impossible to dream of a better graduation.

Slava at school age inspired "early" Face and Aljay. He was just crazy about their stage images. "The first guy who stuffed face tattoo! (about Face) I would never have dared to do this! Glory admires. "Guy with white pupils! (about LJ) This is an amazing image, there has never been such a thing in Russia! He looks like a real cartoon character." At the same time, Slava adds that such images were created with the aim of provocations and the artists really managed to attract the attention of the public. Despite the fact that the beatmaker loves outrageous performers, he himself does not try to be like that. But the rapper often appears in public in cool images - for example, Slava loves hats as an accessory, especially with ears.

Eldzhey (Eldzhey) - idol Slava Marlow (Slava Marlow)
Eldzhey (Eldzhey) - idol Slava Marlow (Slava Marlow)

Slava studied at St. Petersburg university at the Faculty of Screen Arts with a degree in Film and Television Producer. It was in St. Petersburg that the young man earned his first million. He did it in a month giving masterclasses on the basics beatmaking. In his spare time, Marlow performed in a band "Malchugeng", where he created songs with Nikita Kadnikov (Stephen Pie). Under a pseudonym Manny in 2019 Artyom released a solo record "Opening".

Now Slava is not studying anywhere, he admitted this in the show "Evening Urgant". As Artyom himself explained, the leadership of the institute simply confronted him with a fact: leaving of his own free will or expulsion. But the beatmaker was not very upset: he still didn’t like his studies, besides, it was difficult combine work and university.

Slava Marlow, 2021
Slava Marlow, 2021

Collaboration with Morgenstern

Marlow started working with Morgenstern at the end of 2019. Such cooperation made Slava very popular. star. His YouTube channel "SLAVA MARLOW" has gained more than 3 million subscribers, and the clips "You burn like fire" and "I'm getting drunk again" scored up to 30 million views. Morgenstern drew attention to Marlow because he made a video "Morgenstern, let's do a fit." Alisher immediately felt that Slava - talented beatmaker and agreed to do joint track.

Composition was the first collaboration Young Hefner, in which Marlow acted as sound producer. But one track is the collaboration of Artyom and Alisher not limited. In January 2020, Morgenstern released an album "Legendary Dust", for which Marlow wrote beats. The album consisted of 10 songs, some shorter than two minutes. "Legendary Dust" became very popular: in VKontakte alone, the tracks from this album scored 84 million auditions! A little later, Marlow posted a video on his YouTube channel in which the beatmaker showed how the album was created. It was bold, before no one revealed the secrets of creating tracks and beats. Went to record a hit album a week.

Marlow became popular beatmaker largely due to the fact that he was not afraid violate production rules and liked experiment with sound. Now the vocal of the performer is not important, the voice can be any, the more unusual, the better. The main thing in the track - bits, it was them that Slava brought to the fore and brought to the maximum volume level.

In an interview with Forbes magazine, Slava admitted that cooperation with Alisher was incredible for him. profitable. With millions in revenue from sales and auditions, he received 30%. But at the moment Slava and Morgenstern are not working together, because Marlowe decided to become independent artist. As Slava admitted: “I want to get into the top 1 in Apple Music at least once. I want my city tour. I want to become an artist. I really want to write tracks that will be very popular.” Slava promised his fans to do one track per day throughout the whole year, one of them is sure to become a hit.

Joint photo Morgenstern (Morgenshtern) and Slava Marlow (Slava Marlow)
Joint photo Morgenstern (Morgenshtern) and Slava Marlow (Slava Marlow)

In addition to working with Morgenstern, Slava did beat-making for Nikita Masteroff, SMN, Instawomen and a whole army of other performers.


Despite its popularity, Slava still remains humble guy. He admits that his own songs are already fed up: “Sometimes I sit in a taxi, without mood, I hear that my song “I'm getting drunk again” is playing on the radio and it finally finishes me off. The song is already so tired that it makes me sick."

Glory is very different from other rappers in that he refuses swear in front of the public. “I think a lot about the responsibility that I bear to the kids who listen to me,” the beatmaker admits, “That’s why I never swear in public, I feel ashamed of it.” Artyom adds: “I’m also ashamed to swear, because my grandparents will definitely hear it. I don't want them to get upset."

But not everything is so simple in the life of a beatmaker: at the age of 21, he faced such a serious psychological problem as depression. For quite a long time he did not pay attention to the disease, but in the spring the young man began to think about suicide. Realization of this became the reason to turn to doctors and start taking drug therapy and visiting a psychotherapist. Then Slava had one fear - fear "white sheet": "I was worried that after "You're on fire" and "I'm getting drunk again" I would not write anything more worthwhile and my fans would be disappointed in me and in my work.

Slava Marlow (Slava Marlow) and Karina Karrambeybi (Karrambaby) on the cover of the clip "You burn like fire"
Slava Marlow (Slava Marlow) and Karina Karrambeybi (Karrambaby) on the cover of the clip "You burn like fire"

Slava admits that he coped with sad thoughts with the help of music: “Any music is a wonderful therapy. By creating something new, you are distracted from your inner experiences, it becomes easier for you.

At the same time, Slava believes that he does not invent anything new. "Modern music is a recycling of recycling", says the rapper. It is difficult to compose something completely new, you can just remake the old one a lot.

Marlow also owns the track Cadillac, which he wrote for the creative duo Morgenstern and Eldzhey. The song was a real hit and topped the top charts on Spotify, Apple Music and the iTunes store. Slava regrets that despite the joint work, he could not meet LJ, although he always admired his work.

Slava is now leading a solo career. Many songs became hits, for example, "Crazy", "No problems" and "Gena Gorin". The 15-second track "Tik Tok Challenge" hit the top of Apple Music, although Marlow created it simply. to dance for the camera. Slava admits that he did not expect that this track would also become a hit.

Marlow believes that in art and specifically in music there is no no rules. Therefore, he does not want to do vocals, because then he will become the same variety artist as all.

Slava Marlow in a photo shoot for an advertising project
Slava Marlow in a photo shoot for an advertising project

Personal life

For a long time, Slava was credited with an affair with Karina Carambeybi. couple for a long time hid the relationship, withheld the truth from the public. And just recently, Slava, acting in a new issue with Dudya confessed: "I love Karina Karambaby." According to Slava, she is his closest friend: “I feel so comfortable with her: we can hang out somewhere all day, or we can just lie down and do nothing but sleep. We feel good about each other. Karina is one of the few "living" people."

In March 2021, Marlow released a new video for the song "You burn like fire". It just starred Karina. The clip turned out to be bright and unusual, many users envied the unusual beauty and charm of the girl.

Interesting Facts:

Growth of Glory 169 cm.

In an interview with Dudya, to the question: “Who do you see yourself at 30?” (now Slava is 21 years old) Artyom replied that he wanted to learn a few foreign languages, travel through the world and Russia. Dreams of going to Canadato learn how to draw graphics for movies.

Slava Marlow performing at a concert, 2021
Slava Marlow performing at a concert, 2021

The most unusual advertisingoffered by Slava Marlow, a children's toy store. The artist agreed without hesitation. For an advertising project, he wrote a musical track about the toy and participated in the shooting with children. “I have a dream job,” Slava admits, “I play cars for the camera, and they also pay me for it!”

Song "Black BMW" Dava (David Manukyan) was written by Slava.

Slava wrote beats for a video blogger Vlad A4. He had to write them in a day. Marlow worked as follows: he went to a site with free music for videos on Youtube, downloaded a few songs from there, overdubbed a rhythm section and bass on them. So the album of Vlad A4 was created "Songs for children". One of the tracks Slava specially “communized” (as the beatmaker himself admits) from Yegor Creed, Morgenstern and Thrill Pill (the artists released a joint hit "Sad song"). Few people knew about this until the very announcement of Glory.

Slava sold his first bit at the age of 18 for 300 rub company "Songs for the wedding", they needed an arrangement for the holiday.

Slava admits that despite his huge earnings, he does not spend much money. The only thing he can't skimp on is music production equipment. “I have speakers at home one million rubles. This is my weakness. I'm becoming audiophile- jokes Slava.

Another hobby of Artyom - collecting cars. At the moment he has four of them: Mersedes Cabriolet, Range Rover, Mersedes Benz V-Class and Bently.

Slava Marlow and one of his cars
Slava Marlow and one of his cars

Slava likes to record more voice messages to a voice recorder than to take a photo or shoot a video. Because by voice, extraneous noise is much more interesting visualize picture than just looking through the gallery.

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