Music and Songs from the Film "Officers" (1971)

If you say the words "There is such a profession ..." and pause, then most of the adult population of Russia will unmistakably complete it: "Defend the Motherland!"

Music from the film The Officers (1971)

In film "officers» (1971) contains many songs of different genres, music from Soviet films sounds, which instantly immerses the viewer into the atmosphere of past years. The melodrama was filmed in the seventies, and this happened on the order of the marshal Grechko, at that time he was the Minister of Defense, this is one of the best films about professional military, friendship, love, courage and bravery. The gist of the film is: Alexey Trofimov at that time he was a cadet with no experience, he was sent to Central Asia to continue his service there. In part, he became friends with an officer Ivan Varravaclose in spirit.

It takes place in the 20s, at that time a gang was rampant there Kurbashi of Mogabit Khan, both servicemen participate in its defeat. In the war, they became inseparable friends, while maintaining their friendship throughout their lives, first there was the Civil War, then China, then the Patriotic War. In the last war, they did not have to fight together, they were both at different points and rose to high general ranks. At the end of the movie Trofimov serving in the division Barrabas lives in Moscow and has a high position in the Ministry. At the meeting Barrabas offers Trofimov move to Moscow and engage in teaching work.

After consulting with his wife, he decides not to change anything in his life and refuses a tempting offer. Filming took place in many cities of the Soviet Union. The action of the melodrama covers a long period, from the twenties to the end of the sixties. In family Ivan Trofimov all servicemen by vocation, they learned a lot in this life, and love, and the pain of loss, but it is the profession of a serviceman that is the main component of the film, because it forms and tempers the character, worldview and pride in their profession.

It is worth noting that the songs from the Soviet film "officers» (1971) perfectly matched, the music from Soviet films takes to the quick and is remembered for a long time. To find out who sings the song in the movieofficers”, we have selected for you a complete musical composition.

Vladimir Zlatoustovsky - In the Frontline Forest (Song from the movie "Officers")

Vladimir Zlatoustovsky - From the Heroes of Bygone Times (Song from the movie "Officers" from the heroes)

Matvey Blanter - Farewell Komsomolskaya (Music from the film "Officers")

Song - From the heroes of bygone times (Songs from the movie "Officers" listen)

At a nameless height - Songs from Soviet Films (Who sings a song in the movie "Officers")

V. Zlatoustovsky - Songs of the War Years (Who performs the song in the film "Officers")

Eternal Flame - Military Patriotic Song ("Officers" movie song from the heroes of bygone times)

V. Zlatoustovsky - From the heroes (Film "Officers" song from the heroes of the past)

Music of Olden Times - Victory March (Soundtrack to the film "Officers")

G.L. Venediktov - Farewell to the Slav (Performer of the song in the film "Officers")

Goodbye rocky mountains - Songs of the war years (Song from the movie "Officers" listen for free)

Officers - Song about Anxious Youth ("Officers" film 1971 song)

In the Frontline Forest - Officers (Songs from the movie "Officers" listen)



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