'Watch Don't Get Burned': Top 8 hottest music videos of all time

Here are the Top 8 hottest music videos in the history of music. These musicians were not afraid to get in front of fans in the most liberated images. Sit back and enjoy!

Top 8 hottest music videos in music history

The musicians are trying to draw attention to their work by any means possible: they can spend hours choosing the right words for a song, selecting chords and instruments, and then spend weeks mixing their compositions. The end result is a quality musical product that attracts for attention.


What if that kind of attention insufficiently? How to attract even more interest in your music? The musicians who made it into our selection - know exactly how!

They're weren't shy and invited beautiful guys and girls to star in their music videos, and some of them even dressed up and looked like hot girls themselves... And it went viral for the benefit of their music videos!

We present to you Top 8 hottest of music videos in the history of music. Sit back and enjoy!

8. Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee - Despacito

In the last place of our top is placed relatively young hit. The song and the music video for it were released in 2017. Since then, the music video has amassed almost 8 billion views on YouTube. Of course, this is primarily because of the talent of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, but do not underestimate the contribution of pretty girls who are always flashing in the frame:

Plus, Luis Fonsi himself fit. You can see that the musician is swinging: he does it all especially for his female fans. And his investment in a gym membership has paid off a hundredfold!

7. Janet Jackson Any Time, Any Place

The King of Pop's sister just as hotjust like him. She can also dance well: she has been working on her plasticity and movements with Michael for a long time. But this clip remembered by fans not for the dance moves. Here the singer is having a nice time with a young guy. And it looks pretty spicy:

Some of the singer's fans were delighted, while the other started to read morals. But who cares now that the clip has been posted. All we have to do just to savour with the work of a talented singer.

6. Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus has always been known for her relaxed behaviour. It has become part of her image: in almost every music video of the singer you can see her body.

Fans have long been used to it, while those who see the singer's music videos for the first time may fall into a slight shock. See for yourself, the singer spinning on a balloon dressed in what she was born in:

The clip got more billion views. I can see why - there's a lot to see in the clip.

5. George Michael - Freedom 90

A young George Michael
A young George Michael

About that. hot, handsome. It's a long story... He broke the hearts of countless girls. And no, not by denying them love, but by preferring guys from the start. But specifically in the video for the song Freedom! '90 the singer was surrounded by girls with nice looks:

The clip's out. really hot. George's fans always expected something like this from the musician: the musician had the image of an alpha male. Here he didn't change himself.

4. Aerosmith - Crazy

These rockers savvy in good videos: they showed their performances and beautiful girls walking around the city to their song. Then the footage changed, the ladies found and Aerosmith never stopped playing their delightful music:

It's no wonder a clip like this 600 million views on YouTube. There's really something to see there.

3. Duran Duran - Girls on Film

"The hot bronze medal of our top goes to the band Duran Duran - the main pop stars of the 80s and 90s. The musicians gathered a huge crowd of fans not only because of their music, but also because of the sense of stylewhich was at a high level for each member of the group.

The musicians also spent hours working with stylists, designers, hairdressers and more by the masters of the beauty industry before almost every performance and every shoot!

This music video came out hot just because of the style of the musicians. It's also because Duran Duran called some beautiful girls for the music video shoot.

2. Prince & The Revolution - Kiss

Musician Prince is known for his solo performances and recordings, but he was also a founding member of the band The Revloution! He and the band recorded the hit Kiss. And to record a song is only half a job, it was necessary to attract attention to it. And the musicians decided to attract it with a music video in which they starred. in revealing outfits.

In addition, they invited beautiful liberated girls for filming, and with theam Prince has been behaving pretty provocative. Check out this hot guy dancing shirtless surrounded by beautiful ladies:

Prince's movements alone make this clip hot, and if you add to that the musician's clothes, or rather, its partial absence, it gets hot....

1. Queen - I Want To Break Free

Get ready for the clip we put at the top of the list, will just burn you. It's not just a hot video - it's the hottest real firewhich was made possible by the fact that Freddie Mercury was, if not the most, then certainly one of the most charismatic musicians in the world.

When you watch the clip, you don't realisethat the beautiful girl in the pink T-shirt and skirt is not really a girl, but Mercury, who is perfectly into the role. Even the musician's moustache don't spoil the imagebut just add a little extra glamour:

And what happens after this scene is even more provocative than the beginning of the clip. That's what they were capable of just the musicians from Queen

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