"The Power": remember the hit of the 90's Eurodance project Snap!

The line "I've got the power!" has probably been heard by anyone who has ever been interested in music. What is the famous composition of the Eurodance band Snap!  

The song by the band Snap! "The Power": creation story, lyrical meaning and clip, interesting facts about Snap!

In the 1980s. The music scene began to undergo a real revolution. The abundance of various synthesizer effects, rich arrangements, and the active use of drum machines to create a rhythmic basis led to the blossoming of "new wave". But this musical invention was not the only one, as specific genres began to appear in the decade of free and vibrant '80s electronic musicwhich in the future will dominate the club and disco scene.


In particular, we are talking about a culture artificially created in Europe. Eurodisco and eurodance as production projects for the most part have managed to "make noise" around the world as well, because they are very well received by lovers of dance. HaddawayBad Boys Blue, E-Rotic and other bands were heard literally from every iron, because their English-language compositions knew how to tune a person to the right wave and bring a great mood! In Germany a band with a rather interesting name also became popular Snap! (translated into Russian as "click"), whose hits at the turn of the '80s and '90s enjoyed a great success in the world, which is the subject of this article.

Idea and inspiration

The most important composition Snap! is, of course, the perennial hit "The Power"which is also considered to be the first track in the career of German eurodancers. Everyone could hear this song in 1990 thanks to the great and painstaking work of the two founding producers of Snap! and the singers themselves.

How the composition came to be is an amazing story. You could say that "The Power" has survived two lives in one year. Producers Michael Münzig and Luca Anzilotti originally wanted to make a megahit of sampled recordings of other compositions, as it was customary in the 80's. And getting a good sound from copying the whole three compositions, which created a whole sound, they sent the track to the German chart. There the song quickly began to grow in popularity, but could not make it to the other country charts because of violations copyrights.

Michael Münzig and Luca Anzillotti
Michael Münzig and Luca Anzillotti

The rapper, whose voice was sampled on the recording, sued for the rights to the song, and it was released in the U.S. under the authorship of Chill Rob G and the duo Power Jam, behind which were the producers from Frankfurt. They even shot a music video for the song, which, however not became popular across the ocean.

In Europe, on the other hand, very different preparations were taking place for the publication of their version "The Power". Münzig and Anzilotti attracted the attention of the Arista Records label, took the producers under their wings, made a "clean" song and found the necessary vocalists. Thus, the rapper appeared on Snap! Turbo B and singer Penny Fordwho worked for Chaka Khan.

Lyrical meaning and clip

The main message of the composition "The Power" is to show what a man can give, as strange as it may sound, strength. It is noteworthy that the song also plays up very well the history her creation and all the twists and turns associated with publishing in different countries.

The original lineup of Snap!
The original lineup of Snap!

"Copyrighted texts, you can't copy them,
If they are stolen,
I won't need the police to get them back,
Your voice will give you away, stay away from me,
Or I'll attack, but that's not the best option for you
I have the power!" the song sings.

The music video for the song was shot in the style of 90s aesthetics and gained almost 50 million views in 11 years. In the video you can see an abundance of dance movements of people in brightly colored costumes and the vocalists performing their parts in front of several microphones, so it feels like they are at some press conferences and they're talking about something really important. In fact, they do!

An unusual sound that has won over millions of people

"The Power" is largely attracted by its unusual beat and the combination with it of the interesting timbre of the voice, both female and male. The fact is that the composition actually features the singer's female vocals Isora ArsmtidShe used to sing in the famous band The Weather Girls (the most famous hit is "It's Raining Men"), because her vocal skills were much stronger. And rap from Turbo B The audience liked him so much that it made him a superstar.

In "The Power," it is worth noting, there is also an interesting arrangement that has become calling card bands. Changing the old samples and adjusting them to the realities of the early '90s helped the song gain status dance "legends".

A little bit about the project: who are Snap! and what are they remembered for besides "The Power"?

Snap! - one of the German eurodance projects, which were created by an immeasurable number of producers to promote their activities and desire for fame. Surprisingly, Snap!, unlike their other counterparts, did not get the title of one-hit band (onehit wonder)because their careers were somewhat more successful.

Formed in 1989 in Frankfurt am Main, the band led by Michael Münzig and Luca Anzilotti quickly developed, and after the formation of the vocalists released in addition to "The Power" a couple of hits: "Oops Up", "Mary Had a Little Boy" and the famous song "Rhythm Is a Dancer"The first of its kind in the United States, it has been awarded both platinum status in Germany and gold in the United States.


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