"Grandma", without which no disco 80's - who she is

It's already a classic and truly one of the most amazing compositions of the 80s. It's a testament to the power of storytelling and music's ability to capture the complexities of human emotion...

The story and meaning of the song Babooshka by Kate Bush

Kate Bush - is one of the most respected and well-known British singers. She is loved both at home and in the CIS countries, but it was not always so - strangely enough, but domestic listeners (most of them) learned about her only when the singer released her third album! And all thanks to one very hit dance number with a strange and even comical name.... "Babooshka.". So it just so happens that "Grandma." was an integral part of the '80s disco scene. But who is she? Did the British star really sing about her grandmother?

This song is still considered to be Bush's biggest and most successful hit, with so many covers... And it's also a song that hasn't lost its relevance even after decades - at least, judging by the many millions of plays on YouTube. What makes this track so successful and hotly loved? Well, it's very upbeat, melodic, interesting and danceable.....

Kate Bush
Kate Bush

He can also rightfully be called innovative: the song tells an amazing story, and is also an early example of how the woman artist took control of her own image and narrative. Kate Bush not only wrote and produced "Babooshka," but also directed the music video, created the costumes and makeup. Her vision and attention to detail helped create a cohesive and compelling narrative that captivated the audience...

The backstory of "Grandma"

Kate Bush
Kate Bush

"Grandma" was the first song Bush released on the Soviet Union. And it was thanks to her that many domestic music lovers "listened" to the British star and eventually joined the ranks of her fans. What is curious is that Melodiya issued this composition under the name of "Naughty girl." - It is still interesting to know what logic the firm followed... But never mind. In any case - the listeners felt that "Grandma" was somehow involved here, and they were right. This very word was the main source of inspiration for Bush, though - at that moment the singer herself didn't realize what it meant.

In her interview, Kate talked about how the word popped into her mind:

"It was unexpected - I think it came from a Russian some fairy tale I read as a child. For some reason I thought it was the name of a princess..."

Of course, Kate was a bit wrong about that - princesses were not called grandmothers in Russian fairy tales. But because of this fact, the lyrics of the song itself seem a little bit Comical - actually offer to talk about it in more detail.....

lyrics and meaning

Kate Bush
Kate Bush

The song tells a whole drama - the story of a woman who is jealous of her husband and decides to test him. She starts sending him romantic letters, spraying them with her favorite perfume and signing them as "Babooshka.". Soon "Grandmother" begins to occupy the man's thoughts and, noticing this, the woman decides to take a risky step: she invites her husband to a date on behalf of this very "Grandmother", where she arrives in a spectacular outfit and with a veil on her face. This date allowed the man to experience once again passionate feelings to his wife - he saw her as she had been at the beginning of their relationship: young, sultry and elegant....

"It had everything he needed.
Just like his wife before she went cold on him,
Just like his wife when she was still beautiful,
And he cried out: I'm all yours,
Grandma, Grandma, Grandma-ya-ya-ya!"

Regarding meaning of the song, Kate explained it as follows:

"It's a song about futile situations, about how people often ruin their own lives with their own hands... The whole idea of the song is actually about the futility and stupidity of people and how by our own thinking, by spinning our own ideas, we come to completely paranoid facts. In the case of the main character - she was actually suspicious of a man who did nothing wrong, he actually loved her very much. With her suspicions and evil thoughts she was actually ruining the relationship..."

Well: we draw conclusions - to live well, there's no need to get yourself worked upIt is not necessary to build blockbusters in your head and breed "cockroaches" there. We should just enjoy the moment, enjoy what we have, and try to notice more good than bad. And yes: sometimes the problems are not in those around us, but in ourselves - many people would do well to become simpler.


The colorful title continues to draw attention to the song even modern public! The number of views of the clip on YouTube has already exceeded the mark of 40 million! And, we are sure, this is far from the limit. As for the song itself, it is very deep and philosophical, if you look at it a little more closely. And its melody has turned it into a dance hit! What can I say? It's already a classic and truly one of the most amazing compositions of the 80s. It's a testament to the power of storytelling and music's ability to capture the complexities of human emotion.


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