SHAMAN, Leps, Dolina - a powerful performance of the patriotic song "Rise Up"

As the country has changed, so have the songs about it. From religious and medieval motifs to songs about the revolution, Russian patriotic song has always reflected the spirit of the era. What does it look like in 2022? Read in our article.

SHAMAN, Leps, Dolina - a powerful performance of the patriotic song "Rise Up"

The growth of patriotic sentiments does not leave music aside, the only universal language that does not need to be translated, because it speaks soul to soul. Among the best modern songs written in recent times about our country is a composition performed by Masha Rasputina "Live, Country!", a hit by Sergei Trofimov "I Live in Russia."as well as a composition by Oleg Gazmanov "Forward, Russia!" et al.

But all of these songs differ from the one that will be discussed in this article in that they were written by pop representatives who have been on stage for a long time. They lack the "freshness" that the younger generation can provide. Therefore, with the arrival in the community of Russian singers Yaroslava Dronovawho now performs under the stage name SHAMAN, a new round in the development of pop patriotic songs is expected.

Yaroslav Dronov
Yaroslav Dronov

Song history

Song "Let's get up." was born on February 23, the day Russia celebrates another patriotic holiday - Defender of the Fatherland Day. The singer posted the song on his social media channel on the same day.

"This song I composed recently and unexpectedly for myself! It's as if someone dictated it to me from above," he shared with his fans. SHAMAN.

Dronov recorded his first sketches back in January 2022The music video and studio version came out on January 2, to be exact, on New Year's Day. On February 23, the music video and studio version appeared. Less than six months later, the number of views of the clip on the video hosting site YouTube exceeded 21 million, and in December 2022 the mark of views approached 35 million, which is about a quarter of Russia's population. The magnitude of how popular this song is now in wide circles is unimaginable. This song really "went to the people instantly" and gained a unique significance.

SHAMAN Says: "I've written 200 songs in 15 years, and this is the first one with that theme. I don't know what motivated me, but in general music is the voice of God. We musicians are like guides. What comes from above is what we sing. The word 'Stand Up' came to mind and I realized that it could make a powerful song."

Performing SHAMAN together with renowned Russian stars

song "Let's get up." now can no longer be afraid to compare it to a kind of "unofficial anthem. That is why the turnover, which the composition is gaining, does not cease to amaze. For the November patriotic holiday, National Unity DayThe singer, SHAMAN, has released a new video with the theme of defense of the Fatherland and love for the Motherland. He invited Russian stars to perform with him hit "Let's Stand Up."It turned out - "excellent".

Singer Shaman
Singer Shaman

In addition to Yaroslava Dronova participated Nikolai RastorguevThe leader of the group "Lyube", "pop singer" Nadezhda Babkina, "natural blond" Nikolay Baskov, Oleg Gazmanov, Aya from the group "Gorod-312", Victoria Daineko, Larisa Dolina, singer Zara, Grigory Lepsrock musician Alexander Marshal, multiple Chanson of the Year award winner Stas Mikhailov, Alexander Sklyar from the band Va-BankЪ, and Sergey Lazarev, bronze medalist at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

"Russia has repeatedly faced threats to national sovereignty. It was possible to defend security and peaceful skies over our heads only thanks to the courage and fortitude of our soldiers. So it was during the Great Patriotic War, and so it will be in the future," said the authors of the project.

Support for the production center Igor Matvienko and the "Russian Music Association" contributed to the stars breathing "second life." into a song "Let's get up." The music video has had more than 4 million views on YouTube in a month, and the comments only confirm the positive reviews, noting the power and professionalism of the artists.

The sensual performance of the composition is accompanied by footage of combat from a special military operation and video from the opening of the restored Donbass Memorial.

A little about SHAMAN and his other projects

Yaroslav Dronov He has long been known to Russian viewers - he participated in Alla Pugacheva's show "The A Factor."He also took second place in the "Voice" project as part of Pelageya's team, where he fell just a little short of winning.

Yaroslav Dronov during his performance on "The Voice
Yaroslav Dronov during his performance on "The Voice

On the "The A Factor. In 2013, the 22-year-old singer impressed everyone with his performance of a Valery Leontiev song in the qualifying round "Hang glider.". Alla PugachevaAs the chairman of the jury, she repeatedly noted that Yaroslav has a unique voice, that he could become a representative of the "new generation of stars. In the finals Yaroslav received a special prize from "Prima Donna" - the "Alla's Gold Star.".

On the "The Voice."where Dronov went the following year, he managed to get on the team Pelagia and give the audience a lot of great performances with covers of different compositions.

Under the pseudonym SHAMAN Yaroslav has been performing since 2020. According to the singer, the pseudonym was given to him by fanswhich underscores his unity with the people. Modern musical motifs and ethnic vocals are what the modern listener needs, so SHAMAN is now one of the most listened to performers in Russia.


The song "Let's Stand Up" - a real locomotive of creativity SHAMAN. In June 2022, it was precedented for being broadcast in its entirety on the Federal Channel's "Vesti Nedeli.. It is thought that the young artist will continue to delight listeners with his patriotic and profound songs.


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