Sons of Kemet announce UK tour

Sons of Kemet are a fast growing band that will be presenting their album as part of their UK tour. In this article, the tour route, playlist, clips

Sons of Kemet to present new album 'Black To The Future' as part of UK tour

After the release of their recognized critics The Mercury Award-nominated quartet Sons of Kemet are set to tour the UK this February with Black To The Future.

sons of kemet announce UK tour
Sons of Kemet with the whole cast

Sons Of Kemet known with their dynamic, energetic live performances.

 Are Sons of Kemet the best live band in the UK right now? asked the Evening Standard.

Their tour will go in Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and Bristol ahead of the band's biggest show to date at the Roundhouse in London.

Black To The Future is a bigger event than previous Sons of Kemet records. The album begins and ends with powerful lyrical and musical expressions of rage and frustration, expressed outwardly after the death of George Floyd and the subsequent BLM protests. 

Shabaka Hutchings said: 

"Black To The Future" is an audio poem to invoke strength, memory and healing. It depicts a movement to redefine and reaffirm what it means to seek black power. Meaning is not universal and the listener's cultural context will shape their understanding, he continues. And yet, in the end, the overall message remains the same: for human progress, we must think about what it means to be black for the future.

"Black To The Future" was met with rave reviews, and critics NME stated: 

The album is a career-defining piece of work that proves that Sons of Kemet are great jazz musicians in their own right.

Tour with Sons of Kemet will pass in the UK in February 2022:

Saturday, February 19 - Manchester - Gorilla

Sunday, February 20 - Glasgow - Oran Mor

Tuesday 22 February - Leeds - Belgrave Music Hall

Thursday 24 February - Bristol - Marble Factory

Saturday, February 26 - London - Round House.

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