Music and Soundtracks from the movie "Russian Raid" (OST Russian Raid)

"A mercenary with a cause is a hero"

Music from the film "Russian Raid"

In film "Russian raid» (Russian Raid OST) a lot of exciting soundtracks and different music that instantly immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of a crime action movie. Action film "Russian raid" released in 2020, the essence of the picture is this: a raider seizure of one of the wine and vodka factories is planned, and earlier a defense plant was located here and fired missiles. Before seizing the plant, the raiders prepared well, attracted hackers and obtained some information about the shareholders of the plant, collected full compromising information.

But the raiders did not take into account one thing, their leader does not need a plant, he was not even interested in money. He needed to arrange a spectacular shootout, to restore some kind of justice, only he understands, because his main goal is revenge. It is worth noting that the leader of the raider capture Ivan Kotik agreed to participate in this adventure not by chance, before that, a mercenary killer hiding in a remote village and he had his own reasons for taking revenge on the head of the plant. The raiders did not know the main thing - the shadow business is fully developed at the plant, there is an illegal arms trade, and half-empty workshops are just a cover for prying eyes.

Whether the raiders will be able to achieve their goal remains to be seen as you watch the action movie, but with confidence, we can say that the fight will be serious. It should be noted that in the film the fighting technique is done competently and the characters lead on stage quite professionally and effectively use their fighting skills. And the main character Ivan Kotik engaged in combat martial arts in China, therefore, he managed to show his professionalism in the film and all the hand-to-hand fights in the film were really fought live without any setups.

Cast: Ilya Antonenko, Sofya Ozerova, Kirill Sarychev, Kirill Sarychev, Dmitry Krivochurov, Ivan Kotik, Alexander Krasovsky, Andrey Semenov, Alexey Maksimenkov, Vladimir Mineev, Sofya Ozerova, Nikita Kologrivy and others.

Consider the soundtracks from the film "Russian raid» (Russian Raid OST) in more detail, the film project contains many musical compositions. We offer you to listen to the music from the film "Russian Raid" (OST Russian Raid): soundtrack playlist.

Ram - POT ("Russian raid" music from the film)

Serpent - Soldier (I am a soldier song from the film "Russian raid")

Nurminsky - Valim (Song from the film "Russian Raid")

Timber felling - Commandment (Soundtrack to the film "Russian raid")

Pika - Partymaker ("Russian Raid" soundtrack)

Chayan Famali - Salut ("Russian raid" music from the film)

Chayan Famali - December (I am a soldier song from the film "Russian raid")

VERBEE - One ("Russian raid" music from the film)

VERBEE - Let's blow it up (Song from the movie "Russian raid")




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