Soundtracks from Black Adam (Black Adam OST 2022)

"The world needs a hero! Meet Black Adam."

Music from the movie Black Adam


«Black Adam» (Black Adam OST 2022) is a long-awaited sci-fi movie. At the end of the article there is amazing and well chosen music from the movie Black Adam, find out who sings the songs from Black Adam. The main role in the sci-fi movie was played by Dwayne JohnsonIt is planned to be shown in Russia November 24, 2022. The main character will appear as one of the comic book characters.

It is worth noting that Black Adam appeared long ago, was the son of Pharaoh and a positive hero, but gained superpowers from the wizard Shazam, began to use them for selfish purposes, then went over to the side of evil and became a supervillain. In the story, Black Adam appeared after 5,000 yearsHe was a man who had been murdered. His son was able to resurrect Black Adam, but he himself was destined to die after performing a special ritual to resurrect his father.

The son fulfilled his mission, and the resurrected Black Adam began to administer his own justice against the Justice League. It is worth noting that magic is involved here, Black Adam will draw strength from wizards to fight his enemies. Gradually, he will change his views and become a member of the League. For the development of the film it took ten years, the project was kept top secret, many assumed that viewers will not see it at all, but the screening of the debut of the main character will take place.

Starring: Bodhi Sabongui, Eldis Hodge, Pierce Brosnan, Marwan Kenzari, Sarah Shahi, Dwayne Johnson, Mohammed Amer, Noah Sentineo, James Moyer, Quintessa Swindell and others.

We've compiled a complete list of songs for the film OST 2022 Black Adam: listen to the full soundtrack playlist online. This is a stunningly well chosen selection of music from the movie.

Exile - Eric Zayne (Black Adam movie trailer music)

Paint it Black - Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (Music for Black Adam)

Bulle with Butterfly Wings - Smashing Pumpkins (Black Adam Movie Music)

Baby Come Back - Player (Black Adam movie soundtrack)

The Trio from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Ennio Morricone (Soundtrack from the Black Adam Trailer)

Power - Kayne West featuring Dwele (Black Adam movie trailer music)

Ancient Palace - Music from the movie Black Adam

Your Enemies - Lorne Balfe

The Justice Society Theme - Black Adam Soundtrack

Lorne Balfe | WaterTower - Lorne Balfe

The Justice Society Theme - Music from the Black Adam Trailer

Black Adam Theme - iZNiiK Remix - Lorne Balfe

Adam's Journey - Black Adam Music

The Man in Black - Lorne Balfe

Legions of Hell - Soundtrack from the Black Adam Trailer

Slave Champion - Lorne Balfe

The Doctor's Destiny - The Black Adam Soundtrack

Not a Hero - Lorne Balfe

Wet Rocks - Songs from Black Adam

Prison Break - Lorne Balfe

Dr. Fate - Black Adam Trailer Song

A Bad Plan Is a Good Plan - Lorne Balfe

The JSA Fights Back - Songs from Black Adam

Hawkman's Fate - Lorne Balfe

Capes and Corpses - Black Adam Film 2022 Soundtrack

Lake Baikal - Songs from Black Adam

It Was Him - Lorne Balfe

Is This the End?

23lbs of Eternium

Through the Wall


Fly Bikes

Father & Son

Release Him

time to go

Little Man



The Awakening

The Revolution Starts

Introducing the JSA


Our Only Hope

Change Your Name

What Kind of Magic?

Is It the Champion?

Black Adam Spotted

Not Interested

Just Say Shazam - Lorne Balfe

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