Surprising facts about the legendary "Stairway to Heaven"

"They were bored to tears-they were waiting to hear something they knew and loved."

"Stairway to Heaven": interesting facts about the cult hit

When we talk about 1970s rock classicsthe first thing that comes to mind is the legendary "Stairway to Heaven" groups Led Zeppelin. This composition is literally immortalized in history - legends are made about it time and again, articles are written, covers are made, and the true meaning is sought...

Why is it "Stairway to Heaven" became a jewel of its time? Well... it has everything: mystical lyrics, catchy riffs, gorgeous guitar solos... And great performance, of course! Today we decided to remember the most curious facts connected with this eternal classic.

"Poor Bourret in E minor" and the enigmatic message

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

In this song John Paul Jones delighted us with motifs of a very exotic instrument - block flutes! Zeppelin's bassist played it with a great swagger of the real Renaissance, however Jimmy Page called this passage from the opening section "a poor man's version of Bach's Bourret in E minor."

As for the real meaning, there has been a real debate on this subject for decades! Some believe that the lyrics are inspired by "The Lord of the Rings.! Zeppelin was known to be an admirer of this novel, and it has inspired more than one song by the rockers (e.g. "Misty Mountain Hop."). Plante himself said that during that period he drew inspiration from the book Lewis Spence about the occult sciences. But returning to the theme of "true meaning," the vocalist emphasizes:

"I'm still not sure I know what this song is about. I think its power lies in its abstraction. With each new day it can be interpreted differently..."

Soaring solo and "magic" guitar

Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page

On this track Page played, perhaps, one of the best of guitar solos in history! To this day, this enchanting moment, showcasing the young guitarist's skills, has been called the greatest and most legendary! But the best part is that it didn't take long for Jimmy to "sweat" this magic.

"The solo sounds engineered, and it is. But it was born spontaneously. For me, the solo is a flight in the context of the song."

But few people know that Page's extended guitar solo in the final part of the song was played for the record on "magic" guitar - it's about Fender Telecaster 1959 of the year, which was a gift from virtuoso Jeff Beck!

"In a way it's a magic guitar for me..."

Legends of a Scary Message and the Struggle for Copyright

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

What if lyrics are so strange and mysterious because they are actually meant to reproduce backward? At any rate, that is the assumption made by the American TV evangelist Paul Crouch. Crouch came to the conclusion that the song hid hidden message about Satan, which you can hear when you play it backwards! This statement caused a great resonance, but one of Zeppelin's engineers stated:

"Spending so much studio time for this? That's just plain stupid!"

Crouch, on the other hand, didn't seem to feel any pity for his time. But that's not the only thing loud scandal around "Stairway to Heaven." In 2014, on behalf of the late guitarist Randy California a lawsuit was filed: the band was accused of plagiarism Taurus (Spirit)!

Subsequently Led Zeppelin won in this tedious proceeding.

Prejudice against a future hit

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

Despite the fact that today it is classic hit for all time, when the band first introduced "Stairway to Heaven" at a concert in Northern Ireland, fans didn't quite understand the song. From recollection John Paul Jones:

"They were bored to tears-they were waiting to hear something they knew and loved."

And soon the song began to irritate Planta. There is a legend that the vocalist once paid a radio station 10 thousand dollarsto get "Stairway to Heaven" out of rotation!

"Under Prohibition."

Shot from the film "Wayne's World"
Shot from the film "Wayne's World"

The introduction to this masterpiece is a favorite "training canvas" of almost every aspiring classical rock guitarist. And not everyone gets to play it decently... In some Western music stores are forbidden to play this song - the salespeople are just too tired of inept attempts to play the same tune!

This moment is well portrayed in the film "Wayne's World".


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