Favorite songs performed by Sting

We decided to make a selection not of the best hits, but just favorite hits performed by the idol, based on our own opinion, as well as the opinion of music lovers on the Internet.

Sting (The Police): best songs, hits and clips, selection and facts

His story as a musician began when he was spotted by drummer Stuart Copeland, who - seeing his potential - convinced Sting to take up music. At first he made himself known loudly as part of the The Policethe band for which he wrote some of the best songs of the late '70s and mid-'80s! But when the band broke up. Gordon Sumner (real name) has managed to build a brilliant solo career filled with timeless hits and multimillion-dollar circulation. Perhaps his solo work proved even more interesting, with jazz harmonies, bold improvisations, Celtic motifs, and rhythm and blues and rock and roll grooves...

Sting not only began composing music with much deeper content, he also hired some of the best jazz musicians of the time to record and perform it. Everything this man released after his chapter with The Police sounded unique and gentle, beautiful and unique. He has released so many different songs in his dazzling career that even Sting himself can't name the best ones for himself. Where should we get into that? So we decided to make a selection not of the best, but just favorite hits in the performance of the idol, based on his own opinion, as well as on the opinion of music lovers on the Internet. Enjoy listening to it!

"Fields Of Gold

Sting and Trudy Styler
Sting and his wife Trudy Styler

We decided to start the list with the most beautiful Sting song in our opinion. And that's the famous "Golden Fields." from the 1993 album "Ten Summoner's Tales. It is a very reverent, tender and heartfelt composition with a terrific melody and an equally beautiful lyric.

"Will you stay with me? Will you be my love?
Among the barley fields?
We will forget the sun in its envious sky,
When we lie among the golden fields..."

The romantic song was inspired by the real barley fields near Sting's home, where he and his wife had moved. Trudy Styler Shortly after the wedding.

"Desert Rose"


One of the artist's most famous songs, whose popularity has grown significantly these days through active use on the Internet and social media. "Desert Rose" is characterized by a unique oriental motif, which is atypical for a star like Sting. But a solo career offers great advantages - daring improvisations, for example!

"Desert Rose." became a big hit in Russia soon after its release. By the way: the track was inspired by the world-famous novel "Dune". Notably, the singer has repeatedly stated that he is a big fan of Frank Herbert.


Young Sting
Young Sting

"Russians." - is the laconic name Sting gave to his next hit. The song graced the musician's debut record, and raised a lot of questions from the public. Well, for example, what is its essence? Why "Russian"? It's simple. With this song the singer warns of the cold war consequences, reminding the world that we all live for the future of our children. The idea and inspiration came to Sting after he watched our Russian cartoons and children's TV shows, in which, as he put it, "an amazing amount of love and kindness.".

Perhaps the most curious thing in this whole story is the insane popularity of "Russians" in France! The single even won gold certification there.


Sting's most famous song from the days of The Police. It was a big hit for the band, and a lot of people thought it was something extremely romantic... Actually, in a way it was. But with rough notes in the spirit of the modern world.

"Roxanne." tells the story of the hero's love for a girl who in the past made a living with her body. And now, it seems, she is ready to "light the red lights" again.

"Every Breath You Take"

The Police
The Police

Another beautiful hit of the times The PoliceThe music video for which was almost billion views on YouTube! The video, it should be noted, is laconic and not flashy - it is even in black and white. So it's really a mystery to see the enormous popularity of the video...

The song was born when the singer's first marriage fell apart. It is narrated in the person of "the sinister observer."who "controls your every breath. Not many listeners realized how grim the lyrics were. And it's not even made Sting angry..

"One day after a concert, a couple came up to me. They said, 'Oh, we love this song so much! It was played at our wedding!" And I thought, 'Well, good luck.

"Englishman in New York"

Sting in his youth
Sting in his youth

A very melodic, soft-sounding track with a bright chorus. Its main idea is that in all circumstances it is important to Stay true to yourself. The inspiration, by the way, came from Quentin Crisp - a writer and a rather extraordinary person.

Subsequently, the song enjoyed great popularity, although initially the performance in the charts was poor. For example, these days. PH Electro recorded a successful cover version. Listening:

And some more great songs for last! Let me know in the comments which Sting song your favorite. In general, do you like this artist's work?

"Message In A Bottle"

Shape of My Heart


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