Top 10 Best Songs by Stevie Wonder (The Best of Stevie Wonder)

The loudest hits of the great Stevie Wonder!

Top Songs Of Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is an American soul singer, composer, pianist, drummer, harper, music producer and public figure who had a huge impact on the development of music in the 20th century.

Stevie Wonder is one of the greatest musicians of the last century...
Stevie Wonder is one of the greatest musicians of the last century...

Stevie Wonder was born in the small town of Saginaw, Michigan on May 13, 1950. As a child, he was completely blind ... But this did not prevent his successful career as a musician, which he began at the age of 12! His first recording studio was Motown Records.

Just a few years, and the name of Stevie Wonder was in the lead in the most prestigious top charts in the world. The composition "Fingertips" (1963) was the first major breakthrough of the young genius. It was followed by new, increasingly successful recordings.

Stevie Wonder, early years
Stevie Wonder, early years

Wonder's phenomenon is that he easily went from the so-called "Motown sound" of the 60s to more social works and, finally, to the newfangled MTV style of the 80s.

Not so long ago, the musician celebrated his 70th anniversary! In honor of this, we offer to recall his brightest hits, loved by more than one generation of listeners! Top 10 Best Stevie Wonder Songs!

Boogie On Reggae Woman (1974)

The composition became the main hit of the album Fulfillingness' First Finale - Wonder's first work after a car accident in 1973 ...

The melodic rhythms of "Boogie On Reggae Woman" can hardly be attributed to any particular genre: it doesn't sound like either boogie or reggae... The song delights with the catchy bass sound of synthesizers, one of the most successful in the history of music. And yes: it was Stevie Wonder who performed it back in 1974, and not the rock band Phish ...

I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever) (1972)

This optimistic composition was released as part of the Talking Book album, which, by the way, elevated Stevie Wonder's career to a new level!

At that time, the musician was 22 years old, and in his piggy bank there were already 15 original records! Wonder enjoyed limitless creative freedom... Going on tour with the Rolling Stones, he found a lot of new listeners... It would seem that everything is going perfectly!

Sir Duke (1977)

A strikingly beautiful work that Wonder presented as a tribute to Duke Ellington. The composition is well known even to those who are far from jazz... In 1977 "Sir Duke" ruled the world charts!

Overjoyed (1985)

Few people know, but Wonder originally wrote this gentle composition for the album Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants. At the last moment, the musician changed his mind about including it in the track list. Thus "Overjoyed" saw the light only six years later, with the release of the record In Square Circle.

The song peaked at number 24 on the prestigious Hot 100 and unfortunately became one of Wonder's last major hits...

I Wish (1976)

In this song, the composer looks back on his childhood:

"The only thing that bothered me
This is what my Christmas present will be…”

At the turn of the 90s, "I Wish" again reminded of itself thanks to the film "Wild Wild West". Starring Will Smith performed the song directly with its rightful songwriter at the MTV Movie Awards!

Higher Ground (1973)

The period of 1973 became unusually prolific for the musician! Wonder was literally torn from new creative ideas ... "Higher Ground" was recorded in one of his craziest impulses! Steve later said:

“I remember recording Higher Ground — lyrics, music… It took no more than three hours! It was my personal record! I clearly remember the date - May 11, 1973 ... I experienced a very strange feeling, as if something was pushing me to finish this record as soon as possible! I don’t know what was guiding me at that moment, but I felt that something terrible would happen very soon ... "

The inner premonition did not deceive Wonder: a few months later, the musician got into a terrible car accident, after which he could not get out of a coma for a long time ...

AS (1976)

This work is considered the best love lyrics of the composer ...

Either the audience was tired of Wonder, or the musical trends were not the same, but the composition only reached the 36th line of the Hot 100. She elegantly completed the "golden period" of Stevie Wonder's creative rise ... At the time of the release of the new Stevie Wonder's Journey Through “The Secret Life of Plants” album, the musician's success was already lost ...

I Just Called to Say I Love You (1984)

Only a few remember the comedy film by Gene Wilder "The Woman in Red" ... However, the famous "I Just Called to Say I Love You", sounded in it, will probably be recognized by everyone!

The song became a major hit, and even brought an Oscar to Wonder's piggy bank!

Living for the City (1973)

In the first half of the 1970s, most American cities began to rot, and rapidly and inexorably ... In his album Innervisions, Wonder threw out all the anger that the inhabitants of these same cities experienced ...

The composition "Living for the City" is a kind of sad story of a poor boy from Mississippi who wanted to conquer New York, but became a drug dealer and was sentenced to ten years in prison...

Superstition (1972)

It was this 1972 track that opened a series of hit singles by Stevie Wonder!

Guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck took part in the recording! He later included "Superstition" on his album. On the track's anniversary, Beck and Wonder performed it as a duet at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Thanks to Steve Wonder for the great music!
Thank you Wonder for great music!

Stevie Wonder's music is certainly beautiful ... It has such a rare quality as "universality". That is why the works of the musician have not lost their relevance to this day!

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