How "Country Limonia" fell into the hands of Larisa Dolina

How did Strana Limoniya fall into the hands of Larisa Dolina and how did this situation ignite a long-term war between the singer and the Dune team?

How Larisa Dolina performed "Country Limonia", and then disliked the group "Dune"

"Country Limonia" - a hit known among domestic listeners, written by Sergey Katin from the group "Dune"! The song appeared in the late 80s, and already at the beginning of the new decade it became a big hit: you could hear it both on the radio and on TV! For "Limonia", the band members independently filmed a clip, which is slowly but surely approaching the mark 1 million views on YouTube! People are delighted with this composition to this day, but today we will talk about its specific "interpretation". We propose to talk about how the "Country of Limonia" fell into the hands of Larisa Dolina and how this situation ignited a long-term war between the singer and the Dune team.


"Country Limonia" (1990) - Dune - Cover
Cover of the album "Country Limonia" (1990) by the group "Dune"

"Country Limonia" is a humorous song with references to the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was released as a single in 1990 and soon brought great success to the Dune group! After the video for "Limonia" was aired on the popular TV program in 1989 "Music Elevator", the whole following year the group did not sing anything but this hit at live performances. Written by Sergey Katin, today this composition is one of the most successful in the band's repertoire. In the early 90s, "Limonia" got into the "Song of the Year" program! It was a great breakthrough for the team from the city Dolgoprudny.

However, another curious fact related to this song: "Limonia" somehow fell into the hands of Larisa Dolina! The singer performed this hit as part of the Musical Ring. Vocalist "Dune" Victor Rybin recalls that it shocked him:

“Seryozha slipped her this song, and she performed it at the Musical Ring! I turn on the TV, and then this ... For me, this is a shock! I urgently call Seryozha - he does not answer. I checked everything on the sly."

How did the song get to the Valley

Larisa Dolina in her youth
Larisa Dolina in her youth

Let's dive a little into 1988 year. It was then that the hard rock band "Dune" loses members (guitarist Dmitry Chetvergov, drummer Andrey Shatunovsky and vocalist Andrey Rublev), who leave the line-up due to lack of demand for the team. Not wanting to end the life of their offspring, the remaining Victor Rybin and Sergey Katin take a risky and the only sure step - they completely change the sound and stage image of the group. In the same period - a period of change for "Dune" - Katin composes a comic song called "Limonia Country". Later Viktor Rybin will say:

“Then our country was this very Limonia.”

The band is recording a joke track in the studio, but the final result for some reason does not satisfy the musicians, which is why "Country Limonia" retracts into a very distant and deep drawer. In any case, the members of the group thought so, but not the author of the hit Katin. As Rybin put it, Sergei "quietly" sold his creation to the Valley! And here the story takes a completely unexpected turn.

Valley version

Larisa Dolina
Larisa Dolina

Larisa Dolina I immediately realized that she had an absolute hit in her hands! That is why she did not delay for a long time with his premiere. She performed "Limonia" on the Musical Ring program, popular in those years. It is worth noting that the version of the Valley sounds quite incendiary. This performance even reminds of the best of times "CC Catch"!

As mentioned above, the other members of the group, except for Katin himself, did not know how their song ended up at the Valley! They were surprised by this turn of events. Nobody got any intelligible explanations from Sergey. However, everyone knew for sure: this one hundred percent hit, so you need to quickly take the initiative! The best thing that could be done in this situation was to shoot a video for the song. And this, fortunately for "Dunes", It worked.

Dune group
Group "Dune"

A few weeks after Dolina's performance on the TV program "Music Elevator" the video for the song "Country Limoniya" hits. The image of ordinary guys from Dolgoprudny turned out to be closer to the public than the version presented by the Valley. From that moment on, Limonia became the hallmark of the group! Program first "Song of the year" and radio station "Yunost." broadcast the composition, and after the company "Melody" releasing the song on vinyl! "Dune" literally takes off at the peak of popularity! Everyone is happy ... except for the Valley. War broke out between her and the group.

Conflict for many years

Group "Dune" today ...
Group "Dune" today

Perhaps it is difficult to call this a war, but there really was a conflict. Many years later Victor Rybin said:

“We had a very tense relationship with Larisa. We tried to bypass each other - away from sin, let's say so!

Larisa Dolina
Larisa Dolina

So, "Country Limonia" became not only a hit, but also a bone of contention.

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