What does the song "Country Limonia" by the group "Dune" mean? We talk about the humorous hit of the 90s

For "Dune" it has become a happy ticket to Olympus, while for listeners it remains an echo of the times of perestroika... But what does it mean? What is the origin of its name? And how did Limonia quarrel with Dune and Larisa Dolina? First things first...

How did the "Country of Limonia" quarreled with the "Dune" group and Larisa Dolina? The history and meaning of the hit of the 90s

Today group "Dune" is the most famous musical group from the city near Moscow Dolgoprudny. She was educated in 1987 year, and, which everyone will hardly believe, began her journey with hard rock ... At some point Victor Rybin and Sergey Katin realized that “the ship does not sail”, and radically changed the style to a light and humorous pop sound with the rhythms of folk instruments! Decades later, the group still exists, and although, of course, it no longer enjoys its former popularity, many listeners associate Dune with good-natured hits. 90s, which include "Country Limonia"! This song filled with irony very quickly became not just a hit, but the hallmark of the band for many, many years to come... For Dune, it became a happy ticket to Olympus, while for listeners it remains an echo of the times of perestroika... But what does it mean? What is the origin of its name? And How "Limonia" quarreled "Dune" and Larisa Dolina? About everything in order…

Background and background


It all started with the fact that, having not achieved success on the rock scene and having lost three members (guitarist Dmitry Chetvergov, drummer Andrey Shatunovsky and vocalist Andrey Rublev left the squad, because they saw no reason to stay), Victor Rybin and Sergei Katin decided to completely change the style of the group! They recruited a new team, and instead of art rock, they began to play ... pop music. Light and funny melodies, good-natured lyrics - all this was to the liking of the public! But the band didn't have a major hit until Katin wrote a joke song. "Country Limonia". However, jokes are jokes, and the song has become a loud hit ...

The song quickly became a hit, and it's clear why. From memories Viktor Rybin:

“In fact, then we lived in this country, which we sang about ...”

In the same 1990, a song about "Country Lemon" fell into the hands of Larisa Dolina, who performed it in a rock arrangement as part of the then popular program "Music Ring". But her version did not find success and, in fact, the song remained with the group, which quarreled "Dune" and the Valley

The story of Larisa Dolina

Larisa Dolina in her youth
Larisa Dolina in her youth ...

Here's what he said about the situation Victor Rybin:

“Without warning anyone, Seryozha just took and slipped this song on her! Dolina performed it at the Musical Ring: I remember how dumbfounded I was when I turned on the TV and saw this! I start calling Seryozha, he does not answer ... As a result, he picked up the phone and told me: “Vitya, I have no idea how this happened! She took the song without asking! ”, And he laughs ... It turned out that he lied to me. He himself slipped this song into the Valley - there was even our rock arrangement! In general, her version did not get a response ... And we later re-recorded "Country Limonia" and released a clip. After that, Larisa Dolina and I had constant scandals - until the end of the 90s! When we met, we hated each other fiercely! - Rybin recalled this story with a laugh.


Dune group
Dune group

As for the recording process, if you believe the band's official website, it was attended by Sergey Katin, Victor Rybin, Valery Zhukov and Albert Romanov (he also played the harmonica). According to Rybin, a few days after the unpleasant incident with the Valley, the band went to the studio to re-record "Country Lemon" in a rollicking arrangement (there were an accordion, and balalaikas, and much more ...) Actually, he has the floor:

“When the song was re-recorded, I realized that I need to act, I need to somehow promote it! I started with the radio ... There was such a youthful music station "Youth" in the USSR! So: they called me from her and said that tomorrow I and the group will wake up as stars! They promised that the song would be played on the morning air ... Well: we were very happy, but the stars didn’t wake up a damn thing! Viktor Viktorovich recalls with a laugh. He continues: “Then we remembered the words of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: for our people, cinema and circus are the most important of the arts. And "Dune" is a movie and a circus in one bottle! And so, having seen enough of foreign MTV, we also began to shoot clips ... We found a camera, found a film, developed everything ourselves and edited it ourselves. It was fun!"

Music video

Victor Rybin
Victor Rybin

Music video for the song "Country Limonia" appeared on the air of the popular TV program "Music Elevator", and from this the glory of the team began! This time the song got noticed and very soon it became a big hit! Over the next year, the Dune group only performed that this hit that the audience liked so much ...

Subsequently Victor Rybin told how he brought the clip to the channel "2×2":

“I came to the channel, brought a clip - they tell me: pay the money. Well, okay, I paid. As a result, they began to play it every day, along with "Na-Na" and "Domino"! Very soon people liked our video and we continued to shoot others ... "

Where did the name come from?

Most likely, listeners immediately understood what the song was about and what its title refers to. "Limonia" goes back to the word "Lemon", which means a million depreciated rubles ... So it was during perestroika.


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