Oddities and phobias of Michael Jackson

Let's talk about the King of Pop...

Oddities and phobias of Michael Jackson

On August 29, the King of Pop, incomparable in the history of world music, could have turned 60 years old. There were a great many different, sometimes even mystical rumors about the mysterious circumstances of his death. No less attention was paid to his achievements and records of album circulation, as well as the number of spectators who attended his concerts ... Michael Jackson is rightfully called the greatest and most influential artist of all time, his untold wealth was full of press headlines ... However, he himself tried in every possible way to hide from the outside world and even from his own family... Michael literally hated his reflection in the mirror, fearing the natural process we call aging. Today we’ll talk about another record that a cult performer could easily break - about the record for the number of phobias.

Lack of childhood and family conflicts…

Jackson 5 band
Jackson 5 band

In many ways, the development of phobias and complexes in Michael was due to life circumstances. From the age of five, the boy was forced to perform in a musical band along with the rest of his brothers. In fact, the life of the child was subject to the strictest routine, which haunted the already matured Jackson until his death ... Endless rehearsals and performances deprived the boy of communication with peers and friends, and without his consent to this.

Much of the blame lay with Michael Jackson's father. Joe Jackson had a rather tough temper, and every fault of his children entailed severe punishment ... As soon as the guys performed poorly at the concert, their father's belt was used. This is what built between Michael and Joe an insurmountable wall of misunderstanding. Therefore, even when Michael was out of childhood, he avoided his father in every possible way, and even more so, an extra reason to be alone with him.

Revelations of the artist about his childhood from the book "Moonwalk":

“I remember how I rehearsed in the studio until the dead of night, when I needed to rest for a long time ... There was a park on the next street, and, I remember, walking along it, I was sincerely surprised by the guys playing there! I looked at them - so young and cheerful, and could not imagine what it was like to feel such freedom, carefree life ... At that moment, more than anything, I wanted to feel as free so that I could also go out into the streets and behave as I want, without thinking about anything ... ".

Apparently, it was the deprivation of childhood that made Michael an eternal child. Probably everyone remembers how the forty-year-old artist bought his famous Neverland Ranch, which included a huge amusement park, a railway, and a large zoo! The name, as you might guess, was borrowed from the famous children's cartoon "Peter Pan". That was the name of the fabulous country in which childhood could last forever! Michael Jackson adored children. He could freely communicate with the guys, play and talk about everything, despite his advanced age, feeling on the same wavelength with them. By the way, this is what sparked the world-famous scandal about his pedophilia around the artist. And, although the court removed all charges from the pop king, many of his warm friendship with children seemed something very strange and even unnatural ...

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

In Michael's personal life, it is impossible not to note phobias here as well. The singer eschewed physical intimacy with women, perhaps because of excessive infantilism. According to him, before marrying Lisa Marie Presley at the age of 36, he never had sexual relations ... Some of his entourage believe that Michael was asexual ...

The family relationships of the Jacksons as a whole are also covered with a thick veil of secrecy. Former bodyguards of the pop king admitted that without prior appointment they did not let any of his family members, except for his mother, Katherine Jackson, come to Michael's house. For some reason, the artist was terrified of his brothers, especially Randy Jackson. Once he admitted that he was afraid of Randy, because, allegedly, he could enter the house and kill him ... According to one of the assumptions, the reason was a solid $ 500 million contract for the reunion of the Jackson Five team, which Jackson stubbornly refused to sign. On this basis, the musician even developed a serious paranoia - every time before going to bed, he double-checked ten times whether all the locks and windows in the house were securely locked.

Fear of aging

Stages of aging of the king of pop
Stages of aging of the king of pop

Ever since his youth, Michael simply hated his reflection in the mirror. As a result, it got to the point that the artist hung every single mirror with blankets ... Jackson constantly tried to find any defects in his face, which is called dysmorphophobia. He constantly needed to change the shape of his nose, whiten his skin ... Nobody knows for sure how many plastic surgeries the legendary star underwent.

Jackson also had, perhaps, one of his most terrible phobias - a panic fear of aging. Michael has repeatedly admitted that he would rather put a bullet in his forehead than turn into an old man. At the age of 43, the singer said in an interview:

“I don’t want to get old, become lethargic and flabby, lose my mind… I want to stay young and energetic forever! I have to be full of energy to play hide and seek, my favorite game."

In addition, Michael was vehemently afraid of traffic jams and ... dirt. It was for this reason that the singer wore an antimicrobial bandage and demanded to disinfect absolutely everything he touched.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

The last years of his life, Michael was in a state of emotional oppression. The artist was completely dependent on painkillers and sedatives. His attending psychiatrist insisted that Jackson was completely unprepared for the tour, but Michael himself did not agree with this verdict. He intended to return to the stage again, as he was afraid that otherwise he would be killed ... Nearly ten years after the death of the cult pop idol, his hits continue to sound in the minds and hearts of listeners ... "They Don't Care About Us" ("Them don't give a damn about us") is one of the most beautiful creations of the legendary genius.


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