“My father is Azerbaijan, my mother is Russia”: the amazing fate of Muslim Magomayev and the history of his hits

In 2008, the greatest Soviet nightingale, Muslim Magomayev, died. He was a unique performer, with a unique story. In this article we remember the great singer.

Biography of the artist Muslim Magomayev and the history of his best songs

During the Soviet Union in order to become a famous and respected artist, one had to go through significant training: learn to sing, stay on stage, breathe, move, dress beautifully, clearly pronounce words, know the notes perfectly. It wasn't easy and was given not to everyone.

And in order to become a legendary musician, who was known not only in the Union, but also in other countries and remembered even now, it was necessary, in addition to all this, to have excellent charisma. Fortunately, Muslim Magomaeva it was all there and even in excess. He is still remembered and loved, even young people know the songs "Blue Eternity"("O sea, sea ..."), "Queen of beauty», «You are my melody», «The best city in the world"("About you, Moscow"). Is it worth saying that the older generation is still listening with rapture to his immortal hits?..

Muslim Magomayev photo
Muslim Magomayev photo

But, unfortunately, Magomayev was gone in 2008. The Soviet Union, where he came from, did not become even earlier, but after the collapse, the singer did not choose a side: he believed that he had 2 homelands - Azerbaijan and Russia. He is still remembered both there and there, but only a few know about his unusual fate. In this article, we will talk about how Muslim Magomayev spent his youth, how he went from a boy from the conservatory to a famous artist, and how his biggest hits were written.

The early years of Muslim Magomayev

The future singer was born when the Second World War was going on, in 1942. His family lived in Baku, there were no fierce hostilities, as near Moscow or Leningrad, but hardships of war still felt. His father - Magomet Magomaev was an artist by profession, but the war did not care about who did what before, so he was taken to the front.

Young Muslim Magomayev
Young Muslim Magomayev

The boy stayed with his mother Aishet Magomayevawho was a stage performer. She even became a Stalinist scholar in 1941. Later, speaking about his parents, Muslim Magomayev will say that his mother's parents were Turks and Adyghes with Russian roots, and his father's parents were Azerbaijanis. Magomayev is very proud of his blood and said the following about it:

“Azerbaijan is my father, Russia is my mother”

The war affected the future artist, moreover, quite cruelly: his father died at the front 15 days before the Victory. His mother took the loss of her husband hard and decided to devote herself entirely to her creative career. She moved to Murmansk, where she got a job in the regional theater. After a while, the pain of loss subsided a little, and she found herself married again.

Muslim at that time grew up in the family of his uncle - Jamala Muslimova. He attached him to a music school in piano and composition. The boy had a lot of talented people in his family, for example, his grandfather - composer Abdul-Muslim Magomayev. Although he did not know him, the talent, apparently, was transmitted genetically and the boy did everything on the go. He was noticed by one of the professors, who rehearsed for a long time with the boy. After that, Muslim Magomayev entered the Baku Music College named after Asaf Zeynalli and continued to hone his skills.

The first performances of Muslim Magomayev

Muslim Magomaev
Muslim Magomaev

The very first performance on stage took place in House of culture of Baku sailors. The Magomayev family was against him speaking there, because they were afraid that his voice had not yet been fully formed: the boy at that time was 15 years. But he performed, and very well: he was applauded for a long time, and this inspired him to develop his talent.

He continued to perform, first with groups, and since 1963 he began to give serious solo performances. IN in 1966 he even went on tour in France, in Paris. Then, in 1969, he, "at the request of the working people," went on his second tour in Paris. The director of a major French theater even offered Magomayev to stay and sign contract for a year, but the Ministry of Culture of the USSR rejected the request of the French. Such a proposal is even slightly spoiled relations between Magomayev and the Soviet authorities.

After that, the singer performed with the Rostov Philharmonic. Initially, he agreed to speak in one department and get for it 202 rubles, but he ended up spending 2 hours speaking in front of 45,000 people gathered in the stadium. He was paid 600 rubles, to which the singer was even indignant. But he was told that it was fair, he deserved it, and there would be no problems. When the Ministry of Culture found out about this, they brought Magomayev criminal case.

Magomayev at the birch
Magomayev at the birch

At the time of the opening of the case, he was in France, the locals again offered him to stay, but the singer returned to his homelandeven knowing that he could go to jail. He could not imagine his life without his native Azerbaijan. As a result, the authorities forbade him to perform outside the Azerbaijan SSR. A few years later, this decision was personally canceled by the chairman of the KGB Andropov.

Finally in the 60s and 70s the singer's popularity in the USSR was boundless: stadiums of many thousands, endless tours throughout the Soviet Union, frequent appearances on television. Records with his songs came out in huge circulation. He often traveled abroad to France, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland and many other countries. Everyone loved him...

Popular songs of Muslim Magomayev

Magomayev had an extensive musical repertoire. He performed over a hundred songs, including those that were written to music of his own composition. The most popular and recognizable song written for Magomayev was "Blue Eternity"("O sea, sea ...").

Adult Magomayev
Adult Magomayev

In 1969When the musician was sitting in one of the popular Baku restaurants with friends, he was inspired by the beauty of the Caspian Sea, bordering Azerbaijan. Music arose in his head, and he had to write it on the first thing that came to his hand: on a paper towel from the restaurant.

Unfortunately, this napkin has not survived to this day, but it reached Magomayev's house, where the singer transferred all his ideas to paper. He wanted to make a song out of it and turned to his fellow poet - Gennady Kozlovsky. Friends discussed everything, but the poet needed to hear the music in order to put words on it. Then Muslim recorded the music on the Kozlovskys' home tape recorder and work on the text began.

Kozlovsky, Sinyavskaya and Magamaev
Kozlovsky, Sinyavskaya and Magamaev

Both the musician and the poet both worked hard on this work, and soon the text was ready. Magomayev was completely delighted, but the original version seemed to him pretty heavy. He was worried that the audience might not understand him and asked his friend for a little redo text to make it more memorable.

Magamaev and Gennady Kozlovsky
Magamaev and Gennady Kozlovsky are working on "Blue Eternity"

Lines "O sea, sea...", it was decided to leave - they became the main song, and everything else was reworked. But the result was worth it - friends got it hit of all timewhich is a pleasure to listen to even now. Performed by Magomayev with his pleasant velvety voice, this song sounds especially amazing. This will be confirmed by millions of Soviet listeners and hundreds of thousands of modern ones:

Another popular song of his is "Queen of beauty"was born in Yerevan when Magomayev visited the very first female beauty contest in the Soviet Union. There was nothing like this before - then it was unpleasant to regard girls in a similar vein and decide who is beautiful and who is not. Women were judged by how they run a household and how well they perform at work. But in the sixties there was no longer such an urgent need to work, everyone wanted entertainment ...

Magomaev, Babajanyan and Rozhdestvensky
Magomaev, Babajanyan and Rozhdestvensky

In addition to Magomayev, this competition was attended by a famous Armenian poet and composer - Arno Babajanyan, who eventually became one of the judges at the competition. He already worked with Magomayev - together they created the song "The best city in the world”, which became a hit in 1964. The "Queen of Beauty" had a similar fate...

At the song "The best city in the world”is also a rather interesting story: after it was published, it was played on the radio for days on end. Moreover, on all radios at once - it was incredibly popular and it all went on for about a month, until Nikita Khrushchev found out about the song.

First Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU indignant:

“Twist about Moscow? Ban it quickly!

After that, the song stopped being broadcast on the radio. Power is power, nothing can be done, the singer even reconciled ...

But a few months later Khrushchev was dismissed. The listeners laughed at this, someone built such a parallel: "You ban Magomayev's songs - and then they ban you." The song hit the radio again, and the talented musician was fully rehabilitated.

The song was one of his calling cards, and many years later, the musicians from the Bravo group persuaded Magomayev to sing this song with them for their album Road to the Clouds. There was a very interesting collaboration:

Magomayev performed a huge number of different hits and was remembered by the audience as one of the greatest Soviet singers. He always looked great, sang beautifully, pleased with meaningful deep lyrics and his endless charisma. What do you think of this artist? Share your opinion in the comments!

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