It's not easy being a patriot: the surprising fate of Oleg Gazmanov and the story of his beard

Why did Oleg Gazmanov become famous and why does he still attract listeners? In this article we tried to look into this, and also to tell you about how the fate of this musician was formed. And believe me, there is a lot to tell! 

Biography of the Russian musician Oleg Gazmanov

Oleg Gazmanov - a unique musician. And not because he is very talented. There was no doubt about that. It's because he's very diverse person. Gazmanov is a musician, an actor, an officer, and many more! And he is still engaged in creative work to this day. And he is, by the way, 70 years old!

Not everyone at his age is ready to devote all his time to creativity and performance. Many are already going out retirement. Gazmanov, on the other hand, is not. The singer is still in great shape and is ready to perform for hours at concerts and to please his fans.

But why did the musician become famous and why does he still attract listeners? In this article we tried to understand this, and also to tell you about how the fate of this musician was formed. And believe me - there is a lot to tell!

Childhood, Youth, Ships and Music School

Oleg Gazmanov with gorgeous hair in his youth
Oleg Gazmanov with gorgeous hair in his youth

The future artist was born in 1951 in a very ordinary family. Both of his parents were by frontline veteransand my father also loved to sing. This love of music was passed on to his son, Oleg. But he wasn't in a hurry to become a musician.

After Gazmanov graduated from high school, he entered the Kaliningrad Higher Marine Engineering School. I learned to sail ships and wanted to build a career connected with the sea. And also actively engaged in science - wrote papers, spoke at conferences.

Soon after graduating, Oleg Gazmanov was called to work instructor to the school that he had graduated from. And he agreed: he taught students and continued his scientific work. Along with that, he enrolled in School of Music guitar class.

Young Gazmanov at the Studio
Young Gazmanov at the Studio

He graduated from music school rather late - at the age of thirty. But that didn't stop him from getting into a pretty good band, theAtlantic". The name seems to hint that the group is connected with the sea. The name at that time suited Gazmanov very well. But what the musicians were playing at the time - can show Gazmanov fans very unusual. The guys were playing rockOr not quite rock... Here's what Gazmanov himself recalled about it in a recent interview:

"In general, 'rock' is a fuzzy subject, you know. Terminology in our country lacks a rigid, correct terminology. This "rock" is "not rock. At one point in the 50% repertoire we had the Beatles. But I don't consider the Beatles a rock band in the literal sense."

Popularity and the best songs of Oleg Gazmanov

Young Oleg Gazmanov at the studio
Young Oleg Gazmanov at the studio

Within a few years in the band Gazmanov became a popular artist. In addition, he was a sound engineer in the band "Blue Bird"and sang in several other rock bands.

In 1983 he decided to move from his native Kaliningrad to a bigger city. The choice fell on MoscowHe quickly became acquainted with major musicians and began to write music and songs for them. He quickly became acquainted with major musicians and began to write music and songs for them, at the same time gathering material for himself.

In 1989 What happened was something that changed Gazmanov's musical life before and after. He created the group "The Squadron"The song and music video "Squadron" was a breakthrough and brought the author enormous fame. Both the song and the video became breakthroughs and brought the author enormous fame. After that, Gazmanov seriously thought about stopping writing lyrics for others and getting busy with his own career.

Later, the debut solo album Gazmanov with the same title - "The Squadron". The record included hits in the then popular Euro-disco style: "Escadron", "Yessaul", "Wait for It", "Fresh Wind", etc. Around the same time Gazmanov started acting in films.

And all this made him unrealistically popular in the '90s. Especially the audience liked what the artist did on stage. Gazmanov's performances are notable for their diversity sports and acrobatic tricksThe song is not a simple singer, but a master of the sport of gymnastics and a military captain. Gazmanov is no ordinary singer, but a master of sports in gymnastics and a military captain.

Popular songs by Oleg Gazmanov

We've already talked about how "Escadron" became Gazmanov's calling card. But, apart from this song, he had many others that became just as popular. For example, "My clear days», «You're a sailor, I'm a sailor" and many, many others. Gazmanov performs these hits at his concerts even today. Many people come to his concerts just for the sake of them.

That's how he performed with the song "You're a sailor, I'm a sailor. In general, he performs it very often, it is one of his calling cards:

And here the not-so-young artist is rocking out to his own song, "My Clear Days."

And even here, at a performance in 2016, when the musician was over 60 years old, he still keeps jumping and dancing!

Our days and Gazmanov's beard

Oleg Gazmanov
Oleg Gazmanov

Now this artist is not as popular as before. Still, young people prefer to listen to hip-hop artists, and some of Gazmanov's compositions are not understandable to them at all. And some of Gazmanov's old fans have turned away from him because of his open patriotism. Of course, it's not bad, but some people judge a musician not by his music, but by his views. And some, on the contrary, are very happy with these very views.

In any case, the fact that Gazmanov is still on stage cannot but rejoice. He is 70 years old after all, and in the summer of 2022 he will be 71! And even at this age, the musician looks 50, and if it were not for the gray hair, it would even be 40!

Bearded Oleg Gazmanov
Bearded Oleg Gazmanov

By the way, Gazmanov recently decided to grow a beard. After all, he's not young anymore, so he decided to emphasize it like this. That's exactly what he said:

"Everybody says, 'Well, you're so young, what's 70 years old? So I decided it was time to look a little more dignified.

What do you think of this musician and his beard? Share your opinion in the comments!


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