What was the fate of Vladislav Andrianov after "Leya, pesnya"

We will find out what Vladislav Andrianov, the performer of the vocal and instrumental ensemble "Leisya, song", did after leaving the group and why he failed to build a solo career.

Vladislav Andrianov - the beginning of a creative path, participation in "Leysya, song", leaving the stage

Vladislav Andrianov - Russian and Soviet musician, performer of vocal and instrumental ensemble "Sing a song." and first songwriter "According to the wave of my memory" composer David Tukhmanov. Andrianov after leaving from VIA tried to build a musical career by participating in other projects, but he had to do it Did not work out.


Birthday Vladislav Andrianov – July 24 1951. His parents worked in the field of art: his father headed the department of culture in Rostov, his mother was a performer and lectured at the Philharmonic. permanent guests their houses were celebrities (e.g. a writer Mikhail Sholokhov), so since childhood, Vlad was surrounded by interesting and smart people.

Vladislav Andrianov's performance in "Leysya, song"
Vladislav Andrianov's performance in "Leysya, song"

Andrianov's music interested constantly: in his school years (at that time he was not even fifteen years old), Vlad, together with his friends, created music band. The boys rehearsed bomb shelter, in which they were previously removed, and from tools they only had old guitars. As microphones, the guys used handsets. Teenagers had a fun time: they came to rehearsals familiar from neighboring areas, who enjoyed watching the work. policemen worried about the fact that teenagers they are not clear what they are doing in the basement, besides, then Andrianov had long hair (which was suspicious, since hippies were not liked in the USSR), so the employees periodically visited and took away guys with you to the station. Their motives were the most noble (they wanted to help the boys and take them home), but the punitive measures - the police forcibly cut their hair young musicians, broke their equipment.

Vladislav always knew that bind life with music, therefore, after studying at school for eight years, he decided to go to study in schoolassociated with art. The knowledge he is there got, were for him useful: it was at the academy that he learned game basics on keyboards and other instruments. When the young man reached military age, he was taken to the army, so the study had to be postponed for a while. Returning, Andrianov still believed in his dream, so he entered in the same educational institution, but already on extramural, as he had to combine work administrator philharmonic and teaching. It was then that Andrianov met the group "Silver Guitars". Later he briefly toured together with them in the Rostov region. He was only allowed to sing tracks foreign performers ("Creedence Clearwater Revival", "The Beatles", "The Rolling Stones"), but they were not allowed to go to domestic ones. Andrianov was fine with this:

“We didn’t care much that singing in English was forbidden due to the political situation. I felt myself star. But one day the director of the Philharmonic called us to his place and disbanded. He explained it by what we do ugliness on the stage".


Professional Creative Path Vladislav Andrianov began with work in a team "Knights". There he showed himself as a talented vocalist. The group gave concerts in different republics of the Soviet Union. Every performance of the artists was incredible spectacle: first, they were dressed in Russian folk costumes, secondly, the guitars resembled in their shape balalaikas, third, "Knights" were the first band to use live pyrotechnics. Despite the "patriotic" image, the group's repertoire included not only domestic, but also foreign songs. singer Lyudmila Zykina it didn't work and she posted devastating article, dedicated, among other things, to the "Knights". Moreover, Zykina wrote complaint to the Ministry of Culture, on which the creative path of the team was finished.

But musicians don't care continued communicate. They maintained a relationship even after Andrianov moved from Rostov-on-Don to Moscow in the mid-1970s. Later, Vladislav, having combined his efforts and the efforts of the former members of Vityaz, opened a music club in his hometown "Youth". But their collaboration didn't end there. Talent, love for music and the desire to continue their creative career rallied them, and appeared VIA "Sing a song.", which consisted not only of the former "Knights", but also of new musicians. Title idea belongs to Andrianov and Seleznev:

"We needed titleto which no one would couldn't fault. Then we remembered that there is such a composition "Flow, song, in the open". It was she who gave us the idea to be called that way. Sounds like patriotically and does not cause any contradictions".

Mikhail Shufutinsky, head of the VIA "Leisya, song"
Mikhail Shufutinsky, head of the VIA "Leisya, song"

After few years Mikhail Shufutinsky became at the helm of the ensemble and turned it into a clear mechanism, where everyone knew their place and duties. In some way he showed severity: one of his innovations is fines for drinking alcohol before concerts. The musicians were at first dissatisfied, and then noticed that thanks to this quality their performances are significantly improved. The group every day became more successful: musicians were often called to filming television broadcasts, they traveled with concerts throughout the USSR and began to receive good fees.

Vladislav, being a popular media personality, did not remain without female attention. And with the growth of his professional career, the interest of women has also increased. According to some reports, he had a relationship with an actress Irina Miroshnichenkoand also with the dresser Alla Pugacheva. There were frequent cases when, after concerts, women came to his dressing room and claimed that gave birth from Andrianov child. But the artist behaved like a true gentleman: realizing that the girls are lying, he did not refuse material assistance. He was pleased to know that he could afford such "charity".

First marriage the musician concluded with the sister of the popular Rostov athlete Olga Yeskova. But to get Moscow registration he had to apply for divorce (This would make it easier to complete the paperwork). He did it and thus put bullet point in their relationship with Olga. The wife was that deep offended: after the divorce, she was not going to support connection with her ex-husband and did not even allow Andrianov to see son Alexei. Second wife Vladislava became a former athlete Victoria. They knew each other for a long time, but at that time both were in a relationship. When Vladislav divorced with his first wife, young people got close and got married in 2000. They did not have common children.

In the early 80s, Andrianov performed at All-Union competition where everyone gathered entertainers, and won a victory there, and after a couple of years left the team. It is believed that such a decision was due to the departure Shufutinsky and his move beyond the USSR.

After "Sing a song." Andrianov was not going to give up music. He never stopped trying to be popular artist. To this end, Vladislav joined the team "Red Poppies", but despite a busy touring schedule, new hits and records artist so and not released. Soon he had to return to your hometown and build a life there.

To feed himself, Vladislav Andrianov had to change many professionstry yourself in different areas. Former pop star soap cars, traded in kiosks and ran cars. To return to musical creativity and become popular again, despite the sincere desire and talent, Andrianov Did not work out. The public quickly “forgot” him and “remember” him didn't plan: he came to the program "Life is Beautiful", but he was not even shown on the air, he did not receive any new proposals for cooperation. Periodically Vladislav spokebut never released new records. Former soloist "Sing a song." died in 2009 because of the consequences injury heads. He was buried in the cemetery in his hometown.

VIA "Leisya, song"
VIA "Leisya, song"

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