Suga: the story of the South Korean rapper, a member of the popular boy band BTS

"In his music, he tells the story without unnecessary embellishments, breaking down every possible barrier of censorship..."

Who Suga is and why he's so popular - a complete history of the musician and surprising facts about him

Min Yungi, widely known by the pseudonym Sugais a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. The worldwide success fell on the guy along with the fact that he was accepted into the popular BTS boy band! But today he is not only the driving force behind the K-Pop group, but also a self-sufficient solo artist with a wealth of life experience under his belt... He began his passion for music and wrote his own first tracks as a schoolboy, and today his name is known around the world. Shuga is one of the best known and most powerful Aydol among young people, and for some, his work and destiny are a source of inspiration! But how did it all begin? From an ordinary boy to a modern-day idol, check out Suga's full biography below!

Early years


Your way Min Yungi started out as an underground rapper before joining the BTS and became one of the most popular idols of our time! The future idol was born on March 9, 1993 in Daegu, South Korea. The family was not wealthy, and the parents had to work hard to provide for themselves and their two sons. Therefore, Min and his older brother spent most of their childhood with their grandmother. The boy had practically no friends. According to the singer's own recollections, he preferred books to socializing with his peers. But in 12 years old his heart was possessed by a passion - a passion for music.

At first it was the rap and hip-hop genres. Later reggae was added to them. Min's idols at the time were Stony Skunk and Epik High. The latter group influenced the boy's desire to become a rapper. Jungie wrote his first lyrics at the age of 13 yearsBy the time he was 17, he was working part-time in a recording studio. His opportunities and ideas grew, and with them Suga's identity as an artist.

First Steps to Fame


The first big step for Mina was to participate in the band "D-Town.". By taking a pseudonym "Gloss."The 17-year-old wowed everyone by writing an awesome track about the protests in Korea. 80s! Unfortunately, the song did not bring him much fame. However - this period will forever remain an invaluable experience for Min.

Thanks to the fact that he worked in a recording studio, Min He discovered many important and useful things: he learned more about composing and arranging music, and soon began to perform his own rap. His parents were against this kind of hobby, but with time they accepted their son's creativity and even supported him. At first it was hard for the guy: he barely had enough money for food, not to mention something more... In parallel with his work at the studio, Min went to school and studied choreography. It seemed that he didn't live the music, but the music lived in him.


But at one point, all his efforts and labors more than paid off! It was after Min passed the audition Big Hit Entertainment and became a member of the BTS!

Success with BTS


By signing the contract, Min moved into the Seoul. There came a time of persistent rehearsals and worldwide success... By the way: it was during this period that his pseudonym emerged.

BTS Group
BTS Group

Today BTS is spoken of as one of the most important and popular bands in the genre. K-Pop! The project was created by an entertainment company Big Hit Entertainment. It debuted in 2013 with the album "2 Cool 4 Skool." and the hit track "No More Dream.".

A year later, new discs saw the light of day, and Suga became the author of such hits as "Jump," "Tomorrow." and "Like.". His compositions won the hearts of listeners and, in many ways, helped the group reach great heights. Soon BTS tracks were tearing up the charts all over the world, including United States! So, K-Pop became a trend.

When it comes to Min's contribution to the legacy BTSIf you are a member of the band, he has written about a hundred hit songs, all of which have resonated with the general public. Bandmates affectionately call Suga "Grandpa."for he is the wisest member of the team.

Solo career


Creation Suga is unique. Each time he works equally hard on his material, often using the piano in his tracks and playing with touches of hip-hop and R&B. The lyrics tend to bring up deep themes, such as love, hope, and spiritual power.

"In his music, he tells a story without unnecessary embellishments, breaking down every possible barrier of censorship," critics declare.

Ming began his solo career in 2016 In the year after releasing under the pseudonym Agust D The singer's debut mixtape of the same name, which became one of the top 20 mixtapes of the year. According to the singer himself, the material for "Agust D." was composed over the course of five years! The songs tell of loneliness, of moving to a foreign city, of difficulties on the way to fame...


Min didn't want to record albums, so he decided to stop at mixtapes. At the same time, he continued to work with BTS. In the spring of 2020 the artist presented the compilation "D-2". It includes chic duets with RM, Kim Jong Wan, NiiHWa, MAX. With the latter, Min also recorded a track "Blueberry Eyes.".

In addition to BTS and solo mixtapes, Min actively composes music for other artists. A striking example is the composition "Wine." charming Suran.

The song was a great success upon its release in 2017, and quickly became a hit with Korean youth!

Interesting Facts

  • As of today Suga is one of the most popular of the idols. Despite his young age, he already has a wealth of experience and an enormous fortune of about 20 million dollars.
  • The artist is actively engaged in charity work! In 2019, he donated about $90,000 to the Children's Cancer Foundation. He also donated £100 million to the National Disaster Relief Association "Bridge of Hope."and the same amount of Keimyung University Dongsan Hospital In his hometown of Daegu, the hospital was established to support poor children with cancer who do not have access to treatment because of financial difficulties. Min prefers not to talk about his noble deeds, but people find him and thank him from the bottom of their hearts.
  • In spite of the fact that Min loves to help peopleHe said music is the only thing that helps him, but he himself suffers and is always fighting depression and stress. According to him, only music helps him. It's known that Jungie doesn't spend a single day without composing! Most of all he is inspired by everyday situations.

  • Minh doesn't have much. Hobbybut those that are there are indicative of his gentle nature: sleep, quiet quiet walks in low-key places, video games, comic books, and photography.
  • Having moved to Seoulhe was still struggling financially. He had to get a job as a bicycle courier, and soon he suffered a serious injury: a dislocated shoulder. But he didn't tell anyone about it. Min was afraid that if he learned about his injury, he would be sent home. He continued to go to BTS rehearsals while in severe pain. He also continued to study-just transferred to Seoul SchoolThe first year of his studies, he successfully graduated from the Global Cyber University.

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