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The Jeff Beck Story: The Complete Guitarist Biography

When he picks up his electric guitar, it's time for an exciting rock game, because it's fucking Jeff Beck! He's the best virtuoso lead guitarist (well... apart from Jimi Hendrix, of course). He attacks the senses with strange tones, previously unknown techniques, and a constant stream of whimsical ideas. Jeff Beck is a rock master who has surpassed most super guitarists.

In fact, he is the first person who managed to direct the search in the right direction. He played longer, louder, faster and more strangely than any of his contemporaries, allowing himself to take liberties that would be simply unforgivable for another.

What distinguishes him from the nameless hordes that have tried to emulate him over the past few decades? Consistency of imagination, amazing quality of technique and, of course, his reckless attitude towards rock and roll.

Unlike Jimmy Page, he lacks a more cohesive vision for his music. Paige is a composer, producer, arranger and high-class guitarist, but Beck is not able to cope with all these responsibilities. He is a man who has complete control over his own electric guitar, and in general, the control ends there.

Jeff Beck is the first guitarist of his generation to embrace the pure sound of exploration technique. Around the same time, Pete Townsend also dabbled in guitar playing, trying to create something new, but his experiments were the least technical.

Early years...

Beck worked in the blues pop style with The Yardbirds, and it is worth noting that during this period of his career he outplayed many bluegrass players. Some country influences stood out in his style long before the appearance of a new and fresh sip in the music, which later became known as "country rock"! But the advanced use of devices was only a detail compared to the importance of the game itself. Beck has always been brilliantly gifted, and his improvisational instincts proved unerring.

British musician Jeff Beck plays guitar on stage during a performance at the Granada Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, October 19, 1980. Photo: Pavel Natkin
British musician Jeff Beck plays guitar on stage during a performance at the Granada Theatre, Chicago, Illinois on October 19, 1980. Photo: Paul Nutkin

He hardly ever stayed within the cliché, and his almost limitless knowledge of the possibilities of the electric guitar allowed him to extract sounds from his Telecaster, Stratocaster or Les Paul that no one even suspected existed.

Consider his work on the old single "Over Under Sideways Down". In the intro, he transforms into a Hungarian gypsy violinist, and later becomes an Arab temple drone. Then he masterfully plays with the blues in "The Nazz are Blue", attacking him with a manic gleam in his wild eyes, and this absolutely distinguishes his work from any other improvisation on a similar theme.

On his first solo album, Truth, with the help of Rod Stewart, Nicky Hopkins, Ronnie Wood, Mickey Waller, John Paul Jones, Keith Moon and Jimmy Page, there is a classic slow blues called "Blues Deluxe" (although it's an exact copy of games of the deceased B.B. King). After Rod and Nicky hit a few of the same choruses, Beck breaks into his solo, stopping the entire band to play a completely off-kilter riff, accompanied by loud yells and screeches. At the end - a cascade of feelings, plunging into the heat, after which - the transition to the next verse. This guitar solo by Beck is one of the coolest.

The secret of success Jeff Beck (Jeff Beck)

Beck's secret is that he is completely tasteless, if, of course, you adhere to Jerry Garcia's definition of "guitar with taste." You can quite logically assume that he is too flashy, too loud, too florid, or too extroverted, that his playing defies all conventional rules of "good" playing. The only thing you ignore is that his extraordinary combination of limitless technical ability and outrageous imagination defeats the rules by which most guitarists are judged.

The only question you can ask about Jeff Beck's game is does it work? And the answer is yes, it is. He just doesn't look like anyone, despite the fact that many try to imitate him.

Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck


When Beck improvises, an incredible tension is created that takes you so far that you think that the musician will never return. But just when it looks like he's finally cut the branch he's been sitting on, the guitarist suddenly comes back and you realize he's been safe and sound with the band all along.

Of course, on a bad night, he can be terribly disappointing. But if you do not dive so deep, it is impossible to reach heights. So, hello, Mr. Beck. If it matters, right now: you are the master!

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