T. Rex: How Dinosaurs Invented Glam Rock

The history of the band that created glam rock

T.Rex: A History of Glam Rock Dinosaurs

T.Rex are one of the brightest representatives of the "British underground", the real "dinosaurs" of glitter rock, because they stood at its very origins. And, like tyrannosaurs, they continue to interest the public to this day, because they had really cool music!

The band's history has it all: humble beginnings, resounding success, tragedy, decline, revival and sunset again. This is an interesting story about the formation of a new musical genre and the birth of stars whose music we still listen to.

T. Rex ("T Rex")
T. Rex ("T Rex")

At the origins

In the beginning there was Marc Bolan, Steve Porter, Ben Cartland and a bass player whose name we don't know.

They formed a quartet, but their first performance at the Electric Garden fell like Alice down the rabbit hole.

Then, Macr Bolan, Ben Cartland and Steve Porter, who took the name Steve Peregrine Took, moved to the "underground" scene and continued their work there.

They composed songs inspired by the works of J. Tolkien and played bongos, acoustic guitar and various drums.

Their music was quite popular and soon attracted the attention of radio host John Peel. John supported the group by inviting them to his show, despite the fact that the critics did not really like it.

It was not an easy period for the Tyrannosaurus Rex: Bolan and Peregrine Took were in conflict because of the too obvious difference in lifestyle: Bolan led a quiet life with his girlfriend, and Took was an anarchist. Took later became acquainted with a community of anarchist musicians from Ledbroke Grove, who, among other things, were united by dissatisfaction with the groups to which they belonged. Took began to compose his own music and include the T-Rexes in the repertoire, although Bolan did not like it. During the US tour, Took tried to attract the attention of the audience by copying Iggy Pop's shocking demeanor, but this did not lead to anything good. As a result, Took left the group. He was replaced by Mickey Finn, who may have been inferior to Took in skill, but at any rate was a quiet musician.

Let there be glam

Then came the very moment when small changes occur in the group and their course towards success is significantly corrected. For starters, the band's name was shortened to T. Rex. During this period, the band moved into a more "pop" sound, and their song "Ride a White Swan" from their first debut album reached number two in the UK charts. It was 1970 outside.

At the same time, an important event happened for all fans of the group: Marc Bolan released a book of poems called "The Warlok of Love", which is still in use among fans.

And since then things have started to take off. Another single of the group "Hot Love" hit the first place of the British hit parade, the group was already talked about in Europe.

The group was joined by Bill Legend and Steve Curry. In the same period, an insignificant event occurred, which, according to some, marked the beginning of glam rock: the wife of producer Tony Secunda, Celita, suggested that Bolan put on makeup and sparkles on her eyelids. It so happened that it was in this form that Bolan hit the TV screens. This is how glam rock was born...

On the wave of popularity

Since that time, the group has become really popular. In 1971, T.Rex released their second album, Electric Warrior, the song from which, "Get It On", once again rises to number one in the UK hit parade. The same song, but under the name "Bang a Dong" hit the top 10 hits in the United States.

The third album "The Slider" gained great popularity in the USA. During this period, Bolan even managed to sign a contract with a major studio EMI.

New direction

Their next album Tanx added new musical instruments. With this small change, changes began that changed absolutely everything in the group.

Bill Legend left the band first. It couldn't have been caused by a slump in popularity, because there was no slump. However, a year later, Tony Visconti left the team. It happened just in time for their new album Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow.

Later, new members were accepted into the group, and Mickey Finn left the stage, Bolan experienced "star fever" and ridicule from the press. The tower was clearly about to collapse.

In '76, there were attempts to revive the T.Rex. A new album "Futuristic Dragon" was released, full of disharmony and even something schizophrenic, however, it gained popularity and returned the group to the UK hits chart at number 50.

Further in the new album "Dandy in the Underworld" their single "I Love to Boogie" is released, which in 2000 was included in the soundtrack of the film "Billy Elliot".

Then there were tours in the UK, after which Bolan decides to try something new and become the TV presenter of the Mark program.

Bolan's popularity suddenly resurfaces, the show asserts his credibility, and reunion talks begin with Peregrine Took and Tony Visconti. Bolan's last show featured David Bowie, a glam rock collaborator and personal friend of Mark's. Unfortunately, this story did not have a happy ending.

Marc Bolan died a week after the Bowie show. He died in a car accident. With his death came the final end of the T.Rex group.


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