INTELLIGENCY - "TechnoBlues Therapy Part II" (2022): All about the album

Album "TechnoBlues Therapy Part II" (2022) by INTELLIGENCY The Belarusian music band INTELLIGENCY has shared with the listeners their new album, which was uniquely titled "TechnoBlues Therapy Part...

INTELLIGENCY - "Technoblues Therapy (Part 1)" (2022): Everything about the album

The album "Technoblues Therapy" (Part 1) (2022) by INTELLIGENCY The band INTELLIGENCY has presented to the public the album entitled "Technoblues Therapy". The album includes eight musical compositions...

Intelligency - "Leta" (2021): the authors of the sensational hit "August" presented a relaxing summer single

Belarusian band Intelligency presented the song "Leta" - detailed review Intelligency is a Belarusian music band based on the techno style (or "techno-blues" as the band members themselves say...).

Intelligency – August

Intelligency: about the band, and August's biggest hit (number 22 on the Shazam world chart)! Not so long ago the Belarusian band Intelligency, actively gaining popularity, presented an English version of their...