A look back at gorgeous Tanitha Tikaram's biggest hit

A beautiful and unforgettable tune, an interesting philosophy from a 19-year-old girl. What makes an '80s hit called "Twist In My Sobriety" so charming?

Tanitha Tikaram's song "Twist In My Sobriety": creation history, lyrical meaning, singer's biography, other songs

80s of the last century were remembered for the versatility of music produced in both Europe and the United States. The musical world was enriched by pop culture The new wave did not become a genre either - it became a genre whose echoes are still being used in modern music today. The new wave didn't let us down either - it became a genre whose echoes are still used in modern music today.

But there was something special about this decade that cannot be compared with the others. We're talking about a tremendous amount of performers of a single hit, though some of them who became famous for it are not really so. These stars lit up so quickly that they did not have time to shine to the world and quickly went out... One of them was Tanita Tikaram, British pop-folk singer.

"Twist In My Sobriety" is a song that mesmerizes from the first seconds

In 1988, an unknown 19-year-old performer with a mysterious name burst onto the European charts. Tanita Tikaram. Her debut album "Ancient Heart." (translated into Russian - symbolically referring in its name to something magical and ancient) suddenly received a lot of positive reviews. Top 60 in the most prestigious Billboard 200 album chart, first place in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Norway and other European countries. Tanita's signature song is undoubtedly considered a masterpiece song "Twist In My Sobriety". It is still very much alive and captivating as soon as you press the "Play" button. What is the secret of this song?

First, "Twist In My Sobriety" combines Eastern the motives that Tikaram engages in form folk music. Her love of such melodies goes back to the singer's Indian and Malaysian roots. Traditional music has always been the most popular in these countries. And, it must be said, the singer's decision to "play" with ethnic The song's singing played an important role in the success of the composition.

Moreover, the mesmerizing song got its share of popularity not only because of the original music, but also because of the beautiful velvety voice Tanitas. Timbre contralto is considered to be one of the most attractive because it combines the ability of its owner to sing both low and high notes without serious strain. Moreover, this singing voice is quite rare, which only adds to Tikaram's charm.

Singer Tanita Tikaram
Singer Tanita Tikaram

"Twist In My Sobriety" also impresses with its by text. For the 19-year-old singer, who was just beginning her journey in the professional music business, such a mature and thoughtful lyricism, seems like an incredible coincidence or nothing more than a coincidence... The first line of text is a tribute to a book by American writer Maya Angelou "All God's children need hiking boots.". Why did young Tanita decide to turn to this particular work?

"I thought that title would fit well with my song. It sounded quite poetic and referred to spirituality... But yes, in fact, that phrase perfectly reflected the spirit of the whole song, so I decided to keep it," Tikaram said in an interview.

Tanita's lyrics reek of melancholy and philosophical reflections. The young girl dedicated her song to a strong teenage feeling that had been troubling her for several years. The main idea of the song is to describe a person's relationship with the world. In many ways it is similar to existential crisiswhich is very clearly conveyed by Tikaram in the lines of the song.

Tanita Tikaram
Tanita Tikaram
In the morning when I wipe my eyes,
Miles are being erased.
I like to think I have the will
Don't do what you say," the song sings.

Tanita Tikaram, the forgotten pride of the '80s scene 

Performer Tanita Tikaram was born in 1969 into the family of a British Army officer and saw many places during her childhood because of her father's itinerant work. Young Tanita's love of music was apparent even then. She started singing in nightclubs as a teenager and caught the attention of the label WEA Records. A quick unexpected breakthrough, work with famous producers and a nomination for the Brit Awards made it clear to Tanita's musical protégés that she was not going to stop there. Then followed several albums, made in the same folk-themed and filled with philosophical textsBut they were not commercially successful.

Unfortunately, the "shot" hit "Twist In My Sobriety" was the only world-class song written by Tikaram, and it was quickly forgotten. However, loyal fans continue to admire Taniyita's gorgeous music and magical voice, leaving positive comments under her YouTube videos.

Other Tikaram songs that have not been forgotten to this day

Contrary to popular belief, Tanita Tikaram is not a one-hit performer in the strict sense of the word. "Twist In My Sobriety," while commercially more successful, does not completely overshadow the singer's other compositions.

Tanitha Tikaram at the performance
Tanitha Tikaram at the performance

For example, the song "Good Tradition."The song, which has a brighter melody, also has strong lyrics that do not leave listeners indifferent. One and a half million views on YouTube and tenth line UK chart.

Another equally popular single by Tanita is the song "World Outside Your Window". Thoughtful lyrics, a strong melody, and an amusing reggae rhythm all make for a compelling composition.


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