History of Soviet cassette recorders

What did Soviet music lovers listen to their favorite hits on and how did the turntables get better and better? Read in today's article.

Recorders in the USSR

Listening to music has always been an interesting thing to do, but the history of certain fixturesThe Soviet Union was the first country in the Soviet Union. In the Soviet Union there were not so much. The more that it was not a question of compactness and ease of use, the more that it was a matter of playback technology.

About the first appearance in the Union cassette tape recorders, why they were considered deficit and which of them sounded the best will be discussed in this article.

ANDThe history of tape recorders in the USSR

Soviet reel-to-reel tape recorder
Soviet reel-to-reel tape recorder

For Soviet people it was. a little available ways to listen to your favorite music. There were no record players in every home, because such equipment cost a lot of money, and high-quality vinyl records were not available either. Reel tape recorders came a little later, and although they were a scarce commodity, they were more acceptable at a fraction of the cost to Soviet people. Mass production of bobbins in the late '60s soon ceased as they were replaced by more mobile cassette tape recorders.

Electronica cassette recorder
Electronica cassette recorder

For a long time, the USSR did not bring innovations into music-playing equipment, but after Philips created the first cassette recorder, Soviet technicians were tasked with making something similar to, and it has become first The first step in the history of the emergence and popularization of tape recorders in the Soviet Union.

"Desna" is the most popular thing

Desna tape recorder from 1969
Desna tape recorder from 1969

The first Soviet cassette recorder is considered "Desna."The Philips was the prototype of the Philips six years earlier, but the Soviet engineers tried to do their best. Its prototype was a Philips six years earlier, but Soviet engineers tried to not completely copy the device of a foreign model, but to make your own adjustments.

Desna was different in many ways internallyFor example, the amplifier in a Soviet tape recorder was more powerful than in an imported one. К merits The new model had a motor speed stabilizer, an increased number of transistors, and the number of volts to operate the tape recorder. In addition, the Desna had more mass than the foreign prototype: additional batteries were needed for better operations devices.

A significant "disadvantage" of the tape recorder was priceThe "Desna" was not easy for ordinary citizens to buy. However, some time later, after the appearance of other, more quality models, Soviet people no longer needed the expensive gadget that was real for its time. breakthrough.

Not only "Desna" - what cassette players appeared after the

Sputnik-401 tape recorder
Sputnik-401 tape recorder

Nearly decade It took Soviet engineers a long time to create acceptable quality cassette players. All this time the technique was improving, and the Desna was replaced in the early '70s by the "Sputnik-401"The Sputnik, which was based on the development of the previous tape recorder. Together with the "Sputnik" it was put into mass production "Legend 401.", created by the Arzamas instrument-making plant.

The new generation of cassette players was much more the best sound. In addition, tape recorders could now play back recordings at second speed and even serve as radio.

Vesna tape recorder
Vesna tape recorder

The evolution of tape recorders was steady, and the familiar "Sputnik" and "Legend" was replaced by a cassette recorder called "Spring."produced by the Zaporozhye plant. It was supposed to have an original non-contact engine, but development had to be postponed because Soviet citizens demanded something instead of The Vesna-305 had to be built in a hurry, so the technicians left the traditional Japanese "stuffing" in the Vesna-305. A few years later a cassette player with a new engine was created and was called "Vesna-306.". Improved performance allowed this tape recorder to run longer without being plugged in.

But still main The advantage of the Vesna is rightly considered to be the belt pulling mechanism. It was developed by Soviet engineers, who thus made best a portable cassette player: when it was moved, the sound was played without interference.

Vesna tape recorders have become the prototype for subsequent cassette players. The Perm factory began to produce "Rythm", "Romantic" and "Elektronika" tape recorders on the basis of already existing models. Only towards the end of the '70s did "Vesna" get a new vision: there were enhanced "Vesna-201 Stereo" and "Vesna-211 Stereo" with outstanding equipment.

In the mid-'80s, influenced by foreign "boomboxes," the cassette player "Vesna-310C".who had more features: the ability to record mono and stereo formats, automatic adjustment of the recording level, automatic playback stop if the tape fails, and the first noise-canceling system appeared on them.

Vesna-310S cassette recorder
Vesna-310S cassette recorder

Truly "popular" The tape recorder was also considered to be produced by the Moscow factory TochMash "Electronica-301". It, like the Vesna, was equipped with a sturdy tape drive mechanism. The next model, the Electronica-302, offered a better playback thanks to the built-in loudspeaker, but sometimes such models, in addition to domestic functionality, introduced foreign The sound of the "people's" cassettes was improved by the use of components.

Nostalgia conquers trends

One of the modern cassette recorders
One of the modern cassette recorders

Despite the fact that cassette recorders came out of wide With the collapse of the Soviet Union, fans of retro equipment still cherish rare cassette players. Some of them are just a good memory and are now used as decorand many of them even now continue to playback favorite hits.

A modern Sansui cassette player
A modern Sansui cassette player

Nostalgia for bygone times makes music lovers either buy cassette players at flea markets or look for them alternative. There are many offers on the Internet for the sale of cassette recorders, slightly improved by today's devices like a flash drive connector or Bluetooth access, but if true connoisseurs are to be believed, such innovations no longer make cassette players like they used to be, but only parody timeless classics.


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