"Cockroaches!" - The reason for the disintegration of the domestic punk band, which had existed for more than 30 years

"We will try to organize farewell concerts, but only when there is a change of political power in the country.

Why the Cockroaches Broke Up! - The story of a band that just wanted to create

Punk band "Cockroaches!" - one of the brightest, most enjoyable and longest-running on the domestic scene. The collective was formed in 1991 The year, and it was started by... ordinary Moscow schoolchildren! At the time, none of them were. 16-year-olds guys - and could not have imagined how far they would be able to go and eventually become the darlings of tens of thousands of people.

Thanks to persistent rehearsals and an obsession with their work, the guys were able to carry out their A rock and roll dream! Today a large number of people know about "Cockroaches! Russian students: for 30 years of its existence, the band has released 18 studio albums and dozens of music videos that have racked up hundreds of thousands, and even millions views!

A brief history of the band

Cockroaches!" band, 2021
Cockroaches!" band, 2021

Despite its popularity, this group can safely be called "multi-faceted.": its composition was changing so much oftenThe band's regular member and, in fact, the leader of the band remained a member of the band. The permanent member and, in fact, the leader of the group remained Dmitry Spirin - bassist and vocalist of Cockroaches!

Dmitry Spirin
Dmitry Spirin

At first, the band was called "Kutuzovsky Prospekt.", then "Four Cockroaches."And then she called herself simply - "Cockroaches!" Under this name the friends began their ascent, which resulted in a 30-year career! It's hard to call their work broadly relevant: their message is not for everyone... About "Cockroaches!" you could say this: "an insider among strangers, an outsider among insiders". The punk rockers often played at charity concerts, thus attracting public attention not only to themselves, but also to sharp social problems.

In recent years, musicians have begun to actively criticize Kremlin. For example, the music video for the song "My Voice (2020) demonstrates the rockers' stance on the amendments to the Russian Constitution.

"Burn in hell! Here's my voice! A voice!"

There are a lot of positive comments under the video - people thanks "Cockroaches!" for fair and sincere position. Although in many ways it was she who played the key role in the collapse of the successful collective...

Over the 30 years of its existence, "Cockroaches!" has achieved great successAnd not only in their native Russia. Some of their albums were released in USA, Japan and Europeand many domestic mainstream musicians express their respect and gratitude to the Moscow punk rockers, claiming that their music is the most True.

Disintegration and its causes

Dmitry Spirin
Dmitry Spirin

The leader of the group announced that "Cockroaches! Dmitry Spirin reported on social media April 6, 2022. But it was not the participants' decision, but the circumstances that forced them to take this step...

Recently, the creativity of the "Cockroaches! suppressedOfficials in every way tearing down their concerts, so the band won't even be able to play their farewell tour for their loyal fans! This is what Dmitry wrote on his page:

"We will try to organize farewell concerts, but only when there is a change of political power in the country.

Very tough. By the way: due to the fact that lately Spirin began to appear more and more often on the political YouTube channels harshly criticizing the Kremlin, the musician is confident that he will soon be added to the list Foreign Agents.

Earlier, the vocalist of the "Cockroaches! InterviewIn which he shared the following:

"They don't let us perform! Any concert with our participation is dispersed by the police! Several times the organizers cut off our electricity. We are not welcomed..."

Against this backdrop, "Cockroaches!" and many other bands, who are also not allowed to perform, were created petition demanding an end to the harassment of artists in Russia by political reasons. It was signed by tens of thousands man!

"This affects everyone! Today artists are literally shut up, and at the order of the state - put in the foreign agents..."

"And nothing but the truth."

Shortly before its dissolution, in March 2021, "Cockroaches!" presented the music video for the song "And nothing but the truth.". It deals with the protests that took place at the time because of Navalnyand at which more than 11,000 people were detained!

According to Spirin's recollections, on the set pounced on the crowd. OMON:

"We sang the chorus, 10-12 takes had already been filmed. The riot police cordoned us off, and then they jumped on us. There was a lot of rudeness, we didn't care about the song anymore... We decided not to include those episodes in the video, although they are well documented on the tape".

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