"The Favorite Voice of Nightwish - Tarja Turunen: Life Story and Facts

"There was something unique about her: she radiated charisma, and probably all the boys in high school had a crush on her in one way or another. It was an inner glow unlike anything else..."

Tarja Turunen: full biography, interesting facts, best songs and clips, personal life

Journalists and the public have dubbed it "the finnish nightingale"and if you've listened to her songs, you'll probably agree with that title. Tarja Turunen burned with a passion for singing from an early age. She first sang in the choir and then in public performances during her high school years before becoming a frontwoman nightwish. As a result, she became the voice and face of the band, and attracted millions of fans from all over the world. Over the years she has expanded the scope of metal, incorporating classical singing techniques for an unlikely combination with symphonic heaviness.

Her marvelous voice struck the critics literally at once! A strong, emotional lyric soprano in three octaves left no one indifferent. Turunen proved that classical opera vocals could be perfectly combined with dark metal music. This made her a legend of her time.

Early years

Tarja Turunen
Tarja Turunen

Tarja was born in 1977 in a small village Pujos, near Kitee, Finland. She was brought up in an ordinary family with many children:

"We lived in a cottage that my father built - he was a carpenter. I grew up in a tiny village of about 500 people. So I'm a country girl.

But something planted seeds in her mind. And that musical environment: From the time she was in diapers, she watched her family get together and sing various songs. The first to hear the future star were the parishioners of the local church. Remarkably, but forgetting the words, the girl "scratched.": I came up with them myself and finished the performance with dignity.

Tarja Turunen as a child
Tarja Turunen as a child

Already at a tender age she was madly drawn to the spotlight, and during her school years she was one of the most bright and creative girls! She studied piano and flute. And her former vocal teacher recalled that the girl could sing without preparation absolutely any songThe other guys had to rehearse and practice for a long time.

"Shine," or the secret of attracting guys

Tarja Turunen
Tarja Turunen

In her youth, our heroine was not the prettiest girl in school, but guys were attracted to her like a magnet. Even as an adult, Tarja did not lose her inner charm: The opposite sex liked her, which made her an "outcast" in the company of other girls since high school. She was talented and popular with guys - it is clear that many saw her as a competitor. That's why Turunen never made any friends - instead, she always got along well with her friends. with the guyswhich was "enough" for her.

With his future Nightwish colleague, Tuomas HolopainenShe met him when he was 12 years old. No exaggeration: she smote him (he was even in love with her for years, until her wedding). The musician later recounted:

"There was something unique about her: she radiated charisma, and probably all the boys in high school had a crush on her in one way or another. It was an inner glow unlike anything else..."

Success with Nightwish


In 1996 she received an offer to join Tuomas' band as a soloist. This resulted in many years of successful collaboration, filled with worldwide recognition, a catalog of hits and an army of fans. As part of nightwish the girl began to develop as a singer, since until then she sang only what was required of her. Her powerful voice became the calling card of the group.

Subsequently, the singer was seen as a "trump card"which has made the band such an impressive success. Tarja herself said the following:

"I wasn't a metal fan. In my whole life I never thought of becoming a heavy metal singer, but it only happened because I accepted the challenge."

Family happiness

Tarja Turunen and Marcelo Kabuli
Tarja Turunen and Marcelo Kabuli

Tarja Turunen met her husband, Marcelo CabuliThe band's lead singer, a man of the same name, was in Chile during Nightwish's tour of South America. In a heated atmosphere a stormy romance began to develop between him and the band's lead singer...

"There was a passion inside of us. He just couldn't take his eyes off me," the singer recalled.

Tarja Turunen and Marcelo Kabuli
Tarja Turunen and Marcelo Kabuli

In 2002, the couple got married. Fortunately, their marriage is still intact. They love each other, and Turunen, who, by the way, has proven herself in her solo work as well, does not need any other man. All we have to do is Be happy for them!

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