Five best songs performed by Tatyana Antsiferova according to "Fuzz Music" magazine

Tatyana's voice is unique and delightful! And we think today's selection of timeless works proves it once again!

Recalling our favorite songs performed by Tatyana Antsiferova

Her lyric-dramatic soprano touched the hearts of both ordinary Soviet citizens and experienced critics. Tatyana Antsiferova - one of Russia's favorite female performers. She has lent her delightful voice to many popular and even significant for the entire country, as well as a number of movie hits.

Anziferova worked with some of the leading composers She knew the names of David Tukhmanov, Vladimir Matetsky, Viktor Reznikov, and others from the Soviet Union firsthand. She went through a lot, not without "creative slaps," as they say in bohemian circles. She had undergone an operation, learned the delights of motherhood... At one time she was planning to leave the country. in USABut due to the serious condition of my husband Vladimir Belousov, who unfortunately is no longer with us, we had to forget about the plans.

Tatyana Antsiferova
Tatyana Antsiferova

In a word, Tatyana lived a difficult but bright and rich life. Today the woman has seventh decade - in July 2022, she will be 68 years old! But the public remembered her young, beautiful... And talented, of course. Below we have tried to collect the most significant, delightful and favorite songs performed by Antsiferova, a vocal gem of Russian cinema and pop!

"Looking for you."

Tatyana Antsiferova
Tatyana Antsiferova

"Looking for you." - one of the favorites film clips in our country! This song was played in the popular movie "June 31."The main role in which was played by the young and incredibly beautiful Natalia Trubnikova! And here are all the vocal parts Princess Melicenta belong to Anziferova. Alexander Zatsepin dared to give the young singer his creations, and he did not regret it: Tatiana managed to do the songs with flying colors! So, in the framework of "June 31" Antsiferova's voice for the first time sounded on the big screen.

"The fact that Zatsepin's music and my voice complemented each other so well is a real miracle!"

But soon Tatyana Vladimirovna receives her first "a creative slap in the face". After her success with "June 31," the singer sang several songs for the film "Know Me.". Soon "Melody" published two CDs of film songs, where Antsiferova's voice was featured everywhere except for "Looking for You". This composition was decided to be re-recorded with the vocals of Xenia Georgiadi - For some reason the Arts Council did not approve the original version... This is where the opinions of the firm and the people differed.

"A World Without a Loved One."

Tatyana Antsiferova
Tatyana Antsiferova

As we emphasized above, "A World Without a Loved One." was heard in "June 31st. It is worth adding that this work became one of the most significant both for director Leonid Kvinikidze and composer Alexander Zatsepin.

However, this cinematic masterpiece turned out to be not only a success, but also with scandals. So, after the premiere, the film literally "gathering dust on the shelf." Seven years! All because of the fact that Alexander Godunov asked for political asylum in the States. And Antsiferova's "World Without a Loved One" was not allowed to be sung at all! All because of the theater director's harsh criticism Yuri Lyubimov about the development of cultural policy in the USSR. He went to the West, and for the sake of argument, the Khudosoviet said:

"How can we allow this song? After all, they'll think we're sorry Lyubimov stayed in the West!"

"Know Me."

A gorgeous composition of of the movie of the same namewhich, in fact, we have already mentioned.

"Goodbye, Moscow."

Tatiana Antsiferova and Lev Leshchenko
Tatiana Antsiferova and Lev Leshchenko

Another great song, and another scandal. "Goodbye, Moscow." - a composition that truly means a lot to our country! It was to it that Soviet people watched the end of the 1980 Olympics...An immortal classic has been sung Lev Leshchenko and Tatiana Antsiferova. By the way: Tatiana was chosen from a list of worthy competitors - the brilliant singers Valentina Tolkunova and Lyudmila Senchina! And originally it was even planned that Antsiferova would sing this soulful hit solo.

For this song Antsiferova did not receive a penny! It was thought that performing "Goodbye, Moscow" for Tatiana was It is a great honor. And for that reason the singer rejected this composition - she didn't perform it until 2011! But for a special release. "Property of the Republic".The author made an exception for the Pakhmutova's work.

"Summer Without You."

This composition was born in the famous Olympic summer. It is generally considered one of the best in Antsiferova's repertoire.

Tatiana Vladimirovna's Voice unique and delightful! And it seems to us that today's selection of timeless works has proved that once again.


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