Technokamikaze (2020) - RAM (Dirty Ramirez feat. Suaalma)

November 2020 track

RAM (feat. Suaalma) - Technokamikaze (2020)

RAM feat. Suaalma - "Technokamikaze" was released in November 2020, and within 10 days reached a million views on YouTube. This is not the first collaboration between the artists - in June they released "Beyond Common Sense" about the shakiness of illusions and the harsh reality that sooner or later everyone has to face. "Technokamikaze" will be part of the album "SADEASTWOOD 2: Ascension", which will be released in 2021.

Album "SADEASTWOOD 2: Ascension"

In April 2020, Dirty Ramirez announced the release of the second part of the album "SADEASTWOOD", which will be part of the trilogy of the same name. According to the musician, the new album is planned to be even more epic than the first part. Fans should expect a lot of energetic compositions - Ramirez in his interview with Nurberg emphasises that he tries to make the new tracks as "pumping" and motivating as possible.

Motivating listeners to accomplish things is one of the main goals of the performer. In order to achieve the effect of complete immersion in music, he is ready to experiment with the genre. According to Dirty Ramirez, in the future he plans to try to work in new musical directions, not afraid to move away from the original electronic sound of his music - he wants to surprise fans with new musical solutions. As in his previous albums, the author will pay a lot of attention to rhythm, tempo and sound in general - the lyrics are just a background for him, which gives the composition a rhythm, another musical instrument.

"Technokamikaze" - listener reaction

The listeners reacted to the release of "Technokamikaze" strongly and ambiguously. Many of them emphasise that this is not the same Dirty Ramirez who used to impress with his tough lyrics and crazy behaviour on stage. Nevertheless, the rapper's provocativeness is evident in the lyrics and, of course, in the music video, which refers to Eurodance of the 90s.

Together with RAM, the track was recorded by the singer SUAALMA, whose voice, according to the interview, impressed Ramirez very much. Indeed, the sound of the melodic female singing harmonises interestingly with the fast and expressive male recitative. Despite the fact that some fans accuse the performer of changing his creative principles and creating compositions that are more like samples of familiar pop music, one can't help but notice the provocative presentation and references to horror films that are typical for Dirty Ramirez's work - what's worth only the monsters dressed as Japanese schoolgirls.

Technokamikaze clip.

The music video was directed by Eldar Garayev - it's not the first time Ramirez has worked with him. The music videos for the tracks "Sweat" and "Parasite", released in 2019, turned out to be so bright thanks to the directorial solutions found by Garayev. "Technokamikaze" was no exception - already within the first ten days after publication, it collected more than a million views.

The clip starts with the intro of SUAALMA - you can immediately notice a somewhat unusual for Ramirez's work acidic palette of images and more lightness and danceability than in his other tracks, for example, from the album "TRAUMATIX". Scenes quickly change each other - a girl against the sky is pushed out of the frame by monsters with electric guitars and men in brightly coloured masks dancing in a green room. The motif becomes more and more cheerful, and the shots become more and more colourful. As in other music videos of the artist, what is happening in the frame is very surreal and sarcastically reflects modern realities. Sound and rhythm are much more important to Ramirez than the lyrics, and in his videos he has another tool - the image, which is very energising and "pumps" definitely not less than the soundtrack.


Singer Suaalma

In interviews with other artists, SUAALMA is labelled as a young talent that you want to work with. Indeed, without her deep voice the track would be very different.

The singer rarely talks about herself in public. Even in her official VKontakte group, there are only a few entries, telling, first of all, about several already released albums. The first of them appeared on the web in 2017 - it was a project that did not gain widespread popularity, but already in it the outstanding vocal data of the singer are noticeable.

SUAALMA has singles coming out later on:

  • "Climb Into My Dream" (2018);
  • "If You Love Silence" (2019);
  • "Moonlighting" (2019).

In 2019, a music video was shot for the last track, which really turned out to be like a beautiful dream on a moonlit night. Like Ramirez's videos, it emphasises the grotesque, unrealistic nature of what is happening, but in SUAALMA tracks this unreality is light and balances on a thin line between dream and reality.

An homage to "Mushrooms."

The "Technokamikaze" clip looks like a tribute to the band "Mushrooms". Many listeners discussing it on social networks draw similar parallels.

Despite the fact that Dirty Ramirez denies any intentional reference to the work of "Grybov", one can still notice some similarities. Many visual solutions are similar: right down to the fact that the hero of the clip dances in a brightly coloured mask, except that the room in the Ukrainian band's "Velik" is not green like Ramirez's, but yellow.

In any case, the tracks of these artists, although similar in expressiveness, differ in many sound solutions. The visuals, similar at first glance, are also different upon closer examination - in Ramirez's video, the locations are not limited to a room with brightly coloured walls.

The track "Technokamikaze" is very energetic and somewhat different from Dirty Ramirez's early work. Fans are looking forward to 2021 to see what other musical techniques RAM will implement in his work.

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