A famous hit by the band Zero, the music video for which has been seen by everyone

The band Zero is one of the brightest representatives of the Leningrad rock scene. Against the background of other bands, the musicians of this collective stood out for absolutely everything: from the lyrics to Fyodor Chistyakov's philosophy. While working on the main song in the band's career, the frontman "had a genius", authoritative experts said at the time. How the main hit of these punk-folk-rockers "I'm Coming, I'm Smoking" was born, we will tell you in our article...

History of the song "I'm coming, smoking" by the band "Zero": interesting facts, clip

"Song of unrequited love for the Motherland." - An album of undeniable hits, which is among the landmark works of the representatives of the Russian rock. Who authored it? A band with a rather unremarkable name - "Zero.". It was this result of the work of the collective's frontman Chistyakov that became the record that helped them enter the to the "first echelon" of Russian rock.

"Russian rock is an absolutely inexplicable thing. It is still not clear to many people what it is...," admitted Fyodor Chistyakov, the leader of Nol.

As in foursome of folk musicians has managed to create a collection of real hits, thanks in large part to the famous song "I'm coming, I'm smoking."? The answer to this question is given by the story of the creation of the fifth track in the list of tracks from that album.

Background: "Zero", which was so loved in the USSR

Group "Zero." - it's about soulfulness. It was this characteristic of the band that helped win the hearts of the listeners and real recognition in the USSR and then in Russia. It was founded in 1985 by classmates Fyodor Chistyakovwho played the accordion (which would later become the band's trademark), drummer Alexei Nikolaev and the guitarist Anatoly Platonov. They were then joined by a bass player Dmitry Gusakov.

Group Zero
Group Zero

In the songs. "Nola." felt ironywhich was very much needed by the listeners from the Union. Chistyakov's music literally distracted from pressing problems, and anyone who has ever heard the compositions written by the ChistyakovI felt a spiritual unity with the musicians. This was very appealing to a wide audience.

"A very original band. Their "Song of Unrequited Love for the Motherland" is the best thing that was created in rock music," the musicians' fans note.

"Coming, Smoking" was the band's biggest hit

On 1991 was the peak of the band's creativity, when they released the famous The album "Song of Unrequited Love for the Motherland". Virtually every song from that record has received amazing acclaim. It is also interesting that this album emphasises the of instrumental musicit's no longer a classic punk с electric guitarsbut some new Russian rockspecific and distinctive, largely due to the sound of the Chistyakov's bayan.

Album tracklisting "Song about unrequited love for the Motherland"
Album tracklisting "Song about unrequited love for the Motherland"

On the Leningrad stage, it was he who brought an element of innovations into the character of rock music and was the first Soviet performer to play this Russian folk instrument. In modern times, perhaps the successor "Uncle Fyodor's" group "Leningrad."which also adds an element folk rock into your art.

It's the song "Walking, smoking.", which is the fifth track on the album, has helped the band "Zero." to gain cult status. Uncomplicated text и catchy music prominent solo и folk motifs make from a simple song a real hit, which was very much in line with the spirit of the time and history. This is the merit of the frontman of "Nil" Fyodor Chistyakov.

Young Fyodor Chistyakov
Young Fyodor Chistyakov

He owns the idea of the song - it has to do with the singer's personal stories and his experiencesthat he was experiencing while writing "Songs of Unrequited Love for the Motherland"being at the cottage in a small the cultural capital of Komarovo"a place of literary pilgrimage."

Funny music video

Video shoot for the song "I'm coming, I'm smoking." took place in 1992.a year after the song was released. It was directed by Alexei Rosenberga young specialist in the field. He was invited Bakhyt Kilibayevwho was instrumental in creating the music video for the band's song "Zero." and who was then working as an ad man for "MMM.". It was the latter that became idea generator for the video accompaniment to the famous hit. Improvisation, simple ideas, conventional subjects - these principles guided Kilibayevwhen I was thinking up the commercials.

Bakhyt Kilibayev - producer of the music video "I'm Coming, I'm Smoking"
Bakhyt Kilibayev - producer of the music video "I'm Coming, I'm Smoking"

At the centre of the composition. young smoker. His companion is a boy who also indulges in smoke. It is interesting that the clip is shot practically in one frame - the viewer feels as if he is watching the lyrical hero from the side and, focusing your attention precisely on protagonistand only occasionally notices that there are strange things going on in the background: fist fights, dances and others amusements.

The original plot idea, remarkably, did not match the final one: it involved the very "Uncle Fyodor." and the drummer Alexei Nikolaev ("Nichols")However, during the filming process, the musicians became unaware of what was happening and did not follow the director's precise instructions. Bakhyt Kilibayev decided reshoot in a new way, without their involvement.

The non-participation of the musicians in the recording is also explained by the commercial idea of the music video. According to Fyodor Chistyakovhe was only indirectly involved in this project:

"This song... I'm sure even in those days, I would have chosen a different one to shoot the video... It was pure idea and work of Bakhyt Kilibayev for the song of the band 'Zero'..."

The true meaning of the song

Although the text "I'm coming, I'm smoking." does not have long sentences and some abstruse phrases, fans of the work of "Nola." still tried to find some hidden meaning in the words that were written Chistyakov:

"It's all clear! "Life is beautiful and insanely good" only when high!", interpreted the lines of the song by one music journalist.

Fyodor Chistyakov playing the bayan
Fyodor Chistyakov playing the bayan

However, according to the author of the lyrics and the leader of the band, the song should not be considered serious:

"Both myself and the rest of the musicians, we didn't think of that song as any kind of deep song... It was nothing more than a fun song. We were more invested in the other songs."

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