The Beatles' Five Worst Songs: Hard to Believe They Sang It

Yes, yes, this band has bad songs! But that doesn't mean that they themselves were bad, it just happens. It happens to everybody.

Even The Beatles have the worst songs - The iconic foursome's top weakest tunes

Even brilliant musicians from time to time stay in decline. And the iconic Liverpool Four are no exception to the rule. Today about The Beatles are talked about as a legendary band that had a tremendous impact on the culture and thousands of followers! But even British rock 'n' rollers have had their troubled times, which are reflected in the songs...

Yes, yes, this group has bad songs! But that doesn't mean that she herself was bad - it just happens. And with all. Here are the top five most controversial compositionswhich fans and critics have long dubbed "the worst.".

"Revolution 9."

The Beatles
The Beatles

This song is from "White Album" was received by the public extremely ambiguous. It's just that listeners instantly rejected her, while devoted fans sincerely tried to understand! But it didn't come out well. And some even called "Revolution 9" "an extra episode where The Beatles lost themselves. If the story is to be believed, during the recording of the track in the studio there was pure chaos! There was terrible tension between the musicians, everyone played out of tune, and the presence of Yoko Ono It clearly did not add color... In the end, it turned out what it turned out to be.

When the recording of Revolution 9 was coming to an end, Paul McCartney was away. When he returned and listened to this masterpiece, he took a long, hard, and to no avail I was persuading John Lennon not to include this "cacophony" on the album. But Lennon was adamant. He was probably the only Beatle who stayed excited from "Revolution 9." He later called the song "a depiction of anti-revolution," while critics unanimously dubbed it "the anti-masterpiece.".

"Wild Honey Pie

Paul McCartney, Patti Boyd, and George Harrison
Paul McCartney, Patti Boyd, and George Harrison

This song only lasts 52 seconds! Nevertheless, it was honored to be included in the tenth studio album The Beatles. And to draw mixed criticism... In fact, it's practically McCartney's solo creation! During the recording. "Wild Honey Pie The rest of the band was away or just doing their own, more important things. It was bold experiment on the multi-track recording - vocal, guitar and drum parts overlap each other an endless number of times!

Whimsy is that here even no text! Just a repetition of the title and a humble "I love you, Honey Pie." at the end. According to McCartney, it was a curious experiment, referring to the song "Honey Pie.". At first, he himself wasn't sure if the short tune was worth including on the album. George Harrison's wife insisted on it, Patti Boyd: The girl found something charming in Wild Honey Pie. Alas, not everyone shared her views...

"Little Child."

The Beatles
The Beatles

This song is essential lucky compared to the above-mentioned masterpieces - it is not drowned in severe criticismbut simply became "a masterpiece not for everyone. Probably only devoted fans loved "Little Child. As the critic wrote Richie Anterberger:

"It's not the worst The Beatles song. Even though it's far from brilliant and worthwhile... But even though 'Little Child' isn't the result of genius, it's still bright rock 'n' roll fun that has a right to live!"

The work on this song was breaking all records in its continuations: The Beatles spent as much as three sessions! The composition was recorded literally in pieces! Despite the fact that the vocals are attributed Lennon and McCartneyMany people believe that all the vocal parts belong to To John (allegedly "Little Child" was simply recorded and mixed twice).

"Hold Me Tight."

The Beatles in Paris, 1964
The Beatles in Paris, 1964

This song has fascinating story: The Beatles originally planned to include it in their debut album, but the decision was changed almost at the last minute. All the records, for some reason, were destroyed. It was only some time later that the band returned to "Hold Me Tight". The song was finally released - it was included on the album "With The Beatles" and received mixed criticism. And it was criticized by Lennon and McCartney themselves!

"It's Paul's creation. Quite a weak song that I never found attractive," John once said.

A barrage of criticism also came from reviewers, some scolding the band for errors in the sound, others noted that McCartney clearly False in terms of vocals. And some have agreed that it's Worst moment for the entire record.

"Dizzy Miss Lizzy."

The Beatles and Muhammad Ali
The Beatles and Muhammad Ali

"Dizzy Miss Lizzie." was not so dizzying in terms of success! And we're talking about the cover as well as the original! Yes, yes, the early version was recorded Larry Williams in 1958, but to repeat the success of his previous hit "Bony Moronie." I never could.

The Beatles' attempt was seen as tribute to the author of "Dizzy Miss Lizzy," and at the same time characterized as "disorderly and unattractive". And yet critics found something positive in this cover: a powerful vocal John Lennonwhich is as good as ever!


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