Where the Road Led AuktsYon - Top 6 Hits of the Favorite Avant-Garde Band

Today let's take a look at the top six favorite hits of Auktsyon. What is behind the lines of their songs and how were the imperishable compositions created? Read on.

Top 6 best songs of the band "Auktyon"

The most avant-garde and multi-genre group of Russian rock is rightly considered "Auktyon". Their appearance on the rock scene in the 1980s with Oleg Garkushi's shamanistic dances and Leonid Fedorov's atypical vocals was a great success. enchantingand to this day remains one of the unusual for domestic music.

My fame The band got its name in the mid-80s, but their peak was in the beginning and middle of the next decade. In the 90s, according to listeners and critics, AuktsYon created their most hit songs. A little bit about the lyrics and success of the band's selected compositions is further on in the article.

The Road (1993)

Auktsyon Group
Auktsyon Group

The album Bird was released in 1993 and 1994: first version of the record was recorded in Hamburg during the band's foreign tours, and second - in Moscow. The album's biggest hit song is rightly considered to be "Road"It was one of the soundtracks in the movie "Brat-2," where it was one of the soundtracks.

Fyodorov and Ozersky, speaking of the meaning of their compositions, always note that he secondaryAnd the main thing for them is the combination of words and melody, which are perceived only as a whole. But the listeners always find the sense in the band's songs, and "The Road" was not an exception. Because of the reference to "the zone" in the lyrics, the song was beloved by the fans "prison romance".The lyrics of "The Long Road, and It's Not Even My Own," the audience perceived as the life of a man who has been set free and does not know how to adjust to it. The lyrics are "looped" with the lines "I am the sky and the moon to myself," and it is similar to how a person deprived of freedom imagines other the world from which he is cut off. For him the whole world is formed in himself, for behind bars he is entitled to comprehend only other sides myself and discover a new world within ourselves.

Today at the concerts "The Road" Fedorov practically does not performThe singer's voice has become a little lower over the years, and he is no longer able to sing the ringing notes. However, on rare occasions fans are able to hear the legendary song live.

The Bird (1993)

"Auktsyon on Stage. 90-е
"Auktsyon on Stage. 90-е

The first composition of the album of the same name, "The Bird," was created in the most harsh The days of 1991, when Russia began to coup. At the time, the musicians were at a dacha near St. Petersburg working on songs for the forthcoming record.

Upon learning about what was happening in the country, the band members did not hesitate to reflect exactly own vision of this situation. As keyboardist and lyricist Dmitry Ozersky later recalled, these and other lyrics could be called poetry. it is forbiddenAs there is nothing innovative in them, there is only a reflection of reality through the eyes of the musicians. Both in the lines "Nothing to fight for, nothing to share" and in the tune itself there are light motifs, but this light is interrupted by burdened reality words. The song is in many ways about freedomwhich at that difficult time was concentrated for musicians only in their shelter. Such contrast between freedom on the inside and fear on the outside, a red line runs through the entire skeleton of the song.

Winter (1991)

"AuktsYon" at one of the concerts
"AuktsYon" at one of the concerts

In the case of the song "Winter," the lyrics were not inspired by harsh reality, but by the way the words organically fit Leonid Fedorov's already invented melody. In one of the interviews the vocalist said that this composition was built using one word, and it was the union "whether.".

According to the musician, no one thought about the meaning of the song in its creation; it's just great. crashed into the music words about winter, a little bit about love, and about the rest of the seasons. Despite the combination of lengthy words, the meaning stands out quite maybe: in the chorus, the hero of the song seems to share his life with winter, and if the other seasons are not attractive to him, then with winter comes a kind of secret "fun.". Only in winter does the hero feel alive; the rest of the time he uncomfortable: Summer drives you crazy, and autumn lives only with its longing. Sincere feelings are awakened only when "Blizzards are nesting" on the window of the hero of the song, and only at that moment he finds himself.

My Love (1993)

Auktsyon in the 1980s
Auktsyon in the 1980s

Leonid Fedorov called this composition the most the best Auktsyon's work. In many interviews the musician claimed that "My Love" is so Organic by nature, as if it had come into being on its own without the efforts and torments of composers.

Fedorov mentioned more than once that almost all of the band's material is gloomy and depressive, and that the musicians just can't write something light and joyful. exception was the song "My Love," whose lyrics and motif radiate light in itself. If you compare this track to everything else from the legendary album "The Bird," you really can't find dark moments or meanings. The words like "white," "tender," and "gray" scattered throughout the text evoke sadness, but in a very different way, atypical for the compositions of Auktsyon.

A music video made for the band Fyodor BondarchukThe musicians didn't like it. Then the members of the group re-cut the video material as they wanted, and in this corrected form the music video for "My Love" became known.

Happy Birthday (1993)

Leonid Fedorov and Oleg Garkusha on stage. 90-е
Leonid Fedorov and Oleg Garkusha on stage. 90-е

This composition has become latest in the track list of the album The Bird. Interestingly, the title song of the record was written during the "August putsch," and "Happy Birthday" was written in October 1993 during the dispersal of the Congress of People's Deputies. In fact, these compositions related to the political unrest in the country, restricted album on both sides, highlighting its appearances in the hard moment for Russia. Work on the record started with some shocks, and ended with others.

"Happy Birthday" appeared spontaneouslyThe song was composed by the daughter of the poet Alexei Khvostenko, whom the band collaborated with and recorded several albums with. During the studio work the daughter of the poet Alexei Khvostenko, with whom the band collaborated and recorded several albums, was involved in the creation of the song. The song sounds like an upbeat alternative rockAnd this feeling is created not only by the rhythmic guitar and drums, but also by the lyrics, which are completely unlike anything else.

Eyes (1993)

Leonid Fedorov and Oleg Garkusha
Leonid Fedorov and Oleg Garkusha

This song, in a way, turned out to be prophetic: As Fedorov mentioned in one interview, after writing this song, he and the band actually bought the "house on wheels" mentioned in the refrain. The bus purchased by the musicians for the tour became a real home. According to Ozersky's recollections, an unforgettable experience of such trips was watching the road on a dark night, when the wheels of the car continuously a road strip is wound up.

This same feeling is explicitly mentioned in the lyrics of the song "Eyes. From the very beginning, the atmosphere of the composition places the listener in the night and the long road. It should be noted that the lyrics of Auktsyon often refer to obstaclesBut here the dust in the eyes and the tears become such an obstacle. There is also a clear sense of alerts and cold, and this is done masterfully with the line "With white silk, the darkness is swirling. It is as if the hero becomes hostage this dark night and endless road, and then the images of the "doubtful moon" and the "white wolf" only pressed anxiety. Adding to the gloom is melodyIt sounds kind of tough, but at the same time assertive and even ingratiating, thanks in large part to Fedorov's vocals.


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